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The Small Business Weekly Showcase Week 3 - Jade langton-evans photography

Week 3 of the Showcase is here!!

 Meet Jade from Jade langton-evans photography , I think she is an amazing photographer, her Photographs are gorgeous! I am not the only one who thinks so as she has clients that travel from all over the world to use her services!

1. When did you first become a Photographer and how did Jade langton-evans photography begin?

  I became officially Jade Langton Evans Photography just under two years ago. Having a love of photography and art from a very young age I knew early one I would be doing something very creative. It started simply by taking photographs at events of friends and family and very quickly became a career I was very serious and passionate about. I have a big love for capturing beauty, love and emotion in people and capturing it brings me so much joy.

2. What photography do you specialise in? and why?

  I specialise in alternative weddings. Which means working with really quirky couples who want to do things differently and are really passionate about having beautiful images that are personal. I focus largely on maternity, newborn and families and capturing the love and bond and moments of childhood in a personalised and natural way. It's what I'm best at and really pushes my creativity creating something different and unique and personal for each client I work with.

3. What happens on the photoshoot?

Click here to see Jade amazing video it will make you want to book one!!

Jade Langton-Evans

4. What examples of themes do you get asked by customers to help create?

 Choosing themes usually reflects the clients personalities and hobbies and loves for life, and brings me to show ways to represent this in shoots. We have had some amazing themes such as magic tricks, pancakes and hot chocolate, bubbles baths in the forest, and sometimes they are very simple focusing solely on love and just being together in a special place.

Jade langton-evans photography WEBSITE
Jade langton-evans photography BLOG
Jade langton-evans photography FACEBOOK
Jade langton-evans photography TWITTER

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cadwaladers Icecream Cafe Trafford Centre Manchester Review


  I was VERY excited to find out that Cadwaladers at the Trafford Centre next door legoland asked the mummy bloggers to review their cafe.  The reason I was so excited is that I love icecream and I especially love Cadwaladers icecream!!

  Since I remember my Grandparents have had a holiday home in North Wales so we always without a doubt visited Portmadog, I cannot leave without an icecream.  I have a favourite since I was young, Mint Choc Chip with dips!!!

  However on the review Annabelle could have an icecream and myself a coffee.  Annabelle loved the icecream which was in a little child size cornet, she would be crazy not too!!  The coffee was good strong proper tasting coffee.  I am a big child and have to say I kept staring at the children's icecreams thinking I can't wait for my icecream.  When we were in wales though my mum and grandma had a coffee every time so they must be nice :)
Annabelle Loves Strawberry Icecream

Annabelle loves it that much she asks for a bit of Callums!!

 The cafe in Manchester was a fantastic size and had lots of places to sit as well as toilets with a baby change facility.  They had a massive counter, partly for the icecreams near the door as some people don't want to sit inside.  There is a big outside seating area outside with a huge fountain to look at aswell as some huge teddies singing and dancing a small walk away!  They have different drinks on offer as well as cakes and savoury foods.  The staff were all polite and happy which is a great thing I hate miserable staff!  They were even quick on the mark when my daughter knocked a glass on the floor, it was cleaned immediately.
The Bears near Cadwaladers

Annabelle having a boogie!!

Here is what Cadwaladers have wrote on their website

'Freshly brewed coffee served by our trained baristas, bespoke sweet and savoury food items and delicious smoothies, silky milkshakes which we all love so much, oh and not forgetting the award-winning  ice cream and sundaes which we are so famous for, perfectly blended with our unique shop design, creating the magic formula that is Cadwaladers'

 I have to say I love Cadwaladers still!!

 1 request to Cadwaladers though - Please bring back the Green crunchy Sugar dips! I miss them!!

Cadwaladers Website 
Cadwaladers Facebook
Cadwaladers Twitter

Here is the address and opening times
Address: 6D Barton Square, Trafford Centre, Manchester M17 8PL
Tel: 01617 480487
Open: Mon-Fri: 10:00am - 6:00pm
          Sat: 09:30am - 7:00pm
          Sun: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Monday, 27 May 2013

What is Aldi's Super 6 until 5th June?


