Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Trunki Trunkisaurus Launch and Competition!!!!

 If you haven't heard of Trunki before, here is a little about the Fantastic Company! Trunki believe travelling should always be an exciting and educational experience for our children.  It should be about making memories and having fun not the tears and tantrums which usually occur!!  Trunk is a ride on suitcase that is safe and at a very high standard!  Trunki also have brought other products to help you have happy travelling experience with your children!!

   This is the Famous Trunki!!

 The wonderful company 'Trunki' have launched a new range called 'Trunkisaurus' !! The Marvelous Rex and Rox, Dino Trunki Suitcase and the full set of Trunkisaurus extras!!!

Here is a look at TRUNKI'S Exclusive Video which shows the New products in Style! You have got to have a watch, after 65 Million Years the Dinosaurs are BACK!!!!!

Did you like it??? I think its Fantastic and so different to anything I have seen!!! Just Fab!!!

This brilliant Range is available from the 6th of September!!!!

Exciting News

Trunki are offering one of my Followers very special prize which is ......a set of Trunkisaurus Chums which is the pencil case, wash bag and a wrist purse which is £12.99!!!

 Each feautures fierce teeth, print detail and a flexible clip so it can be clipped to a belt loop, car seat or even a trunki!!

 If you would like to enter to win this fab prize all you have to do is... Please note if you are a follower just state you will still be entered!

  • Follow my blog via Google blogs or network blogs, leave a comment telling me which your following me on and your name with a contact, either twitter or email!
For additional Entries ... Please Leave a seperate comment for each with your contact again, either twitter or email. 

  • Follow Trunki's Facebook Page HERE and tell them 'Love Being Mummy To Two Sent you!'
  • Follow my blog facebook page and say hello!! :) HERE
  • Become a Twitter follower of Trunki HERE and of my Twitter page HERE
  • Tweet the following '  I have entered a competition with @VictoriaJayne23 to win some fantastic @Trunki Goodies at '
Competition is for the UK only and competition ends Sunday 18th September at midnight!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

If I had a Child Free Day and Night I would love too ......

How ever much I love my children I would LOVE a day to do what I want to do!!!  Child Free of course ;)

 The reason I have chosen to right this post is that having 2 children really, no really takes up your time! Annabelle was a very contented baby who was very happy doing her own thing, exploring whereas Callum (shock to the system) is a mummys boy and will crawl off then come back for cuddles or what he thinks more food, he is a very hungry baby!!  Right now I'm having a couple of hours of 'me time' BLISS but what would I love to do if I had the whole day and evening!!!

 Well I would .........

       Have a Spa Day with my friends!!  Not forgetting the massage, got to have one of them!!!

 I would then Shop till I drop in a city!!!! Yes I need as many shops as possible!!!  I would defiantly have to have won the lottery as window shopping would not be an option!!!!!

 I would then have Tea and Cakes in the Ritz London!!! MMM!!  Ok so now the city is London!!!

 Seen as we are in London, Think I would go to the Theatre to See Legally Blonde the Musical, with Icecream of course!!!!!!

 Oh and not forgetting meeting Kate For Dinner somewhere posh!!! I love her style, if only I had the money one day hey!!!

 Not forgetting having a Dance!!!!

Well that would be what I would do!!!!  I am actually going London for my Birthday, wonder if I shall meet Kate haha!!!!

I am tagging 3 fantastic Mummy's to do this same!!! Please link back to here!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Thank You to the World Of Blogging!!

  Thought I would for the first time on here let you know about the hard times of my life since becoming a mummy!!

  I will only talk about it briefly as I don't like reminding myself!

  When Annabelle was about a week old I was struck with this weird feeling, I started Having a panic attack over something that upset me that I couldn't control, I couldn't stop thinking about it! At night I was unable to get out of bed to get a bottle without being struck with fear of I don't even know! It got worse that I couldn't eat properly for a fortnight! There was lots of things/symptoms but I don't want to talk about them yet!

 Phil my partner wasn't supportive, he didn't seem to notice I was living in another world, a world of fear!  He was at work, then on the play station and didn't have time for me!  I know now he was stressed and he used that to wind down but I needed help i was trapped!  No one around me seem to notice how different I was maybe I acted fine but I wasn't me!

 My dad lived in France and we decided to go and visit him for 10 days, he hadn't seen me since Annabelle was about a month old so she was 5 months old by then.  He talked to me and said you are not yourself, I didn't take it in!  One Evening my Dad asked me to look at the stars, I completely freaked out and ran into the patio by accident and nearly knocked myself out!  It makes me feel very upset thinking of how I was!  He said you have to go to the doctors, I was panicking again as I was thinking 'i'm crazy' !!!

