Monday, 8 August 2011

Nappy Talk!!!

I must have tried every brand of disposable nappies, major brands like Pampers and Huggies and supermarkets own brands!! I have yet to find the perfect nappy!!!

 When Annabelle was born I used Pampers, I think this was because it was well known and in all the pregnancy magazines so it was my obvious choice!  I liked them up to the point when Pampers changed their active fit to a much thinner nappy, I was not impressed, my daughter did one little wee and it was a massive bulk and the smell of wee was horrid!  So I then had to change, I had tried Huggies on Annabelle back then but the fit wasn't right and she sometimes leaked.  I tested all the supermarkets and decided Tesco were the best!! I stuck to this until I had Callum.

  His little bum didn't suit Tesco baby so it was huggies.  This one fine until he was a little older, he started to leak, the size was right but still I was changing his clothes after every nappy change!! It was a pain and wasn't nice for the little man!!

  As I started shopping in Sainsbury's, I then tried their own brand, I wasn't overly keen on the feel of the nappy, it was a bit hard I like soft feel for my baby's delicate skin but he wasn't leaking!

  And finally back to Huggies natural for both of them, perfect for Annabelle and Callum in the day but every morning I find him on his tummy, he must have woke up did a wee and you've guessed it he is soaked!!!

  Since starting my blog, I have been on facebook and Twitter loads and I see companies with cloth nappies.  Up till now it hasn't even crossed my mine.  The reason for this is prior to Annabelle I worked as a Nursery Nurse and a couple of children had them.  They were hard to change and the smell was vile!!!

  I guess they have come on leaps of bounds since then and I would be very interested to review some different brands.  I'm hoping that I will be shocked and won't look at a disposable again!!  If I find a cloth nappy I love I will be sticking with them!!!

  If anyone has a favourite please let me know :)


  1. Ohhh go for cloth - I have a tummy sleeper boy and he is fine in cloth - Bum Genius, Tots Bots Easy Fit and Issy Bear are our favourite main stream ones but I do love my pretty custom made ones - we have a star wars one and a T-rex just getting ones made for T as well. BTW on a boy I think the pampers active fit are really good but I very much doubt that they work with a girl

  2. Brilliant! Thank You I have never heard of them so be great to have a nosy! That's great news about not leaking! He had leaked again aah!!!

  3. For night time cloth nappies try Close Parent Pop Ins (or DreamiDri). There's tonnes of inserts to keep baby dry. BumGenius are easy to use and pretty reliable too. For softness try Itti Bittis. I love cloth nappies, if you need any help give me a shout. @clairelh

  4. Thanks Claire!! I have never heard of DreamiDri!! I will do!!! Its hard to know where to start xx


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