Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bedtime stories with Barnie and Arnie on Nick Jr. Love!!!!

 Have you watched bedtime story on Nick Jr. at 7.15pm? I have to admit we do watch Nick Jr in the day but didn't realise they have a 'bedtime' section from 6pm.   
  We were sent a little goody bag from Nick Jr with a dvd of one of the bedtime stories called 'The Princess and the Pea'.  The children were very excited as they spotted the characters immediately   I have to admit the bag is fantastic and can't wait to show it off at nursery :)

 Here is Annabelle and Callum with their goody bag! 

 What did we all think of the dvd 'Bedtime story with Arnie and Barnie, The Princess and the Pea'

 My thoughts were that the setting was very calming due to the scene and the colours used.  Arnie and Barnie are two small characters that are dressed ready for bedtime including bedtime hats, they are very cute.  Warming little Characters!
  A well known Celebrity is reading the story, in this story its Konnie Huq who I watched in Blue Peter when a child.  Arnie and Barnie ask Konnie questions just as some children would.  
  I think its fantastic as it teaches Children (and parents) that as well as reading a story it is very important to talk about it and make sure the child understands what is happening.

 My Children loved it and I could tell that they listened as Annabelle wanted to draw a pea as well as using a barbie dress as a Arnie and Barnie bedtime hat! They had lots of fun! So did I!

 I will defiantly be snuggling on the sofa with the children at 6 pm and watching 'Bedtime' on Nick Jr.

 p.s. We were sent the Goody bag for review and all opinions are my own !

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