Thursday, 25 April 2013

How did this happen so quick? My baby is 4 now

Annabelle turned 4 years old Tuesday and I still can't believe it.  

I remember seeing the clear blue pregnancy test saying PREGNANT

Running into Phil saying 'You're going to be a dad' 

Watching her wriggling around on the first scan

Looking forward to me and bump time feeling her kicking me

Finding out she was a girl (which I secretly wanted)

Going into labour and Giving birth to the most beautiful doll  

Showing her her first home

Watching her grow into a little toddler from a baby 

Now a toddler to a little girl

She will always be my baby

Yoomi Feeding system Review

After reading so many fantastic reviews on the Yoomi Feeding System I decided to see if they wanted another blogger to review.  They kindly agreed.
This is what I recieved.....

Yoomi Feeding System- Bottle,  warmer and pod

 How did I find the instructions?

 There is a lot of information about how you sterilise and how to use.  I had to read a few time as I was concerned I would go wrong as there is a lot of information.   There are a few different ways to sterilise and prepare the warmer.    I had to us the hob as I didn't have an electric steam steriliser.                 

Did it work?

It did work on the first 2 occasions, I prepared and pressed the button and it heated up and Joseph fed really well.   Due to him having anti reflux milk which is thicker some of the milk didn't get through but if he was on normal milk that would not have happened.
However on the third and fourth attempt after the time stated that it is to be sterilised on the hob and ready for use I prepared the bottle ready for the night time feed it didn't work.  This wasn't brilliant as Joseph wanted his bottle there and then.  So I had to take the .... out and heat in the microwave which isn't the plan when having one of these bottles.

 I also noticed that the button was hard to know if it was working as when you press it you don't hear anything. I then asked Yoomi and they did tell me that as it was heat sensitive so don't have to press hard as from experience it hurts.

 I don't understand why it happened as I followed the instuctions, I actually read them  very carefully and there is a lot of guidence. Yoomi were also confused why it had not worked.  Luckily I was sent a electric steam steriliser from another company and  I used that as I had no confidence in the hob.
Warmer in its pod

Did Joseph like it?

  Joseph is happy drinking out of it and I have to say the temperature is perfect and heats up very fast. Great for a inpatient baby!

Why I like it?  

I think the middle of the night feeds are the worst for any parent as who wants to get up and go downstairs from a lovely warm bed to a cold kitchen? Not me! So having the bottle beside the bed at the ready is a luxury.  As I have had (and got) postnatal anxiety, one of the things that used to set me off it having to get up in the middle of the night.  The adrenaline used to flow through my legs it was horrid.  If only I used to have this bottle when I had to get up would have settled my anxiety!  

Do I recommend it? 

Yes I would recommend this product for those awkard moments of bottle feeding like when you are out and have to find a cafe then ask for them to heat it.  Then being told 'we can't use a microwave so can put it in hot water' then waiting whilst you have a crying baby.  Whereas if you had a yoomi bottle ready in the bag.  Just press the button wait a short time and off you go.  Using it for every feed isn't in our personal budget unfortuntly but that decision would be up to the indivudual.

Very Content

Happy JoJo
More information about the Yoomi Feeding System?

  • It can be recharged up to 100 times
  • BPA free
  • Anti Colic Teat
  • Warms in 60 Seconds

What is the cost?.

The feeding System I received costs £28.98 but its on offer for £24.99

If you wanted to buy an on the go kit which consists of 2 8oz bottles, 2 warmers and 2 pods this would cost £50 but currently £45 on offer.

Special Offer

Yoomi would like to offer my readers 15% discount Code.... Great offer to try out Yoomi for yourself.
Enter BEINGAMUMMY at the checkout

Check  HERE for more of the Yoomi range
Click HERE to find out exactly how the warmer works
Yoomi's Story is HERE

Yoomi's Facebook Page  HERE
Yoomi's Twitter Page HERE

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Man Flu through a women's eyes


This Ladies is a man pictured above with 'Man Flu' He apparently feels very poorly and I should feel extremely sorry for him.  This man is Phil, my other half, my children's father.

 I had to collect Annabelle from Nursery and it was very important that I took Joseph.  Two boys for the maximum of one hour was too much to bear when you have Man Flu.

 Whilst I was out the poorly patient was able to take silly photos and post onto facebook. His reasons (excuse) 'I look good all the time' Alright for some hey!

 I was shocked to find that they actually sell a medicine called Man Flu in boots!! Now the people who made and sell this medicine had a great idea to make some money from silly men but is actually making them believe it exists.

 I have to admit that I was not sympathetic as I was poorly for more than a week with my sinuses which affected my eyesight, I got told to see an optician.

 As he was working at the time I had no choice but to get on with my day as usual. Man flu is worse apparently and he sneaked up to bed numerous times which made me quite mad I have to say.

