Sunday, 31 July 2011

Help Great Ormond Street Hospital by sharing your Disney memory !!!

As i turned on the Disney Junior Channel this morning, an advert came on which i actually think is the best advert I have ever seen!!!!  

 Disney will Donate One Million Pounds to Great Ormond Street Hospital when they reach their target, One Million Disney Memories!!!!

 Well as a Mummy I think its amazing, and even though i cannot donate myself by me giving my first Disney memory i would have helped many Children!!! Very Special!!!!

So my First Disney Memory is ....  Dad brought back Beauty and the Beast from a holiday he went on, for my little Sister Charlotte and myself, well we were mesmerized!! We both wanted to be Belle!!!! I wanted to have her voice, Still do!!! I now have my own little (Anna) Belle!!!

The Disney Website is HERE

It will link you up to Facebook where you can share you memory HERE

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Get Crafty and Win !!!! Our Beautiful Bird Jigsaw!!


  I decided to enter the Red Tag Art's Competition which is great as it encourages parents to get crafty with their children.  Personally I let Annabelle draw to her hearts content but i am very guilty for not joining in with her! So I decided to go for it!!!!

   Red Tag Art are holding a competition in conjunction with the Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club to win some fantastic prizes which include a child's digital camera, a fab trunki suitcase, children's headphones and also lots of travel goodies! Which did encourage me to enter !!!! :) Have a look HERE

  Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club is Brilliant!  It is aimed at families that are going on their travels, There is a great selection of games and activities for the airport, plane, beach and more!  You can print off stories, games and pictures for colouring via their website HERE

  I'm going to tell you about the competition, We were asked to choose one of the Real Legend Based Stories, there was 2 to choose from, we choose a story called Ghost Island, due to the fact in the story there are beautiful Birds mentioned! Annabelle loves animals and I wanted to choose something which she would love!  Also there was a bird picture which helps out a mummy like me, likes crafty things but can't draw for toffee!!!! Very unfair considering my mum and sister are great drawers, oh well we can't have everything :)

  The great thing about the picture of the bird is that it was a bird made out of shapes, so i was able to copy the shapes and create my very own bird, I would like to thank the person who picked that particular Bird!!!!!

  Well all my craft paper and glitters came out after a long time, I knew i would need them a some point!!  I even found a little Annabelle hand print I had done for her very first Christmas!!! She was very pleased with it too :)

  Annabelle enjoyed colouring in the bird's tummy and then using glitter pens!!!!   We also used a variety of cut out paper and stuck on to make the bird's tail feathers!!!  Mummy very much enjoyed using the glitter pens on the wings!! Well Annabelle made me ;)

  We then made our very own (first ever) Beautiful Bird Jigsaw!!!!!!  I would like to mention Daddy was very impressed, so i was extra happy!!!!

 This was Annabelle an hour later ......

Thank You Red Tag Art and Fly Thomas Cook
                                     Love Victoria and Annabelle!!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Fantastic New Kids Boutique To Tell You About!!!!

  I wanted to tell you about a New Online Kids Boutique I have come across!! It is being described by many as 'Delicious, delectable and delightful' :)  you have to discover the scrumptiousness that is Cake & Jelly -
What a fab name!!!
Blue Personalised Baby Bunting        Felt Cupcake Badge     

                   Pink Personalised Baby Bunting   
 The company is set up by two very creative sisters Harri and Leah whose ethos is all about creating a range of original, quality  handmade clothing and accessories for babies and children that are fun and
functional and are appreciated and enjoyed by both parents and children.  This will include t-shirts, pump bags, cushions, bunting and more! ...

Pink Drawstring bag

  I feel Cake & Jelly is perfect for parents like me as they offer interesting, unique and personalized products for children or great as gifts for family or friends!
  If you would like to have a little nosy yourself ...

Please Click on the link!


 Etsy Online Boutique

 Facebook page

 Twitter page

Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Me Time

On Saturday Night I stayed over at my mums house as I was looking after my youngest Brother for the weekend! I actually live on the same close as my mum so it worked in well. Phil had our children and due to not having anywhere for my brother to sleep seemed the best option!  Even though I wanted to stay in my own bed, in my own house with my own children and Phil of course. I knew there were advantages of sleeping over there!! The main one is the fact I could have a Bath!!! Before you say anything we just have a shower at our house, Luckly I have borrowed a toddler bath from one of my lovely friends or we couldn't have moved here as it wouldn't have been practical!

Well it brought back a lot of memories the last time i stayed overnight I was renting it from my mum as she was living somewhere else, we were awaiting the arrival of Annabelle!  We first lived together just over 4 years ago, so 2 years when Annabelle was born! We were both 21 so young and naive, we defiantly have grown up since becoming parents even though i thought i was mature at the time!