Until 5th June

Pack of red onions

Pack of Cherry plum tomatoes

Galia Melon

Pack of Jersey Royal Potatoes

Pack of fun size apples

Pack of Green Beans

69p Each !!!

Check HERE 

Please Note- Aldi have not asked me to promote I just love bargains and want to share !!

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester Review

As I am part of the Blogs Up North bloggers network I was able to get my family free tickets to Lego land at the Trafford centre in Manchester.  We have been before about a year ago but Annabelle and Callum were too young to enjoy it.

So this was a new experience for us all!!

 I have to say we were greeted very politely and had a family photograph taken that can be purchased which never happened a year ago and I think its great.

Here is our family Photo

 Everyone who comes to Lego land has to take the tour of the factory led by a Lego professor.  This is great as it teaches the children how Lego is made however the most annoying thing about the tour is that my 2 and 3 year old could not see a thing due to older children and yes their parents.  As I was reviewing I actually looked at the customers and it was like the adults turned into children and forgot their common sense. It would be great if the member of staff could point out the fact that make sure the children can see as at the end of the day it is for them.  My poor children wouldn't have seen a thing if I didn't ask the parents in front to let my children see.  I still had to hold my daughter above their children though!

 I ask the Lego Professor if I could take a photo of what she was showing everyone

 There is a choice to go in a room where there is activities in a section of Lego land before you go in the main room.  Phil took Annabelle as Callum and Joseph were too young and no pushchairs can go in.  We were waiting over 30 minutes for Phil and Annabelle to queue up.

  The first port of call was the toilets and I have to say the nappy area and toilets are as clean as your would expect a public toilet to be.   As parents the cleanliness is very important!

  Lego land was very busy and there was hardly anywhere for the adults to sit.  My son didn't want to go in the Lego pit for longer than 2 minutes as it was a seating area for the adults he didn't know so he wasn't happy to play in there which was a shame.

  There are lots for primary age children to do, soft play area, Lego trucks, fair ride plus an area to build Lego cars and an area observed by a member of staff.  For the toddlers there is the Lego pit, an area of girly Lego and karaoke.  There was a very small soft play area but it was a bit boring to tell you the truth. My children were too young to ride the trucks but I could tell would be fantastic for children imagination and coordination skills.

  You can buy drinks and lunch there but again there wasn't enough seats and a lot of people were eating standing up. The staff also rushed of there feet and there still was a huge queue.

 Other things to see are 3D cinema which lasts approximately 10 minutes.  I went in first with the pushchair and Annabelle and luckily there was front seats as there was no other areas for the prams.  Phil was last in the queue as he had to take Callum for a walk as you are waiting a long time in the queue and its too long for a 2 year old.  Phil got told there were no seats left.  He asked if he could come and tell me and they said that was ok.  Turns out there were approximately 4 seats left! So it would have been great if the staff actually checked.

  There are amazing Lego displays to look at but as we have little ones this wasn't an option with toddlers.
This is where Joseph was all the time!

  It would be great if there were more for the little ones and I wouldn't want to pay £36 at the cheapest which is booked online. This is for just 2 adults and a child 3+ as 2 years and under are free.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester Website

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Redundancy Update

Redundancy is horrible however positive you may be.

The good news is that my other half has a job now but the effects of redundancy are still here.  

The bills are coming out but not all of them will get paid due to the fact that the redundancy money has gone, on bills and rent! The only things we spent on 'spends' were a samsung galaxy note and some clothes for myself and the children.  Poor Phil.

His old job didn't pay him his holidays after he had already questioned the amount.  Its coming into the account soon but just messes up the bills!

Phil was depressed and it was awful for me if I am honest.  


