Friday, 31 October 2014

 Hey Everyone, I have a review for you today on one of the Younique Lipglosses!

 If you are reading this any you are from the UK, you may not of heard of Younique, its a new direct sales company that hitting the UK with a bang already!!

 So here is my review :)

 Have a Great Day, Victoria x

Younique Business Tip- Work Your Business Daily

Hey Everyone, another business tip! This applies to anything you want to see quicker results!

Enjoy the Video.........

                                                                    Have a Great Day, Victoria x

Daily Activities for your Younique Cosmetics Business

Hey Everyone, I hope you are having a great day or evening :)

 I just wanted to share this video about what you can do daily in your Younique business.  Younique is a cosmetics company but is very modern and you run your business online, which is why I love it having 3 Children under 6 and being 7 months pregnant! Pushing a pram around housing estates is not my cup of tea!

 I hope you enjoy this video

 Have a Great Day, Victoria x

Want to achieve something? Decide on your why!

Hey Everyone!

  Today is a post linked to my Younique Youtube Channel, I created a video explaining why you have to decide what your why is.  This can be for anything in life that you want to achieve whether its business, fitness, health, relationship etc.

 When you start something you are confident, motivated, enthusiastic and inspired but on your journey you will meet obstacles whether its to do with you or something else, you loose confidence. motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration but to keep going you need a reminder of why you started the goal, what was it going to do for you and others around you.

 This happens to everyone, this is why people start the gym and give up after a couple of weeks, but if you had your 'north star' your focus of what you want to achieve it makes the journey easier.

 I hope you enjoy this video....

                                                            Have a Great Day, Victoria x

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Being a stay at home mum and running a business!

Hey Everyone!

If you don't know already I am a stay at home mum to 3 young children and a run a Younique Business which is based on social media.

I've been wanting to keep this blog only for my mummy posts and I set up a Mumpreneur blog for my younique/business type posts but.... my life consists of both so I've decided not to seperate the two as, as my business grows, I will be doing more things with my family because of it so why hide it?

My business is cosmetics and I know mums love makeup, so reviews and demos I'm sure you will love! Especially that its new to the uk, if you are from here that is!!

My business posts are about goals, being positive, what you do on social media, etc, so spreading positivity and knowledge won't hurt.

I hope you enjoy my posts and my new journey as I am very excited for myself and my family!

                                                                                        Love Victoria x


Monday, 27 October 2014

Pregnancy & Birth Story with Annabelle Baby #1

                   Hey Everyone!!

                              Here is my vlog all about my Pregnancy and Birth with Annabelle! As I am going through my forth pregnancy I thought it would be great to give a run down about my last 3 experiences!!

                           Hope you enjoy, Victoria x

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant Update with Baby #4

So last Friday I turned 28 Weeks Pregnant, I can't believe it the time is flying by and he will be in my arms before I know it!

This last week has been a bit crazy, I am a busy mum anyway with having a 5,3 and a 1 year old but having other issues to deal with at home, financially it takes the fun out of pregnancy at times.  I know we are on the up though!

I have been feeling down about the birth since I got pregnant, Ive had 3 great births but due to having anxiety it plays on my mind so I have started hypnobirthing audios and really enjoying it! I will fill you in on my plans soon!

                      Here is the Bump Below!!

Symptoms- I would say the major symptoms are sciatica and heartburn! Luckily they are not both constant! Every Morning when I stand on my feet all I can feel is a sharp pins type feeling for a few seconds! Its been happening over a month and I spoke to my midwife and its sciatica! Doesn't surprise me as thats what I suffered with last time, even after I had Joseph.

Cravings- Well this week my weird smell cravings have started.  I had this in my last pregnancy! I loved the smell of certain cleaning products, radox bubble bath and more! I did read last time there may be a connection with low iron, or I may have dreamt that! haha!

Sleep- I find it hard to switch off.  Partly becuase I I was used to staying up quite late, partly because I feel a bit anxious! I listen to a pregnancy/labour recording on youtube to help me drift off every night! 