One of the funny (very embarrassing)  stories is that we bought 2 dwarf hamsters as I was broody and at 21 just not ready for a baby!  They were very cute and assumed they would be the best of friends/brothers! That did not go to plan as one of them kept biting the other one so one night I had had enough, I put the naughty one in a box as i only had one cage, a cardboard box (yes i no it was a stupid idea now) ! In the morning there was no hamster, it had escaped!!!! We couldn't find it anywhere, I did mention it to my mum and she must have thought i was joking!  Nearly 2 weeks later we had given up!! We had clues that it was still there, pile of nuts that it had moved from the bag to under the sofa, little hole under sofa, really hope she doesn't read this as i could never tell her!  Although think she would forgive me now!  So one day nearly 2 weeks later mum mentioned the hamster and i had to confess!! Well i was whisked out of the house with a rat catcher to find the hamster!  Luckily i noticed something, the internet cable had been chewed!!( thats why the internet stopped) I actually caught the hamster in the rat cage as it was under the stairs in the cupboard!  Never again was i going to have a pet!!! I thought i would just mention we fed and watered the hamster and it lived a happy life in its own cage!

 Funny how life changes and you grown and change as a person!!  Thought I would share my little story with you :) Please don't think Im stupid :)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Friday, 22 July 2011

10 Things I Love About You !!

  1. I love the fact you call yourself 'nannie' as you can't say Annie
  2. I love you fluffy hair, Even when its wild I think you look gorgeous
  3. I love that you love your brother so much and when he cry's you give him a kiss and say 'ok baby'
  4. I love that you think Callum's walker is your seat (as your so petite you can get in and out yourself)
  5. I love the fact you make a snuffly oink noise when you actually mean Peppa Pig
  6. I love that you pick up things so quickly your so clever
  7. I love that you love to draw even though you end up drawing on my walls or sofas and I have to get it off
  8. I love when I pick you up from preschool you run to me and you have 'love' written on your face
  9. I love you beautiful little giggle when you find things funny like when we do role play making cups of tea and I pretend it tastes horrible
  10. I love the fact your my daughter and your my precious little star and I could actually go in and cuddle you right now!! Big Kisses from Mummy :)
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Great, Chicken Pox is here!!!!

Looks like my two little monkeys have got the chicken pox or are going to get it!!!!  I got a call from my mum this morning and she said my Brother who is 4 has got a few spots and she assumes its chicken pox or the cats brought flees in :) !!! I would say I was a laid back mum but not when it comes to my children getting ill from other children.  In this case I didn't want my children feeling poorly or itchy, especially Callum as hes not quite 6 months. Partly because working in the nursery ' Chicken Pox' was always big if it was going around and its my natural reaction (aah Chicken pox stay away), Oh and the fact that I could do without it!!!
  My mum called the nurse and she said it was most probably Chicken pox and that It would be better for Annabelle and Callum to have it now!! My first thought was mmmmmm no!!! But then I thought of the practicalities, Yes they would have had it young, whilst I'm still a stay at home mum,  the fact that if it was term time we would be paying for a whole day childcare on a Friday for Annabelle and she would be at home with me with the pox and I would be paying for that!
  I do know that Chicken Pox is horrible for adults as my sister and I gave our step mum Chicken pox when we had it, I think I was 9 and Charlotte was 7! Well apart from the itching we had a great week off school! :) However my poor Step Mum was in bed really poorly! Also my partner Phil got it at 19, We had just started dating and he wouldn't let me see him for 2 weeks as he said he looked horrible and I would split up with him :) !!

 I will let you know how we get on :)

Love Victoria and her Little Monkeys x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Thank You Peppa Pig

My daughter has a favourite programme which is Peppa Pig!  We watch it in the morning and also thanks to sky + its on record! Just incase :)  As she is 2 and a few months I haven't bought any dvd's for her yet as I didn't see the point however today when we were in good old Asda i decided to buy her first dvd, Peppa Pig!£3 Bargain!!  I have quite an organised bedtime routine for Annabelle and Callum, think you need to with more than one child especially if they share a room and you actually want a evening to relax :)  After Annabelle very short and dramatic bath ( Annabelle and a bath are not friends!!! Even though i had a pool birth hehe!!! ) Annabelle and I snuggled in bed watching Peppa as Daddy bathed Callum, she loved it and after each episode finished which is personally too short,  it could be a bit longer i only have time to make a coffee, I want time to drink it too :) she would make a pig sound which means peppa! So cute! Daddy and a clean and relaxed Callum  joined us and it was so lovely as it hardly happens due to one thing all the other, Callum fell asleep on me and Annabelle went bed after as good as gold!!
I really feel a good routine is great for children and if spending time as a family made her happy and content we will have to make sure it happens more often! So Daddy better get home from work earlier :)

Monday, 18 July 2011

My first Blogging Opportunity :)

  I have some very exciting news!!!!!!  I am attending the Business Mums Unite Conference and Exhibition on Wednesday 19th October 2011!!!  The Event is being held at the spectacular Albert Hall Conference Centre in Nottingham and being sponsored by Hipp Organic!! wow It couldn't get any better than that!!! 

  A little bit about Business Mums Unite, It is a wonderful opportunity to bring mums together who are in business, or even mums who have got a business idea but haven't had the confidence to take it further.  Business Mums Unite is giving us mummy's the chance to share ideas, network, support each other and inspire! Go mummy's!!!