He has a job
He is now happy
I am happy
The children are enjoying happy parents

Now hurry up pay days!!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

My favourite tune to sing along to while driving is ...

Carcraft are running a poll to find out whathe nations favourite tune is to sing along to while driving and I wanted to add mine!!

For the last 2 months my wonderful organised other half Phil has not yet got our car radio/cd player working since it was reset.  So I have mainly had Annabelle singing or Annabelle and Callum arguing.  As I NEED music whilst driving on days I remember I have my phone fully charged and use a radio app.  Brilliant invention!!!
So today as I was driving the children to Nursery a song came on the app radio and it is more than just a song.  Songs are memories.
So what song came on? Here is a clue!!

The song was released in 2000
It was #1 hit in several countries
Its probably the first song you think of when you say Jon Bon Jovi

The reason I love it other than the fact you can really sing along to it and feel happy is that it reminds me of my late teenage years when going to the local nightclub was fun! I remember dancing to it with my friends.  I used to think ' I love my life' I had a great family, I worked, I started dating Phil and I had lovely friends.

 The song came on today and as I sang 'It's my Life' I thought 'I love my life' I have 3 beautiful Children, a great family, what more do I need??

 Well a radio in the car would be nice !!

This is a sponsored post however all content is my own.

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Giveaway- Win 1 edit and a 10x8 Print including a frame from KJD Fairytale Creations

How fantastic, I have a giveaway for you.

I was lucky to review an edit from The Fairy Godmother from KJD Fairytale Creations, I love it!
My Review is HERE
Interview Post HERE

She has waved her magic wand again and brought you a giveaway

Good Luck!!!

uk only
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Small Business Weekly Showcase- Cakerella

Week 2's Small Business is Cakerella, I have asked Sarah some questions for you!!
Photo: Special request penguin! :) xx Photo: Strawberry pops! :) x  

1. When and how did Cakerella begin?

I first made some pops last year for my goddaughter's birthday and the interest in them at her party was amazing! The same happened again when I made them for a baby shower, and when someone asked if I could make them for wedding favors I decided to set up Cakerella, providing pops across the UK! 

2. What occasions do you make Pops for?

Pops can be made for any occasion, they've been hugely popular among brides-to-be for their weddings, and also for children's birthday parties! They are perfect for party bags, baby showers or even as sweet little thank you's! 

 Photo: Blue baby shower pops!
3. Do you have specific designs and would you design and create one a customer asked for?

I like to be creative and hope to continue to come up with new ideas, however I love bringing someone's visions to life if its something I haven't already made. Recently I've been working with a customer to create something completely new that fits their brand, and hope to be able to show these soon! 

4. How much time would a customer give for the Pops to be created?

I ask for at least a weeks notice in order to ensure I have everything together, to come up with something new if needed and to arrange delivery, either locally or by courier.

5. What are your prices?

All pops are priced the same, and depend on quantity as below:

10 - 15 - £1 each
16 - 49 - £0.75 each
50+ - £0.50 each

These vintage floral Pops were made as a special request..

These wedding Pops have been so popular! 

Photo: New wedding pops x

Some fun Lego pops! 
Photo: Little Legos! X

I'm on - 


Monday, 20 May 2013

Nye Portraits Review

I was asked by Ashley from Nye Portraits to email a photograph which I wanted turning into a Portrait.  I love photos and always admire my grandmas portrait done many years ago.  So I was very excited to have one done of my children.

Here was the image I sent

This is the portrait Ashley made for me

                                                         I Love it!!

Its amazing how accurate it is and the detail is fantastic.  I have not got anything similar as a keepsake or on show at home.  It is very unique.  I love the fact its a portrait without the hassle of sitting still for a long period of time.

It would make a fantastic gift!

For me, it is placed in my kitchen and its the start of my wall, a collection if memories as well as my blogging wall!

