Friday, 30 September 2011

London was perfect but im still soooo tired :)

 I went to London on saturday, I can't believe it has been nearly a week!

 We were up at 530am to catch an early train, Both myself and Claire were so excited, Claire has 3 Children and I have 2 and its very strange going away, even for a night!  For example when I was packing it was very hard to organise my brain to pack for myself.   All I could think of was nappies, milk, etc!!

 When we got to London we first went to our Hotel which was The Tavistock Hotel to drop our bags off!  We stayed there last time and it was brilliant, cheap price for London and you also get a breakfast included!!

 Then we went to Buckingham Palace to see the famous Dress, it was gorgeous but she has the slimmest waist ever!! It was Beautiful!!  If you ever head off to see Buckingham Palace there is a brilliant buttie shop down the road! The owner said in a Londoner accent ' you won't find any better butties than here' Ive got to say he was right!!!!

  Then we went shopping down Oxford Street and later to Soho to 'The Powder Room' which was fantastic and very inspiring.  There will be a full review coming up in the next few days on our pampering, we were so lucky!!!

 In the Evening we went to the 99club at the view for dinner, Comedy club and club after.  The food was gorgeous however was rushed, we had our starter, the plates were taken away and 5 seconds later are main was on the table.  The comedy club was brilliant, the first 2 acts were so funny, the third not so funny.  We stayed for a dance but shockingly were in bed for midnight!! Yes I know!!! Worth it though, no hangover in the morning!!

 Sunday was very relaxing, we strolled around Covent Gardens!!

 Since getting back I haven't stopped or feels that way, I have been so tired!! Think London took it out of me, worth it though!!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

And the Winner of the 'Babys First Year book@ is ......

Thank You to everyone who entered this Competition!!!

 The Winner is...........  Star Heather!!!!  I will contact you very soon !!!!

I have another competition coming soon!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Countdown has begun!!!!!

 I am turning 26 next week and for my birthday I have chosen to go London with one of my friends Claire!!  I was pregnant on my 25th so thought 'I deserve to go away'!!

I have a lot of exciting things planned!!!

We get to London about 930 and we are heading on to Buckingham palace to explore the state room and have a look at Princess Kate's Dress!!! :)
We are then heading to Oxford Street to have a look in as many shops as possible! Then very close to Oxford Street (I am so excited about this) we are visiting and reviewing what looks like an amazing beauty boutique called The Powderpuff Girls !!  I will be taking lots of photos with a review when i'm back!!  We are both having our hair done for our evening and early morning night out!!!!
 At night we are going to the 99club at Leicester square for a 3 course Meal!!! Comedy Club abd then turns into a night club!!! All for £30!!! Madness!!

 So Today I am going shopping for an outfit because knowing my look I would go shopping in London and won't find an outfit!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A versatile blogger?!

  I am so happy and lucky!!! I have been tagged and awarded with the Versatile Blogger Award by the Lovely and Talented Love In The Nest!!! Thank You so much :)

             The Rules of this award are as follows ....

  •  Thank the Blogger who has awarded you and link back to them
  • Share Seven things about yourself
  • Pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs

1. There is 21 years difference between me and my half brother
2. I left University after nearly a year as I couldn't write at University Level, later found out I am borderline dyslexic 
3. I went Gymnastics when I was younger
4. Since Blogging I love spending time at home
5. I really can't cook
6. I love to be organised
7. I love entering ( and winning ) Competitions

I am tagging the following 15 Blogs

Do I interact enough with Annabelle??

As I'm a stay at home mum I am the sole carer of my daughter other that Friday when she goes to preschool all (school) day.  I noticed Friday how much she changed with just one full session as the previous school term she only did a morning.  Her confidence in talking is the most significant change.  From only saying the words she knows her confidence has grown and she is a parrot!! She even said aeroplane Saturday, I was in shock, happy obviously!!!

 Seen as I used to be a Nursery Nurse I have a lot of arty and crafy experience with young Children, am I using those skills, .... No :( I think i have been so busy and tired with looking after 2 extra interaction has gone out of the window.

 However from today I have decided and started (get me) carrying out arts and crafts with Annabelle and Callum where appropriate.  Each week I will have a theme and do different activity every day if possible.  I will have a separate page also which you will find under 'Crafty Fun'.

