Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Going to get crafty, need inspiration!!!

 The time has come yet again to buy both children some new clothes but as they cost a bomb in the shops I decided on good old ebay!!  I managed to win a bundle of clothes for Callum which will last him until summer but I had trouble with bidding for Annabelles.  The clothes I like were just a little out of my price range but I noticed the clothes I like for her are with the animal motifs and flowers with cute buttons, I had a eureka moment!!!

Why don't I buy plain tshirts and jeans and create the design myself!!  I am not expert and i'm sure I will get better with practice but I am very excited about it!!

 I am searching for fantastic blogs with ideas and a tutorial here and there!! Do you know any??

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Supporting Breakthrough Breastcancer Campaign

 Kate over on  Kate on Thin Ice is looking for 90 bloggers to support her campaign to support breakthrough BreastCancer.   Whats fantastic is that by greater awareness, better screening and improved treatments more people are surviving from Breast Cancer.

 To join in all you have to do is write a blog post consisting of 90 words about a special female in your life, then link up your post on the linky on this page. Why 90 words?? because this reflects the 90 numbers in the game of bingo.  Pink Ribbon Bingo have pledged to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer all year round with 15% of the gross revenue accrued through online play on the site donated to charity.  Visitors also have the opportunity to donate a percentage of their winnings directly to the charity.  Along with the fundraising element , Pink Ribbon Bingo and The Daily Mail online will be helping the charity to raise awareness by promoting their vital health messages such as TLC (Touch, Look, Check)

 So hear is my words, maybe not 90 but wrote from the heart.

Dear Mum,

  Before becoming a mummy I didn't realise how hard you worked (I can just imagine you nodding your head with a little smile )  You did so much for us and I didn't know because I didn't understand. But I do now!! Sorry for being a pain :)  When we meet up now we don't have much time to talk well without being interrupted by one of three little monkeys! I don't have time to tell you the little things I love about you as we end up talking about other people more than ourselves.

 I love the way you open your door with so much enthusiasm when we come to see you and I feel so wanted
 I love the way you don't tell me you are annoyed with me for forgetting to give you things back like your carpet cleaner, you have it back now phew.  Our garage misses it :)
 I love your fashion sense, you look beautiful every day and I love that everyone says your mum is gorgeous, just wish you saw that too
  I love the way you have looked after me and guided me, proud of me whatever I do

 Mum I am proud of you, you are amazing and my best friend

 I love You xxx

Friday, 27 January 2012

Creative Play thanks to Cravendale and Britmums!!

 Annabelle loves creative play like playing with playdough, sticking and playing with dry foods such as pasta!  I jumped at the chance to join in with a britmums competition in association with Cravendale Milk.

 We were kindly send some stickers of kermit alongside some coupons for some milk which was amazing as every mum knows how much we spend on milk!!

 I decided to let Annabelle fill the empty bottle with dry pasta first, children love to make noise don't they.  As I got the stickers out of the cupboard I noticed that some certain little fingers has already been trying to do some sticking as only one kermit was ok, well missing part of a hand!! Awww poor Kermit !!
kermit has been found :)
Annabelle filling the empty bottle with dry pasta

Annabelle Concentrating whilst sticking on Kermit, I let Annabelle stick where she wanted too, however she did ask for mummy's help!
Introducing Shaky Shaky Kermit!!!

Here is the Judge Callum obviously he is very impressed!!!

Thank You Brit Mums and Cravendale Milk for the opportunity to win a fantastic prize, every parents dream !!! Free Milk :)

Jack N' Jill Toothpaste Review

  Jack N' Jill Toothpaste was born in Melbourne Australia in 1949 and now they have a base in the uk!  Justin and Rachel are now running the family business, after having their first child they were obviously concerned about what went into contact with their child.  Justin is a pharmacist and formulated the safest toothpaste which was yum and fun!!

  There are 5 flavours to choose from, strawberry, banana, blackcurrant, blueberry and raspberry.  They contain natural ingredients such as organic flavours and Organic calendula, no fluoride, no preservatives, sls free and no added colour.  This is all fantastic as my daughter has the tendency to eat it instead of clean her teeth.

 Annabelle loved this toothpaste, she enjoyed the flavour Strawberry as she told me and kept asking for 'bit more mummy'.  I noticed that the toothpaste lasted longer on the brush that regular toothpaste which is brilliant as I find this is the problem as once the taste has gone she wants more.  The only problem I have where I live as there is no fluoride in the water( my health visitor informed me the other day) and if their is no fluoride in the toothpaste my children's teeth are at risk on early tooth decay.  However this seems very unusual.

 Jack N' Jill also have designed and manufactured the first children's toothbrushes that are made of cornstarch that are biodegradable and recyclable, I also was lucky to review one of these for my son.  it has a thick handle which is perfect for Callum to grip.  The bristles are made from rounded nylon and the handle is made from 100% cornstarch and it game in really cute packaging!