 My mum said she heard scientists had proven man flu is real!

What do you think Girls???

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The word HOUSEWORK in a Women's and Man's Dictionary

The inspiration for this post came from my experience of opinions about housework in my house.  Here is Phil and My differences....

'I am tired but the housework needs to be done'

'I am tired, housework what housework?'

'I know Phil hates doing housework like I do'

'Vic Loves doing the housework whereas I hate it'

'The washing up needs doing, I may as well do it all'

'The washing up needs doing however I just need a cup of tea so I will wash a cup'

'Washed up consists of washing up, putting any dry dishes away,cleaning the sides, tidying up anything left out, brush and mop if needed'

'Washing up consists of erm washing up and soaking anything that won't fit on the drainer'

'I wash up and do not announce it'

'I've washed up I expect a round of applause'

I could go on, don't get me started on the bathrooms.....

Is your other half like mine?
Or the opposite, if yes has he been on a course?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Did we get our school choice for September?

Wooooo Hooooo............We got our first choice of schools which I am so happy about.

I actually did the application on the last day of the deadline because I was so unsure, my gut feeling was telling me not to pick the nearest school which is a 10 minute walk away.

I choose (I say I because Phil didn't have a clue he just said you decide) a small village school which is a 3mile drive away.  It only has about 50 children in the whole school, not everyone's cup of tea but mine and hopefully Annabelle's.  I have heard there are only 8 children starting in Reception which compared to most schools of 30 a very small amount of children.  When I peep through the window at Annabelle's Preschool I notice she becomes very shy in big groups whereas I have been told she is so confident in small groups.

The school was actually my Grandma's primary school 65 years ago and my grandma can't wait to join me on open day.  My grandma lived in the village and had to walk in all weathers as cars were only for the rich at the time, I will be driving Annabelle, how times change.

Annabelle is going to look gorgeous in her red uniform.  My mum can't believe that her baby's baby is starting school.

I hope all the parents got there choice

   Victoria x

Monday, 15 April 2013

We had an amazing time at the Start-rite Shoes Press Event

We all got invited to the Start-rite Shoes Press Event organised through the lovely Jessica from Markettiers4DC.  I jumped at the chance. I love Start-rite shoes and the advantage of being a blogger is you can have opportunities to meet the people who work for the brands and products you love.

 I told both Children that they were going to walk down a catwalk in some new shoes. Callum didn't understand at all and Annabelle was very concerned how she would hold a cat down the catwalk, she said 'by its neck'.  I quickly eased her worry that there was to be no cats there.

 The event was at the South Bank Centre situated by the Thames which I have to say was a fantastic location especially for my camera mad other half, ' Phil don't even think about stopping on the bridge to take a photo!' .  I have to mention this as it was so funny but maybe you had to be there anyhow they have a lift in the south bank centre which actually sings the floor you are going past, I was in stitches whereas Annabelle looked very confused, this does not happen in the Tesco lift at home.

  We were greeted by another member of the Markettiers4DC team who introduced us to the Start-rite Team who were very busy getting the right shoes on the right feet.  Annabelle and Callum had 2 pairs of shoes each so that meant two catwalks.  Annabelle and Callum seemed quietly confident and they were very well behaved I have to say.  I think it had something to do with the excitement of wearing such gorgeous shoes.

 Luckily a children's entertainer dressed as a clown had been organised who was fantastic and showed all the children how to confidently walk a catwalk.

 Annabelle and Callum were up first, I was slightly worried about Callum but Start-rite agreed they could walk down holding hands.  They walked beautifully it melted my heart.  They received lots of 'aaaaahs'.  On the second walk Callum spotted his Dad and had to give him a kiss before returning to finish his walk.  I think Phil secretly enjoyed the other women's response to Callums's sweetness.


 Annabelle modeled these are gorgeous canvas shoes that I knew Annabelle would love instantly and I was right. The design is beautiful, lots of girly colours and of course sparkles.  What is great about this shoe is that it has shoe laces but a zip up the inside so they are easy to put on and off.


 She did try on these in her size but the size was actually too big for her petite feet.  They were gorgeous well made strong shoes but the style has never fitted Annabelle well so due to Start-rite's decision and safety for Annabelle they put this gorgeous pair of sandals to model and Annabelle loved them

Callum's Shoes were these gorgeous pump like blue shoe.  Callum has never been a lover of shoes and most of the time tries to go shoe less but during the nicer weather loves this style of shoe and rarely takes them off.  They are strong and supportive which is ideal for a adventurous little boy.


The other pair of shoes he modeled was this brown pair.  They are a great shoe that could be used for day to day or special occasion and suit boys of all the ages.

We were very lucky to take away 1 pair each as a Thank You.  I choose COMO for Annabelle and AHOY for Callum.  I am writing up detailed reviews with close up photographs.