 This weeks Theme is ELMO!!!!  This is because Annabelle and I met Elmo over a week ago and she apsoluted loved him, we took home Lets Rock Elmo which is an interactive toy where Elmo sings and plays music!!  Annabelle and Callum love him and so do Phil and I!!!

 So this afternoon I decided that Annabelle and I should make a musical shaker for Elmo or for Annabelle to use when Elmo sings! And we did!!!!  We Filled a empty margarine pot with dry Risotto rice and Coco pops Rocks and I celotaped it well!! maybe a little too much actually!! Then I wrapped it in pretty paper and Annabelle stuck coloured Card shapes onto it with crafy glue!  Annabelle had a fantastic time and once she had finished she carried on being crafty on more card!!    I feel better that Annabelle was having more fun!

Fantastic Whirlee Mookie Toys Ride on Review

  I was delighted to be sent the Whirlee Ride on from Mookie Toys!!

 Mookie Toys is a global sports and outdoor toy comapny and distrubuter, Established in 1987 and fastly grew to supply all over the world!!!  They have a fantastic website with a range of different toys ranging from Peppa Pig to radio controlled toys so they provide toys for a wide range of ages!

 I had a look at the ride on Annabelle was going to be sent for review, this is what I found....

 ' Whirlee is a brand new wheeled toy from the clever folk at Mookie.  Designed to be active and adventurous toddlers.  Whirlee's super light weight is sure to be popular with parents who know only too well a pain it is lugging heavy ride on around can be'

  Well when I took it out of the box it was indeed the lightest ride on ever, i previously worked in a nursery where they must have every ride on going and it is!!! The exact weight is 865 grams!! Another thing is having a adventurous 7 month old that does topple over if the Whirlee won't hurt my baby!! Very happy!

  'The products's snackable design makes it ideal for packing into the boot of a car for holidays or day trips'

 Whats great is when you have a small boot that only fits a pram the Whirlee will fit perfectly in the legs space of one of the back seats!!

  This Ride on is called Whirlee because the 360 caster wheels enable children to spin and whirl at speed, having a little girl I can't comment on this, but im sure it won't be long until Callum will answer that question for me!!! Annabelle loved that it was easy for her to use and she had lots of fun spinning and exploring!!  Callum loved it and wanted to have a go himself!!!!

This retails at £9.99 and is available in Red and Blue

The Whirlee is a Brilliant Ride on from when they start walking until age 3 ( I would say ) I would recommend to anyone :)

Mookie Toys Website is HERE
Mookie Toys Facebook page is HERE
Mookie Toys Twitter Page is HERE

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Real Cupcake Company Review!!

  When I received the cupcake making kit from the Company 'The Real Cupcake Company' I was really looking forward to it as I love Cakes!! I'm still only a cooking beginner so I thought how fab a kit already made up, no weighing ingredients, making icing! Just add 2 eggs!! Brilliant!! They cost £9.99 for and makes 12 Cupcakes!! We were sent the Orange flavour :)

 The Real Cupcake Company wanted to go back to basics and put the fun and simplicity backing into home baking.  They are based in rural Derbyshire and they have created a range of dairy free gourmet cupcake kits using real fruit and no artificial colourings and flavouring.

 This is a photo of all the ingredients and items it the baking kit!!! Obviosly not the bowls, tray and eggs :)

 I had to put all the cake ingredients in a bowl, which looked  a lot like batter.  I used an electric whisk which was very simple, put them into the individual cases and put it in the oven.  My idea of easy baking!!

 When they had fully baked in the oven I let them cool!!!  Next was the icing, I knew I had never iced using piping before so used the video on ' The Real Cupcake Company' website!!! It was a great video and gave me a lot of confidence before I was going to have a go myself!! When I did it myself it was much harder!!

When myself, my 2 year old daughter and my 4 year old brother tried them unfortunately we thought the taste was a bit too sickly!  I love icing however I would say the icing is very like buttercream so if you love buttercream you would love this!!
I think this kit is defiantly for a more advanced baker as you can see I would be embarrassed by my icing skills to anyone other than 2 children :) Would be great if there was an easier way of icing it or different type of icing as the sponge was lovely!!

The Real Cupcake Company website HERE
The Real Cupcake Company Facebook page HERE
The Real Cupcake Company Twitter HERE


And the Winner of the Trunki Goodies is ......

