Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Supermum!!! mmmm!

  The last 3 weeks have been an experience!!  

  I knew Annabelle and Callum would properly get the Chicken Pox from my little Brother therefore we stayed in all week, nothing happened, the second week they were both clingy, both had colds, coughs and sore throats! But No Chicken Pox!!!  Then exactly 2 weeks later the Pox appeared on both of them!!!  
  So as you can imagine I (and properly the children) was sick of seeing our house 24 7!  When one of my monkeys was unhappy the other one started! It has been a never ended circle!!
  Yesterday I decided 'Right time for mummy time from 7 o clock!!'  I had gave them tea, sorted out bottles, dummy's, bears, nappies!! Not forgetting the chamomile lotion of course!! Ran the bath, put the relaxing CD to calm them, after the bath gave them both a massage with the Chicken Pox Lotion! and put their pj's on!! 
  So this was about 6.35, Annabelle got in bed herself and fell asleep, I was thinking WOW!! Callum had his bottle and fell asleep too, with the help of the pink seahorse from Fisher Price!!!
  I walked out of their feeling like SUPER MUM!!! I even had a shower and washed my hair :)

  8.30pm!!!  Callum started screaming due to trapped Wind, woke up Annabelle!! We had Callum in pain from the stupid wind and Annabelle who wouldn't go back to sleep!!  To make matters  worse Annabelle had her 1st full blown paddy, where she was finding it hard to breath but if I tried to comfort her it made it worse!

  I had two Children unhappy and I felt helpless, I was SUPER MUM NO MORE!  When they are very upset they make me feel like a rubbish even though deep down i know i'm a good mum!

  So if someone asked me 'What's the naughtiest thing your Children have done?'  My Answer would be 'make me question how good a mum I am'  As I write this my daughter is cuddling me, Think I know the answer really, think we all have these moments!!

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