Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sheena Coote's Mixed Blessing CD Review

  I have recently been reviewing a Beautiful Album by Sheena Coote.  Album Cover Artwork

  Sheena Coote is a very talented Lady!  She has been playing piano since the age of 3 and her first composition was only 2 years later as she set her favourite poems into her own music!!  which was remarkable for a 5 year old!!
  Sheena then studied piano until she left University and went on to write a musical and is currently writing her second musical. WOW!!
  Sheena states 'I wrote Mixed Blessings over a period of three years with some difficulty juggling the piano with being a full time mum to a little baby, but it kept me sane!'  
  Each and Every Mixed Blessings is Played Beautifully and not one track is like another!!  It is a collection of  11 short piano compositions which was inspired by her own family life and the influence of great classical composers.  

  You could call it traditional classical music for the modern age; with strong, beautiful melodies that touch the heart.

  I would say this CD is perfect for anyone at any age!!  

  I have used the CD as part of the children's bedtime routine, so when I put them in the bath the CD is already playing, so they have had a lovely and relaxing bath!!  I then play in through baby massage, and tonight I gave Annabelle a massage ( she is 2) and she just about fell asleep, I had only massaged one leg so I do feel the CD had really relaxed her!  Callum has also gone off to sleep lovely with it playing.
  As I was just about to bath the Children Phil my partner game upstairs, 5 minutes later I found him lying on our bed reading a book, he said he was enjoyed the music and felt like a read ( he never reads at the moment) so I was secretly shocked!!
  It also benefits myself as I have suffered with anxiety recently even though its now under control its nice to have a comfort, I would say this CD is now this, If I will feel anxious or panicky I will come and put this CD on. It does make you feel happy and positive, its magic!! :)
 If you would like to listen to a sample visit Red Admiral Records

Mixed Blessings is available now from, iTunesAmazonTesco onlineemusic and we7.


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