Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Organix Savoury Pouches Review and Congratulations for their win!!!

View range.png in slide show        Congratulations to Organix who have recently won the Soil Association Organic Food Award.  The prince of wales congratulated Sarah Elmer, Marketing Assistant, and Carolyn Shephard Marketing Manager from Organix on their win.

Organix says:
Our baby foods are real foods made with organic, natural ingredients, all of which mum would use at home – and nothing else.  All of our foods taste as they should and are full of real goodness. Our award winning Organic Strawberry & Apple/ Peach & Apple fruit puree was lovingly created in the Organix kitchen by our foodie Sarah. Our aim is to give children the best start in life.

  Callum review all 4 savoury pouches by Organix and by the look and speed he was eating them I think he enjoyed them!!
  The 4 pouches contain 

  • Sweet Potato, Cheddar and Courgette  
  • Pumpkin, Cheddar and Lentils
  • Sweetcorn, Chicken and Broccoli 
  • Parsnips, Chicken and Leeks
These pouches are suitable for baby's from 4months, they are very smooth and have ingredients that are not boring for baby's!! Babies need a bit of variety too!!

  I love the packaging of the pouches!! No glass jars, I have said this before but I really don't like glass packaging for my baby food!!  If i ever dropped it even a little way I have to put it in the bin!! I would not have to do this with these pouches!  You are also able to just squeeze the food straight from the pouch onto a spoon, no washing a bowl, Brilliant!!
  Callum loved all 4 pouches and he ate them with ease and no funny faces so I knew he loved the taste!
 All the pouch in the bowl, very smooth, great texture for callum's age!
 Callum's First Reaction!!! Happy definatly!! 'more mummy'
 We had a slight accident here as Callum was that eager he put his sleeve in the bowl!!!
Ahh Naked Baby :) Here is Callum posing with the Organix Pouch!!!

  Organix website- HERE     

  Organix facebook page HERE

  Organix Twitter- HERE 

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  1. Organix savoury pouches are really perfect for introducing your baby to his first taste of protein. It have been prepared with care to give your baby natural tastes and textures which are ideal as a first weaning food. Thanks a lot.

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