Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Thing I dream of owning the most ...

I have been tagged by the lovely Emmys Mummy and Bubba Loves to tell you the thing I would love to own the most!!!

In this case the Place I would love to live!!!!! Audlem!! It is a gorgeous little village where my mum grew up, my Grandparents live, my mum and dad got married (then divorced) the place where I would love to get married, Just beautiful!!!

I was very much lucky enough to live there over a year when we had Annabelle but had to move to a bigger house with a garden as Annabelle reached 1 and I was pregnant with Callum!!  A lovely little community where people say hello to everyone they walk past!! Not forgetting the nicest coffee shop ever!!!

 I would love to get our 1st house here as we rent at the moment!  All I ask for is a house and Garden big enough, room for an extension for the future and lots of happy memories!!

 I thought I would share the lovely Village with you!!

I am now tagging Yummy Mummy's Galore and Claire, the Bear and the Bunch to do the same and link back to HERE


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Victoria xx

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