Thank You to everyone who entered this amazing competition!!!!

The winner is ................ Glitter Baby 40    Well Done!!

I will contact you soon x

New Competition Coming very soon!!!!!!

And the Winners of the Halos N Horns Competition are .....

There wasn't many entries to this competition so all 5 that entered are winners YAY!!!

  • Kate Cunningham
  • @littleboo_21
  • Angela Webster
  • Angela M
  • Hayley Crump

Well Done!!!!!!!!! I will contact you all!!!! x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses!!

Families are a pain but we couldn't live without them!!

The reason I am writing this post as I wanted to get something off my chest!!  There has been a disagreement with a few members of my family which as a person on the outside saw the direction it was going and it wasn't good!

As i have experience family not being as family should I just couldn't see it happening again!  My dad and I didn't have the best relationship, it didn't help that my parents divorce when i was very young.  The month that my dad and step mum were moving away, I announced I was pregnant with Annabelle!! As my father was in another country I felt I had lost him and that was an awful feeling, my Dad realised that home in France wasn't home!! Fortunately Dad and my Step mum moved back early this year so such amazing bonds that we never had before as we realised how important each other was!

  It again happened between a Grandad and my aunty over money!!! ahh!!  So because of this I do not see my cousin who I grew up with and were in the same classes throughout primary school! very very sad considering neither of us are part of the argument! Nothing that I can do!!

 This recent disagreement is down to money again!! I'm 25 and had to speak up and tell the 3 elders that Family is important and this has to be worked out!  Its not doing anybody's health any good and falling out is such a waste of everyone's time!  Plus I feel like i'm in a trap as love both parties!  Think sometimes someone not actually involved has to speak up and unfortunately had to be me! As other family members either sit on the fence or enjoy the drama!! Well that's just not me!! So I braved it!!  They said they would sort it out so a positive even though I feel wobbly!

 I was taught to speak my opinions and stand up for things I believe in so their fault as thats exactly what i've done! Hope everything turns out for the better would like to enjoy Callums first Christmas!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

What it's like to be a model???

 I'm not a model as you can probably tell but I did get to experience it for an evening on Thursday!! One of my friends has started her own business in Bridal and formal makeup and I was asked to model for her! Me, say no to a makeover!! I would be that stupid would I!!!
 A little about my friend Hayley...  Hayley has 2 young boys one of which is 5 months, she has a love for makeup and decided to start up her very own business mainly in Bridal!   2 weeks ago she set up a facebook page and as of right now she has 144 likes!! Amazing as they are mostly people she doesn't personally know!   She then set up a website about 5 days ago and wanted to show off her work and asked me to model!! She has been booked in to bridal fairs and booking for weddings are coming thick and fast! I just want to say Well Done Hayley very proud of you!!
 Prior to my makeover I loved makeup but never knew where to start and was to shy to go to a counter to ask!  Then Children come along and  I just didn't have the time!   Until now!! What was I thinking and where was I!!!!! She looked at my foundation and it was way too dark!! She gave me some fantastic tips and most of all some confidence! Do you want to see my pictures??

 Before!! Oh dear!! :)

 Natural Bride 


So the very next day I headed off with my Birthday money and went boots as it 3 items for the price of 2 and they give you a no7 voucher so went back and bought some foundation sponges for free!!

Here is Hayley's facebook page (Elegance) Bridal & Formal Occasion Makeup

Here is Hayley's website called Elegance Bridal & Formal Occasion Makeup

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I won!!!! I am now a Modern Parent!!!

 Well I have gone and won a fantastic Competition with, i am so excited!!!

 I started blogging in July and around the same time I came across a competition with to become a vlogger     ( Video Blogger ) and become one of their modern Parents! How exciting is that !!

 I thought, what an opportunity! When I started blogging I knew I was to take it seriously but obviously in a fun way!  I knew that if I did become a modern parent on it would be the start of exciting opportunities for myself and my family!  I really didn't think I would get it as there are so many fastastic bloggers out there!