Maternity Clothes-  Im actual still not in any maternity clothes, however I live in leggings!

Stretch Marks- No

Missing anything- I'm not really missing anything, however I won some wine the other week and its slightly annoying I can't drink it at the moment !

Movement- I mainly feel baby in the evening as I don't get a lot of time to rest with school runs and small children to look after.  I have to admit I don't feel the baby moving loads, I've got a anterior placenta so a lot of the moments are cushioned.

Gender- Boy

Happy or Moody- Bit of Both! Its hard work being pregnant around 3 young children as you can imagine!

Best Moment this week- Feeling little limbs when the baby moved last night! 

I am looking forward to- my next scan is at 30 weeks, i'm really looking forward to seeing baby boy again!

                                                     Victoria x

28 Week Pregnancy Update Baby #4 - YouTube Video

Hey Everyone, Hope you are having a Great Day! I thought I would share this Video with you! If you have read my last post I started as a Mummy Youtuber a couple of days ago! I have been meaning to do it for a while but as you know life just gets in the way!

This is my 2nd Video and its all about my 28 week Pregnancy Update with Baby #4.  I didn't have any notes so excuse any bits im having that thought look haha!! I just had the opportunity to shoot the video and I took it!

So here is my Video... I hope you enjoy it and if you do I would love you to subscribe!

                                                 Victoria x


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Introducing you to my YouTube Channel for Love Being a Mummy

I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days and one thing I decided was that I wanted to start up a Mummy Youtube Channel.  As i'm now 28 weeks pregnant and the baby will be here before we know it, I wanted to share my third trimester into mummyhood with 4 young Children.

So here is my first video, just a little introduction about who I am :)

                                                        Love Victoria x


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Strength and Growth Come Only Through Continuous Effort & Struggle

  When you struggle in life it makes you grow, makes you become a stronger and better person.  Everyone has struggles but it is what you choose to do with your problems that makes you the person you become later.

Do you.... feel sorry for yourself and expect other people to rescue you?


Do you stand up for what you want, what you believe in and what you know you deserve??

 My family have been through a tough year and a half, from only one parent working, my other half Phil, myself having to look after our 3 Children and be a stay at home mum, to Phil being made redundant, getting into contracting then loosing his job really close to Christmas. We only had enough for Food and Petrol to get to and from school until our application had gone through the benefit system.

 I felt like a bad mum because I could not be able to afford Christmas Presents as the only money I had was to pay for food and petrol.  I remember breaking down in tears in front of my mum and admitting buying Christmas Presents was not possible.  My mum was amazing and did buy them for us.  But deep deep inside if you cannot provide for your Children you feel a failure.  I couldn't have crashed my Children world of Santa wonderland, its so magical for them but for us, it was a nightmare.

 It was also an awful experience to loose our Car which was on finance.  Having Cars on finance was the norm to us,we had both had cars for 5 years and not missed a payment.  Missing 2 payments and we received a letter saying the car was being taken away.   Having to have some stranger come to our house ask us questions, give him the paperwork and Keys and having to take our Children's carseats out and let it go.  I had to be so strong, try not to cry, try not to feel like it was my fault, our fault.  I had to listen to my eldest Child asking when we would have our blue car back.  we had to be positive and think we have learned our lesson not to borrow money.

It was a hard time when we couldn't rent, when we were not entitled to help as the application hadn't gone through.  It was also tough when I had to pay the rent from a cheque my Grandma had given me.  It wasn't given to me for a months rent, it was intended to help get things we needed.  But we were in a time of need and it was the only option we had.  Infact it saved us from loosing our house as we had received a letter saying they wanted us out!

So this was a snippet of that time, but this time of struggle made us come to a decision that even working in employment to just pay the bills was not our reality.  It was not the reality we deserved.

