Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Review of Halos N Horns!!

 When Annabelle had her bath tonight I asked her to choose which bubble bath she would like for a couple of reasons.  I like the fact Annabelle is given decisions to make, I do it in a way that she thinks she is the sole decision maker but actually I have given her the choice out of three! I often do this when she is about to have a paddy!  I also was testing which caught her eye!!

     Annabelle very quickly choose Halos N Horns!!! Ask she is only speaking little sentences she would not be able to tell me why at the moment but I think the obvious is that the colour of the packaging is very attractive to both adults and children.  I just love the logo, with the 2 little faces, so funny!! and so true about children, one moment an angel next minute a little devil!!  If you had never seen this brand you would instantly know its for children so well done to Halos N Horns!

  We were given for review The Kids Bathtime Shampoo and Conditioner Mango Melon Mayhem and Baby Gentle Bubble Bath and Body Wash and I can tell you I truly could eat them, but I obviously can't!  They smell yummy!!  Just a little is needed and is lovely of the skin which is fantastic!

  Halos N Horns Products is a lovely range of bath time products for little ones.  All SLS and Paraben free, Halos N Horns Shampoo, body wash and toothpaste are safe and gentle for baby and children's skin, making bath time fun.  Here is a look at the other products HERE

  I have also joined the parenting panel and you can too!! They may ask for feedback and new launches, also you will receive 20% off!!! Join HERE

  Halos N Horns can be bought from the major supermarkets and others HERE


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