 They have wore them everyday since the event.  I have also found Callum asleep in them.  Therefore actions speak louder than words :)

 We had a fantastic time, we were able to chat to the Start-rite team about the different show collections and  have a look at lots of different shoes.  The entertainer was brilliant and I was laughing at the act.  Annabelle still talks about the event now.

  After seeing and getting to try on the shoes I am a fan and believe that from now on I will spend that bit more to get the quality that my children little feet deserve.

  Thank You Start-rite :)

Do Check out Start-rite's Range of beautiful shoes HERE and go see them with you're own eyes store locator HERE

Its National Reflux Awareness Week 15th-21st April

Joseph has got a form of reflux which was not picked up by the health professionals, it was picked up by myself due to friends and online information.

Callum had it too, I knew about reflux but thought that it was just if the children were sicking up their milk.  I had gone to doctors a numerious amount of times to be told its just what a babies like.  Only with my knowledge of Joseph I feel upset that Callum was in pain all because a lack of doctors knowledge.

This is not right is it?  I am sure there are doctors out that that understand reflux but if you are an unlucky patient then this is not fair.

Joseph and Callum's reflux was and is mild in comparison to other children but it was still the hardest 7 weeks.  I was crying out for help.

This post is to help spread awareness to parents and future parents about Reflux and the implications on families.

Here are the amazing supportive organisations.....

Saturday, 13 April 2013

I will only relocate if I can take my mum

My other half has been made redundant and is searching for another job.  The thing is in his line in I.T there are no jobs in our local towns in Cheshire.  The jobs are in the cities, mainly London.

So the choices are

  • for me to stay at home all week looking after 3 children and Phil staying in cheap accommation 

  • Move to another part of the UK

I have lived in this area all my life.  My children were all born in the same hospital as me.  My mum lives 5 minute drive one way and my Dad and step mum live 5 minute drive the other.  My Grandma and Grandad as well as my other Grandad live 30 minutes away.  I love that I have family around even though I do all my child care without a babysitter its great to know they are there.  

Annabelle is starting Primary School in September and we find out Tuesday if she has got into the school and if she has I would be very sad for her not to go there.

I have friends here.  Yes I can make new friends but I like the ones I already have.

My children have an uncle that is not that much older and they are almost like a sibling relationship.

All in all this is my home and I am happy here.  I have anxiety at them moment and its probably got a lot to do with this.  

Cross fingers that an opportunity comes about here in something else.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Start-rite Shoes Catwalk Live Today with Faye Sawyer from This Morning 1230pm

Start-rite shoes are holding a live catwalk tomorrow at 1230 pm and you can watch it from the comfort of you're on home!  At the Bluewater shopping centre children will be modelling the latest fashions whilst Faye Sawyer a fashion expert you have seen on ITV's This Morning is there to answer you're fashion related questions. 

  We were very lucky to be invited to a start-rite catwalk event and Annabelle and Callum had a fantastic time showing off their gorgeous shoes to the audience.  I was so impressed with the range whether it was the first shoes, autumn winter or spring summer collection.  You will love all the footwear from start-rite shoes I am sure.

 I don't know about you but I love children's fashion more than my own.  I do buy clothes second for play but head the shops for the special occasions.  All clothes no matter if they are second hand or new its great to learn fashion tips.  

I want to be a cool Mum!!!! Do you??

  So to join cool mum (or dad) fashion club tune in on my blog tomorrow on this post at 12:45.

 Start-rite facebook page is here
 Start-rite YouTube page is here

 If you would like to ask Faye Sawyer a fashion related question please use the box below.... 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I am a Guest Blogger over at M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES

MONSTER Mummies  I have been very lucky to become a guest blogger over on M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES blog.

 If you haven't already heard of M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES  I will fill you in.....

  M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES  is a blog that is run by 4 women who met in 2011 after meeting through a social networking group for babies born in September 2011. M.O.N.S.T.E.R  stands for Mums Online Network of Support, Trust, Encouragement and Respect. The blog has been a lifeline to many mums through pregnancy, and beyond and continues to do so.

 What is my guest post about?

 As a qualified nursery nurse I have got experience of how children and their parents react when they first start child care whether the child is a baby or 3 years old.  As both the parents and the child have a natural attachment which can be unsettling  to be parted I have wrote a post that may help parents.  I have wrote my experience as a nursery nurse and advice when choosing a setting as well as the difference as a parent.

 Please take a look and check out M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES

 This is an extract of my first guest post as a monster mummy!!!

Attachment when a child first starts a childcare setting

 Before I became a parent I was a nursery nurse in a private day nursery and observed lots of different reactions to a child starting at the setting. Only now I can see both the parents point of view as well as th
e staff's.

