Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nearly had a part time job ........

Sorry I havn't been blogging for a couple of weeks!  Found that for once my life got in the way!   Im back in my routine again thankfully!!

 Well as the title says I nearly had a part time job!!  Phil and I decided we could do with some extra money coming in! I found out there was a 12 hour shift going at New Look!  I used to work there as a teenager and loved it, plus i get out for a little bit!  I found out we would defiantly be better of financially so I had an interview Friday and Saturday found out I had the job!!! Well I was so happy!!

 I then looked into Childminding as it is the cheapest option!! Unfortunatly I couldn't have any help from my parents or Phils! I was given mostly hours in the week! Weekends would have been fab but unfortunately I was a few weeks too late!!  If I put the children in Childcare for 5 hours, 2 days a week that was ALL my wage, not only that I would have had a slice of tax credit taken away!!!  So I said No!!!

 I am positive that the right job will pop up!!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Ben & Betty Review

 Annabelle and I were very lucky to be about to review the Interactive Learning Programme from Ben & Betty.  

 The Ben & Betty learning Programme is an exciting, innovative new scheme to encourage young Children from the age of 2½ years old to learn the basic educational skills through games and fun activities. The modern, lively approach makes the Ben & Betty programme a positive and successful experience for children and adults alike.

   Annabelle loved it so much, she is a little too young to understand letters yet but she loved the games.  I feel that even though It doesn't show she is learning because of her development age, she actually is. 

 It is set out very basic so Children can take it in.  The games are great, Annabelle's favourite was pressing the space bar  to collect the apples and she loved watching them fall into the basket and counted them.  She enjoyed watching the letter demonstrations and listening to the letters however she was a little too young for that.

  I have a 4 year old Brother  who had a play on it and it was Fantastic for his age, he enjoyed playing the games, listening and writing the letters.  I would say the difference is the Fact my brother was able to use the computer without me helping all the time, whereas I had to repeat to Annabelle about where to press.  

  It would be great if this was touch screen however that is not Ben & Betty's Fault, but i'm sure Annabelle could learn a lot more by using her finger or the pen.  I would love to have a game to do with Colours as Annabelle is very interested in her Colours.

  The Price is £29.95 for a Starter Pack for age 2.5-4, this includes4 Activity Books and an Interactive CD-Rom which includes 

  • Letter Formation
  • Phonic Sounds
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Hand Control
  • Basic Computer Skills
 There is also a pack for older Children depending on your Child's Development stage.  

 I would defiantly recommend having a look on the Ben & Betty Website and downloading the free worksheets and games to see what you think!!!

The Ben and Betty Website is HERE

The link to the Book Packs HERE

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Baba + boo Real Nappy Review

  In a earlier post I had wrote about wanted to try out Real Nappies.  I got in  touch with a few companies as I'm sure a lot of mums and maybe dads ( not in my case ) are interested in the difference.

   Eve from Baba + Boo got in touch and kindly sent me the most Gorgeous nappy with 2 microfibre inserts.   Eve sent me a tiger design and honestly it is the most luxury feeling nappy I have ever felt.  It was very easy to set up ready, I just had to insert the 2 microfibre cloths into a hole inbetween the inside and the outside of the nappy.  The next step was getting the nappy onto my little wriggly son!!  Now my little boy is bigger than he looks.  He can actually wear the same size nappies as his big sister who is 21 months older!!!  So I was a little confused about which setting to start with and realise he is  on the biggest setting.  There is a photo bellow to explain!!

 The Nappy fit him well and I could really see the difference from the disposables.  He looked all cosy!  He was very happy crawling around in only his nappy.

  You can actually buy microfibre and bamboo inserts from Baba and Boo, if your child wee's for England do go with the Bamboo as it really does hold much more.  Eve Kindly sent me the Bamboo inserts too to show me the difference.  I know if I was review for Annabelle the Microfibre would be great but not for Callum.  You can also mix the two together to add that little bit more protection.

 My experience of using the nappy was better than I expected!! We even had a soiled nappy, I soaked it and washed it and it was as good as new!!  They are much much cheaper than disposables and great price!!  It is such a great idea which is environmentally friendly!!

Baba abd Boo website

Here is the link to Baba + Boo Starter Kits at great prices

Annabelle has become a fussy eater! ahhhh!!!!

  Annabelle has always been a great little eater until the last week!!!  I don't know whats happened, whether she is coming down with something or she has seen fussy eaters at preschool as she has started having lunch club.  I have her lunch box sent home showing what she has left and its a lot of its still there!!

 The last few days I have just left her alone just incase its a bug, shes still picking and eats what she wants which is bread and butter,toast, yogurts and fruit!! So i'm going to have to be Clever about this!! Ok so time to do some research into fussy eaters......