So we made the decision, the decision to change our lives into a new reality.  Where we didn't worry about finances, paying Bills, the fact our Children could go swimming classes, Gymnastics, Football whatever my little people were excited about.  We decided we deserved to be able to go on date nights because we could afford a babysitter, we knew we deserved to go on holidays, to take the Children Disney to see their little faces in amazement.  A life that we once dreamed about.

I know how hard it is to be a stay at home, having to look after Children is a demanding 'job' but when you are struggling financially, this is not right.  I want to inspire Mums especially that they can still be a Stay at home Mum, that they can afford a babysitter so they can go out for a massage, go the gym, whatever they want to do that relaxes them.  Each Mum needs a bit of time out, to think and appreciate what we have.

I want to show Mums that they can run an amazing business from home around their Children working only a few hours a day if they wanted too.  I want People to realise that they have to change their reality as no one else can do that for you.  You have got to make the decision to begin!

A Mum Can be a stay at home Mum and Run a successful Business, you just have to believe it, yes it may be hard at time but the result makes the journey so worth it.

I intend to Empower & Inspire Women to Dream Big and Find their Inner Sparkle.

                                                                             Love Victoria x

How I became a Mumpreneur

I want to take you back previous to working online so you can get a better view of where I was to where I am now. 

Before I had my Daughter Annabelle I was a Nursery Nurse in a lovely Private Nursery in Cheshire.  I had worked there for 3 years and did work my way up to a supervisor of their after School Club.  Back then I always felt I wanted to do something more challenging and started a Teaching Degree in the evenings, once a week.  My aim was to become a Primary School Teacher so I would earn a good wage for my family.

When I became a mummy to my first Child Annabelle, Phil and I decided that it was financially better for myself to be a stay at home mum as I would pay out in childcare fees what I had earned that month.  We relayed on Phil's wage and a top up of tax credits, which isn't a lot with 1 child.  When Annabelle was nearly 1 I started to work as a mother's help and as I only had 1 child my mum easily could look after her for the 5 hours each Monday.  If I didn't have my mums help I would have had to put Annabelle into childcare which I wouldn't have done as in my opinion the money would not have been worth it.  That job didn't work out, and thinking about it now, I just wanted to make my own money and have some me time as well as some independence.

A Year later I then had a 2 year old and approx a 6 month old and wanted some independence.. again, something also for me... again.  As much as I am grateful and was grateful to be a stay at home mum it could be lonely and you do miss doing something that satisfies you other than your Children.  This is when I started my mummy blog, I wasn't bringing money to the household but I was bringing free toys, baby food etc that I was reviewing.  It was exciting as my blog was like I was running a little business, creating content, interacting with other bloggers, viewers and also pr agencies.  I felt accountable.  I also found blogging by chance via facebook, I loved it and it really helped my anxiety I was prone too.

2 Years later when I had 3 children, a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a baby I felt like I didn't want to blog for free products anymore, I wanted to have the money to buy the products myself.  Also I felt I was really juggling the children and the blog and I didn't know what I was going to get out of it, I had lost my enthusiasm, I was quite unhappy.  It didn't help the fact that due to our finances, my other half swapping jobs as he had to, we were not getting along very well.  I am sure anyone worrying about their finances especially with young Children is finding their relationship tough.

I knew I loved blogging however I wanted to blog for money, I came across online marketing which was completely new to me,.  But I wanted independence, to bring money in, and be able to look after the children myself if the worst happened to our relationship.  It's quite hard to write private things such as the fact we nearly separated but I want you to see the whole picture.

Working online as a Mumpreneur really suited me, I could still be a stay at home mum, have something for me, bring money to the household.  It changed me as a person, my outlook on life changed 3 months later.  I will go into that on the next post.

  I am still a stay at home mummy to 3, almost 4 but also I searched for something to make our lives better for the future.  So now I have this blog to share my journey with you as a stay at home mum and a mumpreneur!

                       Hope You Are Having a Great Day, Victoria x

Who is Victoria Wilkinson?