 To enter I had to make a vlog introducing myself and my family, I had never seen myself on video other than a moving bump when pregnant! I only had a blackberry that had video option, its was quite ridiculous actually I had to get the position the phone  right and stick the phone in a baby cup to point it at myself! It was quite difficult and had a few take's.  I had either my head not in the picture as the phone had slipped without me noticing or one of my children had started shouting me! On my first vblog i was feeding my son (this was about take 3 by then) and he did a huge burp as i sat down but just laughed and carried on, not sure what thought had happened :)

  There was also another Brilliant Mummy Vlogger that was posting and thought there is no way I will win as she is Fantastic!!  What was lovely though is that Coralie Rose supported my vlogs and myself the same with Coralie!

 Yesterday there was an announcement on facebook and twitter, this is the facebook announcement

  *drum roll*

The response to our vloggers and bloggers competition has been amazing and 

we are very excited to announce that the winners of our vlogging competition 

who will have their own Modern Parents channel on imama are Coralie Rose 

and Victoria Wilkinson- look for them coming live to your screens in October!

 I could not believe it We had both won!!! Woo Hoo!!

 So I am now a Modern Parent and will be Video Blogging my thoughts, opinions and my life! I hope you will follow and enjoy!!

Here is website HERE Do take a look it is fantastic and has a bit of everything!!!

Here is facebook page HERE

Here is Twitter Page HERE

Monday, 12 September 2011

Humf and the Fluffy Thing Review- Out today!!!

We were recently asked to review this wonderful DVD called Humf and the Fluffy Thing!!  The series is on Nick Jr and is aimed at Preschool children!

 Humf is a Furry Thing, Short and round, Purple and Cuddly.  He is 3 years old who loves to explore the new things he sees around him and he is full of the wonders of the world! Just like a 3 year old Child.   The other Characters are Humf's Mum and Dad who again like Parents they allow Humf a lot of space to explore and discover the world around him, but they are always there to make him feel safe when he needs reassurance. , Uncle Hairy lives nearby and when he comes to visit he almost always brings Humf a present of some kind - often something he might like to play with himself., Loon a feathery big bird thing and Wallace is a hairy bullish thing and they are Humf's best friends!

 Annabelle loved watching it, She is almost 2. 5 years old, my 4 year old Brother loved it too, even borrowed the dvd to take home to watch again.  The characters have a very English voice which is very soft and the words are pronounced very clearly, I love that as it teaches Annabelle and Callum how to pronounce words early (pet hate) !!  You may recognise the narrator's voice who is Caroline Quentin who fits perfectly with the Character's Voices!

The storylines will relate to our children, I love the the Characters and setting is set colours so easy on the eye, Not too much talking so the children can take in the sentences!  The fact that there is set Charcters who you get to know!

 Humf and the Fluffy thing is great for anytime of the day,  10 little stories are approximately 7 minutes and is great for Calming Children down.  Also there is a bonus dvd with 6 stories! How fab!!  So this will be in the Dvd player ready :)

 Humf and the Fluffy thing is available from TODAY September 12th at the RRP on £9.99 from Entertainment One!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The kind - Hearted Blogger Pledge

I came across Lindy Loves Blog last night and she posted about a blogger pledge called ' The Kind- Hearted Blogger Pledge and I thought fantastic.  I did a little bit of googling and found out the pledge started in 2010 by a Blogger from Hawaii called Jo, em, Jay & me ! She had personally experiencing not so nice behaviour in the blogging community!
I haven't actually experienced what I call internet bullying but I recently seen it and was disgusted! I do not have time for people in real life neither in the blogging community which bully!  We teach children bullying is wrong, why do adults do it, we are the role models, no wonder this world is like it is!!!


  • Create, inspire, and admire rather than compete with fellow bloggers
  • Be understanding of each other-- in the blogging community, as well as in the world
  • Stay away from internet/blogging bullying
  • Speak my opinion freely, while still being mindful of other's feelings-- be tactful.
  • Make an effort--no matter how big or small the gesture, to spread kindness or joy to others
  • Acknowledge that I will make mistakes, (I am only human) but remember to learn from them
  • Know that at times I will post about the negative stuff in life, and maybe even some complaining (I am only human) but I will always follow up with something happy/positive too.
  • Believe that this world is a good place, filled with good people.
╚══`.¸.Kind hearted bloggers!! :)

I also will be putting my pledge on show on my blog at all times! As I am proud to be A KIND HEARTED BLOGGER!!

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