Thursday, 11 August 2011

Great Fashion= Urban Casuals at NEXT

  I have got to say I love this time of year as the Autumn/Winter Clothes are coming in, don't get me wrong I do Love Summer Clothes but there is something about the Fashion in Autumn/Winter that takes my fancy!!!

  I have been walking around the town today in awe of all the beautiful clothes I could wear if I had the money :) One day hey, Phil's working on it !!!

  One of my favourite Clothes Brand has got to be Next!!  They have a bit for everyone's dress sense, from the casual denim to the fancy frocks!!  Not to forget the fabulous children's clothes, great quality and long lasting, especially for a mum like me who tumble drys near enough everything, did I actually say that sshhhh!!!

  I love their Urban Casuals Range, just my cup of tea!!!

   I think everyone has colour's of clothes that suit them and that don't!!  The colour's that suit me are dark colours, me and pastels do not mix, I look ill!!  Browns, Dark greens, blues and reds suit my colouring!!  Therefore this range caught my eye!!

  Here's a look at my favourites!!!


I have chosen my coat too
                                                  Double Breasted Coat

Here's the link to urban casuals!!
Here's the link to the gorgeous coat!!

Whats your favourite Clothes season?


  1. I love a/w changeover. next has some lovely stuff in haven't they. hubby keeps asking about all the deliveries I keep getting LOL. love the pussy bow blouse you've picked!
    Rachel x

  2. Thanks hun :)
    Hehe Brilliant!! I bet you have some lovely clothes! I love clothes, my son's now 6 months so great to get back into feeling good in clothes your wear :) xx

  3. I'm a fashion freak and i love the collections you picked. Thanks for linking up at Monday mingle hop, following back looking forward in being part of your blog.

  4. Hi May, Thank you hun!!
    Looking forward to being apart of your blog too :) x


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