 I got home, did I go the doctors??? No I didn't I was too scared incase they said 'you are mad' I was more than capable of looking after my daughter'  I then was on netmums and came across a post on Postnatal Anxiety!! I had this!!!  I was fuming!!!! I had had one to ones with the HV, she knew all my worries!!! Why didn't she know, why had I suffered for 6 months for nothing!!!  So I went to the Weigh in and when no one was there I tried to explain how I felt as I was doing this I get walking away but didnt realise and they kept saying 'your walking away' !! The HV turned red and said book an appointment asap you have to see the doctor!! I had to wait two days but the doctor agreed I had post natal anxiety and gave me tablets!

  It went away and I was Me again, I then got pregnant and at 30 weeks the anxiety returned, I held back on the tablets until Callum was a month! It didnt go away completely as anxiety is very physiological!!

 I then came across blogging, I was hooked, my mind has something else to concentrate on!!  I had something to be excited about, a future linked to me not just as a mum, a online social life, online friends, a whole new exciting world!!

  So Thank You to Blogging and Thank You to the Blogging Community!!  You have helped me be me again xx

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wild Sheep Baby Teething Necklace Review

           View WildSheep...jpg in slide show

I was very excited to review the Dark honey Wild Sheep Baby Teething Necklace as I was so intrigued as I had been hearing so much about Amber Necklaces and how they really help with teething!
 I did think how can a Necklace help with teething??? A friend mentioned to me that her baby used to cry when the necklace was taken off, so I assumed that her baby felt less teething pain with the amber necklace!!  I just had to find out more!!

View ColourCom...JPG in slide show                  View Clasp.jpg in slide show
   Wild Sheep kindly send me one of their amber necklaces, this came in a lovely little bag with a information leaflet which informs you of caring for the Necklace, how to clean them, about activating the neckalace(warmth of the skin), the healing powers of amber and about the amber necklace as a baby teething remedy so lots of information each parent wants to be informed of!
  On the front 'Wild Sheep' states the necklace is made from 100% Baltic Amber, also with the following interesting facts

  • A traditional European remedy for baby teething
  • A natural analgestic, amber will help calm your baby
  • Help infants stay calm and more relaxed during teething
  • Anti inflammatory and therapeutic properties
 First impressions of the Amber Necklace were it looks fab, very strong and interesting, the clasps screw on and very tight so annabelle wouldn't be able to get it of him if she tried!!  I did find there is a little nac in getting  the necklace on, bit embarrasing but my mum helped, but I find this a good thing as very child safe! (mummy safe also) !!
View BaroqueHo...jpg in slide show
 Callum looks a cool little dude with it on and was a happy chappy!!  He didn't mess with it once and fit his little neck perfectly, I choose 29cm for him he is 6 months, I would say he would easily fit that until he is 8/9 months!!
  I love the face this necklace is benefiting my son!!

 Here is 'Wild Sheep' Website -  They also have other products, special offers and Giveaways :)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Teething Bling Bangle Review!!


  I was very lucky and excited to be able to review a Teething Bangle from Teething Bling at Smart Mums UK!!  I had heard so much about them on facebook I just had to find out more!

  This is what I found ...

  Smart Mums are the sole distributors of Teething Blling in the uk, they are a cardiff based company, I love supporting smaller companies, you can find some great products. Teething Bling originates from the US!  Teething Bling is the original teething jewellery which is just the best idea, as I'm sure most mummys are like me and just don't wear any jewellery for the safety of your children and for the safety of the jewellery too!  Callum is always trying to chew my mums necklace so I know the idea would really work!  The bangle is made from the same material as teething toys but really looks fab, fashionable and the bangle is also comfy.  What is brilliant is the bangle looks great even when Callum is in bed :)  I love the fact that when I go out I can wear the bangle and give it to Callum in moments of teething need!!  You will be happy to know the products are free from all the nasties and are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free.

  It arrived in a lovely little bag with all the relevant information, I was very impressed with the packaging, simple but very effective!!  Like a little goody bag!!!

  As soon as I gave the Bangle to Callum he instantly put it in his mouth and chewed it for ages, it is just the perfect size for his little hands and not heavy so he can pass it from one hand to the others so acts as a toy that develops his hand eye co-ordination.

  When I first saw the Bangle I was wary if it would fit over my hand as I find it hard to get bangles over my hands, I must have long width's hands :)  I had no problem not too lose and defiantly not too tight at all.  The feel is obviously different to your usual jewellery but you get used to it very quickly!

  The price of the bangle is £8.95 which is a great price as you are paying for jewellery and a teething ring in one.  The teething bangle also will last a very long time so I feel its a fab price!

  You should defiantly take a look at the Teething Bling Website their are other fantastic products on offer such as beautiful pendants!

Teething Bling Website-    -

 Teething Bling Facebook-

  Teething Bling Twitter-!/teethingblinguk

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