The toothpaste costs £4.99 plus p&p
The toothbrush costs £ 3.49 plus p&p

Jack N' Jill Website UK
Jack N' Jill Facebook 
Jack N' Jill Twitter

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Right Guard Ultimate Woman's Antiperspirant Review

I was asked to review ' Right Guard Total Defence 5' which is said to be  the ultimate woman's antiperspirant for 48 hour protection. I was told it had 5 key benefits that for us mummies are a must!!  It comes in three varieties, Invisible(no white marks), Sensitive (no irritations) and unscented( doesn't clash with perfume)
 The 5 key Benefits are

1.    Fights perspiration
2.    Prevents odour
3.    Long-lasting freshness
4.    Heat response formula adapts to your level of activity
5.    Low residue 

 I was sent sensitive and Invisible to test and review.  I love the great value size which is 250ml but a smaller handbag size is available 125ml.  For me, in the only time is tend to spray is just before I get dressed.  I don't  have handbag size products as when I go out I think nappies, wipes, cream and drinks!!  Maybe one day!!
I do have slightly sensitive skin as in the past I have used products from other brands and it has caused me to have a rash so I always stuck to the same brand (wasn't Rightguard) and was for sensitive skin.
 I used Right Guard for sensitive skin first and I was very impressed, no rash at all.  The smell is very subtle in my opinion which is exactly how I like antiperspirants to be.  The bottle will last me a long time as its huge!! If i was a person that regularly exercised to keep fit this product would be great as I would be so cost effective.
 I also tested the invisible antiperspirant and this was also kind to my skin although i did notice a slight difference when spraying and I saw no white marks on my clothes ( I tested this) !
  I would defiantly recommend this product as it does what it says on the bottle.  I have been for many walks with the children into the village, these walks are very stressful as my two year old does not want to cooperate, so I end up lugging her back home, our home is up a hill so you can imagine by the time i'm back home i'm exhausted!!  I will tell you i'm not sweaty or in the slightest, prior to this i would change my top as I can't stand feeling damp or smelly! which i'm sure all you mummies feel the same!!  If you have sensitive skin I would recommend you choose the Sensitive spray.  Right Guard Total Defence 5 sensitive works just as well as Invisible at keeping you dry.

Total Defence 5 is also dermatologically tested and full price is approx £2.89 for the 250 ml bottle and £1.99 for the 125ml bottle.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

" Not Annabelle Mummy, Fairy" !!

 Say Hello to Annabelle Fairy!!!
  Annabelle loves her new tutu skirt so much she believes she is infact a fairy!! How lovely is that!  

 Annabelle's fairy tutu is very special and precious!

A tutu.....

 Through my eyes... a pretty Skirt.

 Through Annabelle's eyes ... another world.

 Annabelle is able to use her imagination and spark of creativity, being able to channel emotions whilst having fun!!!

 This post is my entry into a competition over on Mummy Loves blog.  To enter you have to write a blog post with a photo about your little one/s enjoying dressing up to be in with a chance of winning £100 Amazon Vouchers with Appliances Online.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

My Budgeting Challenge!

  To be honest we have always lived quite frugally but never in control.  I really want to be in control of budgeting!  My partner works, I am a stay at home mum so we have only one wage coming in and I will say its hard work but I wouldn't have it any other way!

 We have 1 car between us both which means for me to have the car in the week is just not an option, even if we had money to spare going to pick Phil up at 6 a clock is a nightmare.  We live approx 25 minutes from his work and both children fall asleep and I need them to go bed at 7ish, just the way I like it!

 We have been talking about organising our shopping as we are not in a routine.  I will be researching yummy but cheap meals, I have seen some ideas on a few website, my favourite is Netmums.  I am interested to find out more about couponing!

 Looking forward to my challenge  :)


Monday, 9 January 2012

A Twitter Find- Abizz Fashion

  If you have a twitter account you will get messages from companies advertising their business which is what twitter is all about, well for me its entering the competitions :)
  Most of the business's haven't caught my eye, down to cost to tell the truth.  I had a tweet from a fashion business last night, I had a little look and I was very impressed.  Our family is in the situation that we don't have much money for spends so all expensive items are just for window shopping!!
  I would like to add this is not a sponsored post, I actually offered to share her products with my followers.

  The company is ' Abizz Fashion ' and they sell a mixture of accessories, from jewellery to handbags all at reasonable prices!!

  Here are some of my favourites

   £3.50    £5.99

   £4.95 each£3.99

At the moment Abizz Fashion has an offer ...  Free Delivery on all Fashion Jewellery!!!

Here is Abizz fashion's..


