Friday, 6 April 2012

I've had a computer-less day with the children today and...

I loved it!!!
Recently I have found myself very stressed and I thought the children were becoming difficult but I think that was not the answer, I think it was me :(

 I have had to stay in the last two weeks, first week Annabelle had a virus and the second week we have had no car or no need to leave the village.  When we get up I grab a cup of tea, breakfast for the children and switch the laptop on and have a browse whilst the Children play.  If im concentrating on what Im doing I do get cross if the children start to argue and need my attention etc.  But I felt like I had loads to do.

 Last night I decided i needed to organise when I go on the laptop and what I do.  For One Cheshire Mum Blog website it is more more than a blog as im contacting companies, returning emails, networking on facebook and twitter, filling in pages, asking for guest posts and writing them myself.  Plus more.....  It is like a part time job!  All mums that work from home whilst there toddlers and babies are around are an inspiration!!!!

 This morning I gave the house a tidy as it really needed it and its still not to the starndard I want it! I don't mean sparkling clean it would just be nice to have clothes in our cupboards not piled in washing baskets.  Tomorrow is a new day :)  For a couple of hours this afternoon 'Nannie and Grandad', my dad and step mum, came round to drop of the Easter Eggs and play with Annabelle and Callum.  When they left all 4 of us were tired.  We had cuddles on the sofa, the children played with the toys and we were all happy, well exept Phil who has caught the horrible virus Annabelle had last week. 

 They went to bed lovely.  Callum went to bed at 6.55pm and happily chattered to himself and Annabelle went to bed at 7.15 pm and we read a few stories.  Usually I havn't got the energy or desire to read lots of stories.  I sat downstairs at 7.30pm and a happy feeling came over me.  Isn't it great when you feel that you have had a lovely day, a easy bedtime routine for the children and you can sit down at relax.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Whats a good friend???

  • Even though you havn't seen one another for weeks or months, when you see each other you feel like the last time was the week before

  • You can look a mess when you see them ( or feel it )

  • Same goes for your house, even though you know that friend is coming your don't feel you have to wash up or chuck everything in the dish washer and pretend your supermum

  • someone who makes you laugh, laughter = happiness

  • Understands your problems and talks about it in a way that makes you feel it isn't a problem

  • Someone you can trust who you feel trusts you back

  • Someone who goes out of there way to help you
There are many other points but these are the most important to me!! I am very lucky to have a few good friends! I hope they think Im a good friend back ;)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Stupid Peugeot 407!!!!

We have had our car, the Peugeot 407 for about a year now as we needed a bigger car as the cleo was just too small! I wanted a people carrier type car but Phil had his eyes set on the 407! We had been warned by a few people about Peugeot's and the expensive of the garage bills but unfortunatly there advice wasnt taken into consideration!

 It has been the garage a few times, from changing the tyres to the most expensive bill I have ever had from a garage £625!!! Where does a 'On a strict budget' have bloody £600 in the bank!Its a dream to have £50 extra in the bank!!!!! Luckly my dad lent us the money!

 It was the MOT on saturday, funnily enough it didn't pass, apparantly the brakes needed tightening.  Well we had taken the car to the garage repeatly but they said they were fine! Turns out it needed a gasket, I have no idea about cars so it may not be that! Well we have had our bill £200!! What annoys me is that they let Phil drive it home and the brakes were smoking.. What if myself and children were in the car?????

 Luckly when its paid from our proberly food budget we are looking at exchanging! This Time I am choosing with help of experts or we wouldn't have been in this mess.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ive missed you Love Being Mummy To Two xx

Recently Love Being Mummy To Two has taken a backseat as I have been setting up my new blog One Cheshire Mum.  I have been busy filling in pages, chatting to mums and businesses on facebook and twitter I just havn't had time.
The last few days I felt like I was missing something on One Cheshire Mum, its was my personal feelings but I don't want it to be about me on that blog.  One Cheshire Mum is a community blog that I organise and I don't want people to know my personal business.  Maybe that should change....

 So I asked myself the question 'Why do I blog?' I love to have diary account of my children's lives.  Like funny sentences my daughters is coming out with.  Yesterday we were at my Grandparents and it was time to go home.  I said 'Annabelle we have to go home as we need to make Daddy's Tea' Annabelle replies 'No Daddy can go the shop hum'

 I think its time to start up Love Being Mummy To Two Again

 Hope you enjoy reading!!! xx

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