   Supernanny says -

  •  Relax. Recent American research suggests that even the pickiest of young eaters are very likely to meet or exceed their recommended energy and dietary intake for their age. So focus instead on giving your child a healthy nutritional environment.Encourage them to explore new foods and to participate in cooking and grocery shopping.
  • Let your child choose an item to buy from the supermarket – so long as it’s something they’ve never tried before. When they’re old enough, give them a little money to buy a new food (also a great way of learning numbers and costs). If you’re game, let them find something new for you to try too, and give yourselves a reward for tasting it.
  • Make meal preparation a time for fun and working together. Let your little one add ingredients to dishes, sprinkle herbs or stir in the milk. Measuring out a teaspoon of liquid is good balancing practice… and adding four teaspoons calls on counting skills, too. Give your child a board and a plastic grater for some cheese or ask them to chop a courgette with a butter knife. If you can cope with the initial spillages, letting them get the family drinks will help develop their coordination.
    Younger children will love washing up, tearing up salad or getting messy with some floury dough. If the meal’s a success, celebrate by inviting one of their friends around and cook it again.

    I was a big fan of Annabel Karmel when Annabelle was younger and still own her books, the only one I need to buy is the book about fussy eaters.  However Ive just been on her website and she says 'Without going to unnecessary lengths, try to make sure your child’s food not only tastes good but looks good too. For example cut bagels into the shape of a snake or make teddy bear chicken rissoles (see my book Favourite Family Recipes). Instead of having a bowl of fruit on the table, cut a selection of colourful fruits into bite-sized pieces and thread onto a skewer or straw.
    Phil (daddy) and I will be discussing and deciding what meals she will have and I will share with you soon x

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Powder Room Soho, London Review

  Well for my Birthday as you know I went to London, I had an amazing Birthday treat thanks to the Powderpuff Girls!!

  I Love being pampered, but you seem to find either a hairdressers, or a beauticians! I came across the Powder Room and I was so intrigued.  The Powderpuff Girls are a unique team of beauty proffesionals of make up artists, manicurists, hair stylists and massage therapists.

  When we got to the Powder Room located on Marshall Street, Soho, which is a 5 minute walk away from Oxford Street where it meets regent Street.  I think this is a great Location as we had been shopping for my evening outfit on Oxford Street and we could just walk, what a brilliant end to a busy shopping spree!

  When we walked in we were kindly greeted by Emma and we were offered a cocktail but we opted for cup of tea and biscuits.  We were sat down at a gorgeous counter with pretty mirrors with high stools.  My friend Claire had a experienced Powerpuff Girl and I was looked after by a trainee!  Claire opted for an up do and I wanted my hair in beautiful Curls, my hair is naturally curly but not smooth and frizz free!  We were sat down about 20 mins in all, we had the speedy hairdos! We were both very pleased with our hairdos however as my friend had a updo that had to last all evening we did have to add some kirby grips and add more hairspray! My hair stayed in place all night!

 We were shown the area used for bigger parties like Hen Parties.  There was actually a hen party before we arrived and then apparently were all dressed in a certain era and made up to suit their outfits.  Think I may steal that idea for my Hen do!!!

 The Powder Room also have an online shop where you can only buy from them as the products come from America and Switzerland.
 The brands are

  • Blouse and skirt
  • Mavala
  • Paul & Joe
  • Dianna Brill
  • The Powderpuff Girls
  • Lola
  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company
  • The Balm
 The prices are dearer than usual makeup you get from the well known brands however they are such good quality.  Its on my Christmas Present wish list!!!!!


  I had a brilliant time being pampered and even thinking about taking my mum there for Mothers Day as the Powder Room do events for special occasions!!  I would recommend to anyone and I just hope there is one in Cheshire soon.  They inspired me because I love different era hairstyles and makeup and even think i would like to learn hair styles for wedding and other special occasions!

The Powder Rooms website

The online Shop

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lets Rock With Elmo!!!!!

 We Love Elmo in our household, especially since meeting Elmo in person!!  I got an invitation to meet Elmo and even though it was in London and I live in Cheshire I thought, I have to go, its a once in a lifetime opportunity :)

  We were meeting Elmo at Centre point on new oxford street, a lady who worked at reception took annabelle and i to the lift and pressed the button, when we stopped it said 32 floor!! When we got near the window I couldn't believe my eyes I could see so much of London!!

  Well I can tell you Elmo is adorable and would love him to live at my house, he would cheer you up when you are down as he loves cuddles!!  Annabelle was very intrigued and enjoyed interacting with him, she liked him that much she drew him a picture to take back home to America!!

About Elmo

  •  Elmo is 3 and a half and he attends (preschool) Sesame street, here is Elmo with his friends!!
  • Elmo said he had a great time in London, he went to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace but Elmo was very sad that she didn't let him in :(  aaah!!
  • Elmo's favourite Animal is a dog
  • Elmo's Favourite food is Pizza
  • Elmo's Favourite activity at Sesame Street is to play with his Piano

Annabelle was given a fantastic Elmo toy called Let's Rock Elmo from Hasbro!! It is fantastic, she has played with it for ages and still isn't bored.  Annabelle easily gets bored with her toys but not Elmo.  Annabelle's friends love Elmo and their mummy's want an Elmo of their own!! My partner and our friends also love Elmo, its defiantly a toy for all the family to enjoy!!  I will do a full review on the Elmo toy soon!!!!  
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