Have a look at Nye Portraits HERE and Ashley's twitter page HERE

Pricing is HERE

Thursday, 16 May 2013

MamaBabyBliss celebrates National Baby Massage Week

 Its baby massage week, I know its nearly over but we have had a lot going on.  My sister has given birth a week ago and her baby had major surgery at 4 days old so the charity MamaBabyBliss is helping is close to my heart.  I will write more soon.

 Here is some great information I have been sent about how MamaBabyBliss are helping the charity Bliss.

'MamaBabyBliss are celebrating National Baby Massage Week this year by running events and promotions to raise money for Bliss – the UK charity providing care for premature and sick babies and their families.

Baby Massage Week, running from 13th – 18th May, promotes the benefits of baby and infant massage and the resources on offer to parents. Money raised throughout the week will be used by Bliss to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families.

In support of Bliss, MamaBabyBliss will be donating 10% of all product sales during the week to this amazing cause. This will include the beautiful gift sets, which are perfect for pregnant women, new mums and babies. Local MamaBabyBliss teachers will also be running events around the country to demonstrate the power of baby massage as well as raising funds for this worthwhile cause.

Justina Perry, the founder of MamaBabyBliss, comments: “Bliss is a fantastic charity, supporting the families of premature and sick babies. National Baby Massage Week is an ideal time to celebrate the benefits of touch and the power of baby massage in helping with a number of ailments and complaints in babies and young children, whilst at the same time raising money for this very worthwhile cause. The MamaBabyBliss teachers and myself are proud to be helping by donating 10% of our sales on products this week to Bliss, and we encourage all mums to come along to one of our events the local teachers are organising to try baby massage for themselves, knowing money raised will make a real difference to families and babies.”

To find out more about MamaBabyBliss classes in your area and the product range, please visit or call 01462 632499. To find out more about Bliss, go to '

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Are you going to the Lollibop Festival 2013?

What is Lollibop? 

Lollipop is the biggest UK festival for Children, its a great family day out! It is aimed at the under 10s and gives children an insite to a festival vibe without the camping!  You will find live acts and shows and is all focused on interactive play.

What is the programme and line up?

There is lots of things happening to keep the children ammused all day long.  You will find live music, theatre, walk about performance, sport, literacy, dance lessons, cooking classes and more.  Lollibop also feaures loads of popular names in Children's entertainment.

Titan the Robot will be at Lollibop and he is a 8ft tall and interactive! I am sure he will be a huge interest to the Lolliboppers, science musuem will be coming to Lollibop so the children can take part in experiements.  Also your Children will be able to meet different critters which is such an amazing experience.

Acts announced so far....
 Poppy Cat
Dick and Dom
Peppa Pig
Cloud Babies
Go Go Go

Lots more to come!

Where is it held?

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

What dates? 16th, 17th and 18th August 2013

How much? 

Early Bird Ticket Prices

Single Ticket £20
Family Ticket £78
Group of 10+ £18 per person

For advanced prices look HERE

Lollibop Website HERE, Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE

One4all Best Birthday Guide- Guest Post

“Best Birthday”
For busy people with busy lives 

Life is go, go, go these days with little time to pamper yourself, let alone organise a birthday celebration to remember… does this sound like you?

You’re not alone – in fact, One4all Gift Cards conducted research recently that found an increasing number of people are overlooking their special day. 

To help bring back the magic of birthdays here is a great guide to ensure you have a fantastic birthday.

The One4all gift card is a great gift idea and can be used in 17,000 stores nationwide! In fact it can be used in some of the retailers featured in this guide – B&Q, House of Fraser, Red Letter Days and Superbreak.

Steps to achieving the ‘Best Birthday’ 

1. The Birthday Cake 

The research showed that less than 15% of us would always get a cake on our birthdays…. It is easy, in a rush, to pick up a standard supermarket cake that is plain, dry and rather ordinary. However, you could have a wonderful and unique birthday cake without having to stand for hours in the kitchen slaving over a mixing bowl and icing intricate detailing onto a Victoria sponge. 