I have decided to take part in a blogging challenge hosted by an Inspiring Business Lady, Alex Beadon.  I just had to take part and I know Alex's challenges will bring out the best of me, and my blog.

So Here goes....

Who am I?

My names is Victoria Wilkinson, I have just turned 29 ( keep thinking i'm 28 still) and I live in Cheshire, England.  I have been with my other half Phil for 10 Years now and we have 3 beautiful Children, Annabelle, Callum and Joseph.  I am also expecting baby No4 in January so as you can imagine this is a busy household.

Both Phil and I have been working from home a year and tried building another business which to be honest didn't go to plan but we are not quitters and are working on different projects each.  We have gone through a very tough year financially, loosing jobs, our car, nearly our home at one point but we are here positive that we are changing our lives.

When did I start Blogging?

I started blogging about 3 years ago now when my daughter was 2 and my son was 5 months, I was a stay at home mum and wanted to do something that used my brain in a different way,  as going back to employment wasn't the right option financially.  I set up a mummy blog called Love Being Mummy To Two, I learned so much about myself, that I was more than just a mum, I had an identity too.  I carried this blog on, had to change the name to Love Being a Mummy when my youngest was born.  My Mummy Blog was my stepping stone to working online, it broke me further out of my comfort zone.

Who is my Blog For?

This blog is aimed at stay at home mums, however from experience I know some mums really want to have a business that they can do from home so that they can still be a stay at home mum.  My mission is to inspire other ladies out there that they don't have to suffer when they have a child.  They do not have to make the decision to go back to work in employment just to help pay the bills or struggle financially by being a stay at home mum, I want ladies to know that there is a better way.

What have I been working on lately?

You may have read that I have recently joined a new cosmetics company here in the uk called Younique.  It launched October the 1st and I am the 47th Presenter here in the UK, so that is very exciting.  I didn't actually want to start up another business with being so busy already but I knew that this was the opportunity for me, the best opportunity to help as many people as I can.

What I want people to take away from the blog?

I want people to come over to my blog, read a post or more and think wow if this busy mum of 3/4 can do it so can I!! I want to inspire and motivate ladies into action and have as much value here for them as possible to help them with their businesses.  I want people to come over to my blog and love my posts, what I share with them and want to return, over and over.

 Thank You for Reading Todays Post, Victoria x

My Mission in life..... is to Teach

 Since becoming a mum 5 years ago,  a lot of things changed in my life including my dreams, my desires.  Except one thing, my mission to teach others.

 Prior I wanted to teach Children in a Primary School, I even went to university for a year but realise it wasn't the path for me.

 When I got pregnant with Annabelle my plan was to go on maternity leave then become a child care assessor and teach adults to become nursery nurses or classroom assistants.

 When I had Annabelle that plan disappeared.

  I then KNEW what I wanted...  I wanted to be a stay at home mum.   I didn't want someone else looking after my daughter whilst I was out at work.  I didn't want to be earning my money and paying childcare near enough the same.  What was the point.  My daughter was only young once and I was not going to let work stop that special time.

 However as lovely as it is spending all day and night with your children it is also amazing to be bringing money into the household.

  Every path I take takes me to one thing I love, teaching.  Whether its teaching children or adults.  This time my mission is to teach others that there is a better way of life.

 I want to get my message to the people in the world that need to know that struggling each month to pay the bills shouldn't be their reality, that having to work and not spend time with their children does not have to be the only way.    I want to teach others that they can have an amazing life and a business they love, its not a dream it can be a reality.

My main mission comes from the heart, it is to show the mums out there that you can be a stay at home mum AND a work at home mum.

 You do not have to choose work or stay at home, why not have both.  I know lots of mums that feel they have to work as its the only way to pay the bills, the mortgage but are sad and jealous that other mums can stay at home with their children.  Or stay at home mums that struggle to pay the bills, that don't have a lot of money to take their children to nice places, even playbarns.

Whatever circumstance is not ideal for most mums.   I will show mums and teach them how to have a business and life they love.  This is my mission.
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