Friday, 25 November 2011

Wooden Sandpit, Just for Sand??? Defiantly Not!!!

  I was kindly sent a hexagonal Sandpit ( rrp £59.99) from Garden and it has spurred on lots of ideas.  Many people think that you just put sand in a sandpit but it can be used for lots of different sensory play!!
Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit

 As I used to be a nursery nurse we used to let the Children play with all types of materials.  Obviously Children Love sand play, they could spend hours feeling the sand in between their fingers or building sand castles and knocking them down again.  We also let the children play with water, rice, pasta, play balls and shredded paper.

 When I received the sandpit I was very excited as Annabelle has never had one before, not even a plastic one.  We are moving house over the weekend and luckily it can just be placed outside on the french windows under cover so ideal for the winter season.  It comes with a cover and a sheet to put underlay for protection which is great! It is the nicest looking sandpit I have seen!  As it is wood it will last longer than a plastic one and will look cleaner, as plastic ones look a bit 'old' after a while.

  It measured 1.5 m across so will fit Annabelle, Callum and a couple of their friends! Well to be honest they would have no choice as it looks so appealing!

  I would say that this is for all ages of children, obviously babies would need supervision but I quite happily let Annabelle play and know she wouldn't hurt herself.

 As I like multi-purpose toys I would say the only down side with wooden is you can't use water, but it can be mixed with sand! As this is such a nice product i don't mind having a separate tray for water as its worth it.

 As I am in the middle of moving house (madness) I will be the photos up asap and a video up next week!! :)

 Here is Garden website HERE

 Here are the selection of wonderful sandpits HERE

Monday, 14 November 2011

Well Done Minnie Mouse!!!!!! She has her own TV Show!!!!

  I can tell you I was very excited on behalf of Annabelle to hear that Minnie Mouse has now got her own TV show and it starts Friday at 10.50am on Disney Junior!!!   Her shows name suits Minnie to a tea, 'Minnie's Bow- toons!!!

 Minnie is well known for her polka dot dresses and massive bow and of course being Mickey Mouse's Girl!!!!  However it was time for Minnie mouse to steal the limelight!! Girls Rule the World don't they??

 In the show Minnie has her very own shop called Bow-Tique with Daisy Duck, they stock only Bows and Bow ties!!! Yes Minnie has a Bow for every needed occasion, apparently even for leaky pipes!!!

 If you want to watch this Classic Hollywood Beauty like I do you will see her on the Disney Junior on Friday at 10.50am!!!

Minnie Mouse Preview HERE looks Fantastic!!!!  

Have a look at Disney Junior Website HERE there are always fantastic competitions!!!!

Have you heard of Sevi??? John Crane???

 John Crane is a fantastic Wooden Toy company that is just growing by the second has now teamed up with Sevi which is Europe's oldest brand (founded in 1831) of wooden toys and accessories.

 Wooden Toys are becoming more popular than plastic toys due to the way they look and the fact they are more durable.
 Look at Sevi's Wooden Nativity Toy, great for this time of year!!
Here is Sevi's Wooden Kitchen, both Annabelle and Callum would love this Kitchen.  I just Love the way it looks, so lovely, I think I would play with them.

 Sevi will be coming to John Crane very soon!!!!

John Crane Website HERE
Hohn Crane Facebook HERE

'Hotel Chocolat' lovely Christmas Range

  I was lucky enough to be sent a gift from Hotel Chocolat, luckly me!!  I was sent a Christmas stocking full of Chocolate, you can guess it has all gone! We couldn't resist!!!
  Hotel Chocolate started as a catalogue based company but now got so popular they has a variety of stores all over the world.  Hotel Chocolat has a tasting club, so every month you can taste the superb chocolate!! Yum!!

Try our Tasting Club This is an example of one introductory box for £9.95

 If you are stuck for gifts for your family and friends Hotel Chocolat could help you.  Her are some ideas for
 Stocking fillers

Tiddly Milk Reindeer Portly Santa Santa's Secret Pick-Me-Up
Her are some fantastic Christmas Gifts  from Hotel Chocolat
Alternative Mince Pies Christmas Goody BagChristmas Table Cracker

Hotel Chocolat website is  HERE
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