Have a browse on the Internet and see the vast array of unique cake makers and the specialist cakes on offer, from all over the country. 

It takes a couple of clicks and you have an original specialised cake… and make someone’s day really special.

The cake deigns are unique to you, and nothing seems impossible for these talented cake makers (see some examples below). 

The Decorations

So, you want fabulous decorations but don’t have the time to trawl around for the best bunting or price compare what’s on offer?

Well, there are plenty of ways to acquire decorations that appear to have taken a lot of effort, but have only taken a few minutes of your time. 

Websites such as Party Box have tasteful decorations available – at a very reasonable price. You can even take the party outside with cheerful garden party decorations such as these super fairy lights from B&Q.

A quick and easy way to make a birthday celebration special…

3. Drinks

Are you fed up of drinking copious amounts of wine and beer at your birthday celebrations?

Cocktails have never been so ‘in’ and you can liven up your drinks choices at a reasonable price to you, and feel like you’re ‘so’ Sex in the City. 

A little bit of imagination can go a long way; here are some great cocktail ideas that are reasonable, easy and creative from Black Cherry Martini to a Fair and Warmer. 

However, you can even be inventive with the drinks that you already have at home… a great example is Sangria – which can add a Spanish mix to your party celebrations.

Ingredients: 3 parts red wine, 1 part orange juice, 2 parts lemonade, ice, fresh mint (optional) and sliced fruit such as oranges and lemons. 

Preparation: Mix all the ingredients together in a large jug and add more red wine, orange and lemonade according to taste and desired strength and then enjoy… simple! 

Another great recipe, that is non-alcoholic, is Mint Lemonade…

Ingredients: large handful of fresh mint, 6 lemons (juice and zest of 3), 3 tsp of sugar cane syrup and sparkling mineral water. 

Preparation: Place the mint leaves into a tea towel and bruise with a rolling pin, add the mint to a pitcher, with the lemon juice and zest and sugar cane syrup, top up with sparkling water. Mix the cocktail well and more sugar cane syrup, to taste… chill in the fridge and enjoy!

Also, liven up the displays of your drinks on offer. A top tip for beers (in a garden celebration) is to display beer buckets, and also using jam jars as glasses is a current trend.

You can find some great al fresco dining accessories at House of Fraser.

4. A Birthday experience… to remember

Forget a meal or night out… why not celebrate your birthday in style - a birthday with a difference. Red Letter Days , offers a wide range of experience days, and has some great birthday ideas, which they can set your birthday apart from previous years. And what’s more – you can buy with a One4all gift card!

Red Letter Day birthdays are great for celebrating a monumental birthday – great for both men and women, of all ages. The packages range from test-driving Ferraris to a unique wine tasting day.

The Red Letter Days experience can be purchased with the One4all gift card.

5. A mini break

Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle? A mini break can be a perfect way to celebrate your birthday, for you. If you aren’t keen on big party celebrations, then a city break and getaway could be the perfect answer to make your birthday special.

There are plenty of websites that have reasonable and last minute places available for that perfect getaway both in the UK and abroad. E.g. Superbreak

6. Perfect gift

Fed up with receiving a gift you do not want? The answer is asking your friends and family for a gift card, but not any gift card – a multi store gift card. 

The One4all gift card is secure, safe and can be spent in over 17,000 retail outlets nationwide. Retail partners are well known names such as House of Fraser, Debenhams, Boots, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Topshop, Waterstones, Pizza Express, Zizzis and Beaverbrook’s to name a few. Find out more here.

The One4all gift card also has a group gifting function, and this means that family and friends can collate money and you can purchase a larger present with it – no more unwanted presents! 

7. Party food 

Party foods trends are always changing… below are the top five key trends for the upcoming summer season…perfect for any birthday celebration to make or buy. 

Cake pops

Mini Burgars




Finally, however you spend your birthday make sure you take time for yourself and enjoy your special day. Don’t forget… it only comes around once a year!
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