All children are different and we never really know how they will react until they start. What is great about a child care setting is that there is approximately two visits prior so the parent can stay with their child if they wish. The visit sessions are there to give both the children and their parents an insight into the daily routines in that setting as well as getting to know the staff, children and the environment. Click Here to Read More

                                                 Hope you enjoy and find it helpful x
p.s - M.O.N.S.T.E.R MUMMIES is on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE

Monday, 8 April 2013

The wonderful world of Lego and building Children's Creative Development

 We were very lucky here at Love Being a Mummy Blog as we were sent a lego set from our fabulous Parenting broadcast blogger network Markettiers4dc.  Annabelle is almost 4 and the only time she has played with Lego was at legoland.
  Apparently there are 80 lego bricks for every person on earth! Crazy! I am sure we will have more than that when my boys are older!

 We got sent #80LEGOBricks and a brilliant Lego storage box! Which every house needs, lego is like dummies and socks, disappears out of nowhere! Do you agree?

 The task set was to create a copy of a lego fish,, which I have to admit looks a lot harder than you would first think.  Annabelle loved separating the colours and counting them.  We really wanted to make the fish shown, but we couldn't.  Why? I have 3 children under 4 and feel that lego is for the child not the parent only.   Lego is about being creative and being inspired.

  I thought that maybe my 6 year old brother Harrison would be able to do it as he loves making lego characters.  He was so excited to make the fish until he took one look at the picture, after hearing there were no instructions looked unimpressed, got up and started playing with something else.  This made me sad that he felt that he couldn't play with the lego if he couldn't make what was given to create.

  Next time he came around after I had time to think about the lego fish I thought, children learn through play at that age, they need to use their imaginations and be creative.  I was a nursery nurse and have had work experience in schools and its great to watch the interaction between children and the language they come out with.  Yes adult led play can be great when you don't have a crying baby and a 2 year old that wants to join but is just not quite at the right stage.  You need quiet and a calming atmosphere for lego construction.

  I asked Annabelle and Harrison is they wanted to design their own Lego fish and they shouted 'yes' and they became excited and engaged.  I sat and watched as they both interacted with one another, taking turns and sharing ideas.  Harrison is 6 and as Annabelle is 3 she was learning from him, she was learning how to build with lego.  It was lovely to watch the difference in their attitudes and concentration.  I had made the right decision.

 Here is their creation...

 Annabelle and Harrison had so much fun together playing with the lego and I am sure they will carry on creating.

If you love Lego and would like so see what my lovely blogging network friends made have a look.  They were all successful!!
My Mummy's Pennies
Victoria Vocalises
Sarah Mum of 3

Please Note: We were sent the Lego and Storage Box from Markettiers4dc to review and all opinions are my own.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Giveaway over on Money Off Mum.Com..... Details Here

I love entering Competitions and I thought I would start sharing some I enter with my lovely followers!!

Here is one I have just found on Money Off Mum.Com


Children's Story Time and Activity Pack worth £150

The link is HERE 

Good Luck!!

ps Sorry I can't post a picture! My buttons are not working on the laptop!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Would you like the most amazing family Photographs? Look no further....

 I have been following a very talented photographer on facebook for a while now and love looking at all her photographs.  They are beautiful and each one is so different.  What I love is that the photos look real, real smiles, real laughs, she is capturing real family happiness not this say cheese rubbish! :) You actually go out with Jade for a day and have a lovely family day out.

 I am planning on booking with Jade this summer as we have no family photographs up, its such a shame!

 I contacted Jade and she wrote why she created the video and sent me some photographs to show you.

Jade langton-evans photography

Jade Langton-Evans

The idea behind our new video came from feeling like I really needed to show the world and my clients who I am. People see my images everywhere and although sessions are personal and people love to share my images I really wanted people to meet me in some way and see why what I do is so different and wonderful and feel a connection between me and my work. I'd been planning this idea for a video over a year and a half before it was finally planned,completed and shared so it was a very exciting project that I was just so excited to share. I decided to choose two completely different sessions. A family session and a childrens session, both in amazing locations and both completely different themes. I wanted people to see who I am and why I love my job so much, not only all the details, time and thought process that goes in behind the scenes but to also how much fun we have and how relaxed and lovely it is to make beautiful memories together. The end result is to show people that the love of family and the wonderful imaginations of children can be captured in a beautiful and creative way with someone who really cares about these moments. The audience who have seen the video so far have been so touched by what I do and the love I have for what I do they have felt that connection I so wanted to give.
I am so pleased that I can show this to potential clients for them to truly understand how we work so that they know how important it is to me to capture the true them.

Here is the link to Jade's AMAZING video. When you watch it you will want a photoshoot with her, believe me!!


Jade langton-evans photography WEBSITE
Jade langton-evans photography BLOG
Jade langton-evans photography FACEBOOK
Jade langton-evans photography TWITTER
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