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sudocrem Introduces Mummy Matters week 2012

 Sudocrem Introduces Mummy Matters week 2012

  Mummy Matters week starts NEXT WEEK, Monday the 9th until Friday the 13th of January 2012.  A team of the UK's leading experts will be sharing need to know advice on a range of subjects as well as answering direct questions from the Sudocrem Facebook community.
   Each day will host a differeny expert who will share around 20 key pieces of advice and answering questions on their subject throughout their allocated day.
  Sudocrem would love for all Mums to join in the Sudocrem Facebook Community and get involved by asking questions directly to the experts.

  Here are the details
  • Monday 9th January 2012 - Jennifer Liston-Smith (Executive & Maternity Coach)
  • Tuesday 10th January 2012 - Claire Wylde (Dietician)
  • Wednesday 11th January 2012 - Jo Barnard (Careers Advisor)
  • Thursday 12th January 2012 - Wendy Powell (Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert)
  • Friday 13th January 2012 - Beth Goodrham (Personal Stylist)
 Please take a look at Sudocrem's Website HERE

Friday, 6 January 2012

Impressed with Big Brother, well Natalie Cassidy !

 I don't usually write about what I watch on TV but thought I would as it has stuck in my mind, maybe silly but has!
 I thought I would add that the last 2 years I haven't watched more than the 1st show as it was so b.o.r.i.n.g !!

  But as Phil was out, I thought 'why not' as its going to be all over facebook I may aswell had watch it myself.   Natalie Cassidy who was Sonia in Eastenders was the first celebrity in the house, you may have watched her on her show when she was pregnant, I am a big sucker for shows like that.  She was given a task which was to follow instruction via ear piece from Big Brother, if she failed, each time a housemate suitcase would be removed!  It was very funny, giving Frankie from xfactor a kiss, apologetic to a fellow housemate she had an argument with, I just loved it!


 Did anyone else see it?

 What did you think :)

 I have just read she failed! I thought she did so well!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Video from the NEXT Event!!! Clothes are NOW ONLINE TO VIEW!!!!

  Here is the video from the NEXT event!!!  Callum is the 1st baby on it!! He is a Film star :)

Loved helping my Grandad sort through his vintage Photographs!!

 Last Saturday, I was aloud out, childless!!  I had promised my 82 year old Grandad that I would help sort out his photographs, after my lovely Nana passed away nearly 2 years ago they have just been sat in the spare room on a table.
 As the photos are from 1940's or after I do not know everyone, so I asked if he could tell me all the names and I would write them on the back.  I really enjoyed looking at all the photographs that were mostly in black and white.  My Grandparents when they were about 20 years of age actually looked like film stars, my Nana always said 'I was a beautiful young lady when I was young' and she was right.  I saw photographs of my Nana's mother, my nana, and my aunty, my aunty now is the spitting image of my Nana back then.
 I saw some photographs of my Nana and Grandad's wedding, how times have changed, the dress was made by her Aunty and the wedding after do was at home.  She looked wonderful.  I will let you know some stories of my Nana in another post as she was one of a kind!!!
 I saw a letter from my 2nd cousins in Australia, some of my family including my Nana, grandad, Aunty and Dad emigrated to Australia in the 1960's however my Nana was severly home sick and they returned 5 years later.  I am thinking of writing to them as they are family after all!!! What do you think?
 I am so grateful I was able to look through with my lovely Grandad, it was a very memorable moment for me.  I am going to make a scrapbook style photo albumn for him and anyone who wants to look, I know my Nana would have loved it !!

Love to my Nana and Grandad xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My new hobby... Competitions

 The last few weeks I have really enjoyed entering competitions and especially winning them :)  

I remember coming across money saving expert forum and got hooked, they list lots of competitions, also a few on twitter and some on facebook.

I thought I would start letting you know my wins so in December I won...

  • a Quinny Buzz from Quinny Claus on facebook- This has got to be a mums dream win!! The pushchair is amazing and I am so grateful as at the moment I could not afford a Quinny!
  • I won a Cashmere Teddy from 'Mummys little Monkey' Blog !! It is a gorgeous little bear that has a rattle in it
  • Also I was one of the winners of the 2 mam soothers
  • I won a pamper set from 'bath and body' via facebook
  • I also won a Photo Print from 'Photo Fairy Design' 
  • Bunch of beautiful Flowers fresh!! from funny how flowers do that

 I am very happy with all my wins!!!  I will share some with you soon x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

  I would just like to say Happy New Year to all my blogging friends and followers!!!!

 Well 2011 has been an eventful year, Callum was born in January as well as moving house 3 weeks before he was born.  We then moved again in November, yes we are crazy!!

 I hope we stay in this cottage as I feel 'at home' here!!  I look forward to the year ahead!!

Victoria, Annabelle and Callum xx
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