  I am very much looking forward to hearing from one of the speakers Elaine Hanzac. As after having Annabelle I suffered postnatal anxiety which was awful and Elaine Hanzac will be talking about having a postnatal Illness herself.  I'm sure she will give me lots of inspiration, and no doubt come back home feeling very motivated!  Watch this space hehe!!!

 Another speaker, a successful Dragon's Den survivor Naomi Timperley will be speaking about her business 'baby loves Disco' and how she marketed it!! Phil my partner will be so Jealous!!! Also different workshops which will be so useful, I'm especially looking forward to the social media talk, twitter can get a bit confusing at times :)

 I'm so excited i could keep talking about it!!!!  It would be lovely if you could join me at this amazing event, get all us mummy's united!!! :) Tickets are £65 each and that includes Lunch and a goodie bag!!! If you have a business, it is £30 for advertising, and if you would like a trade stand with a fantastic advertising package it is £150 and that includes your delegate place, lunch and sponsorship opportunities!!! Wow!!!

Twitter ID - @Scandc
Facebook Page-

Monday Me Time

 I thought it would be a good idea if i wrote a post once a week about me, as my blog is mainly about my children but i have to remember me too :)

  I will let you know a bit about what i was doing before i had Annabelle and became a stay at home mummy!  

  When I left school i knew i wanted to work with children but thought the only jobs out there was teaching and nursery nursing, that's schools back then for you.  I trained to become a nursery nurse and got a job in a lovely Private Nursery in a village near to where i lived.  I mostly worked with the toddlers and loved it, i learned a lot about children, how each child was different and had different developments stages.  I became a more confident person and I realised that working with children was right for me.  I have two younger brothers and also working around lots of cute babies i became very broody and along came Annabelle!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Our morning at wheelock Farm

 As Annabelle is very much into animals i thought it was a great idea to take them to the local farm! It is a lovely little farm which has a big play area (mainly for the older children) and swings and tractors for the little ones! There are just enough animals to say hello too, also real tractors to sit in on the way! I love their little gift shop although since having two children my double pushchair will not fit, will see it again in a few years i suppose ha!

I decided to take Callum in the Baby Carrier and it was fantastic, he was able to see a lot more that when he is in the pushchair and he loves watching his sister exploring.

Annabelle had a great time, she didn't want to leave the play tractors however she wasn't to sure about the hay, as the hay is quite high from the ground she was a bit uneasy about it!!

We had a lovely morning! 

 Love Victoria and my two little monkeys! x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Dummy challange has begun!!

Love Victoria and her little Monkeys!!!     

I thought long and hard about ways to wean Annabelle off her dummy! I had to have something that would encourage her! So I used sweets as a reward for leaving her dummy on her bed! As we had taken Daddy to work i knew as soon as we were home I had to do it!!  Out came the starbursts!!!!
 She very happily played along and she placed her dummy with peppa pig( who she knew would take very good care off it).  She then ate her sweets and said bye to Peppa!!
  There was a sticky moment when she stood at the gate so next tactic was a drink, for her not me!!haha!  She went to preschool in the afternoon lovely and didn't ask for it!!! Well done Annabelle and Well done me!!!


  A little bit for Callum, Can't leave him out!! Every Friday whilst Annabelle is at Pre-school we go next door to the Children Centre.  There is a group called Baby Time.  He loves it and I love spending time just him and myself.  They have lots of sensory toys that you just couldn't have at home and i'm sure as he gets older he will enjoy all the messy Play!!!!!

Love Victoria and her Little Monkeys xx

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Today we have spent the day at home which has been lovely, at times!! When we spend the day in Annabelle gets very clingy with her dummy! So i feel its time for the dummy (dub a da) as she calls it Challenge! I have tried a few techniques but having a baby means I have been a bit too relaxed.  From now on it will only be for bedtime!!
  I am going to have a special place, her pillow so she associates with bedtime! As she doesn't nap in the day anymore she is likely not to be reminded, well other than Callums! We will give it a go!!!! We will let you know how we get on!!!!

 I am very excited as I am going to London for the weekend in september for my birthday! I am going with my friend Claire, yes no Children.  The plans at the moment are to see Kate Middleton's Dress at Buckingham Palace, think it will be the highlight on the weekend!Very excited! Also to see Legally Blonde at the Savoy theatre! Will have some fab pictures im sure!!     Web Page if You are interested on seeing 'The Dress'

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hello Everyone

This is my Blog!!!

My name is Victoria, im 25 and have a partner Phil and we have 2 children, Annabelle who is 2 and Callum who is 5 months and we live in Cheshire. I am a stay at home mummy, i love it, i'm
very much into bargains and good buys which you have to do when there's one wage coming in.

I've started reviewing products and i love it, i want the best products for my family and love to help other mums and dads to find them.

Annabelle has just started 'the terrible two' so i am defiantly going to look into toddler taming. Thankfully its not all the time. Also since having Callum she has got very attached to the dummy so i'm defiantly going to start the dummy mission!

Callum is a very different baby to Annabelle was, a mummy's boy but i don't mind!!!! He loves his big sister and gets excited everytime she is near him, its so lovely to watch. He is beginning to show hes getting ready to crawl, does little press ups all the time, very cute.

Love Victoria and her li
ttle monkeys xx

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