Sunday, 30 December 2012

Daxon VIP Fashion Network

   I have heard that Daxon are inviting bloggers to become a Daxon VIP Fashion Blogger and be part of their blogger network.  Those will be rewarded with £50 Amazon Voucher  You will need to add Daxon's button to your sidebar and write a short post to spread the opportunity to fellow bloggers.  So I had a look at their website and came across some items that are just my cup of tea at fantastic prices.  Take a look HERE for more information.
Daxon blogger network badge
As you know I have recently had my third baby and this time quickly realised I need to be Victoria as well as mummy.  I'm nearly 28 and I was 22 when I became pregnant with Annabelle so to be honest not been 'me' for a while.

Victoria Before= Loved styling my hair
Victoria Now= Manages to wash and blow dry it twice a week

Victoria Before= Loved mooching round the fashion shops a couple of times a week
Victoria Now= Has to book a day slot to go Clothes Shopping

 I guess you can see the pattern...  

So I had a look around Daxon's Website to see what items were my cup of tea and suit my everyday life.  'Daxon is part of Redcats, which is the 3rd largest home shopping organisation in the world. You can enjoy more choice and value when you shop with any of the Redcats brands. We source the best quality products and offer you the highest level of customer service.'  Daxon specialise in top quality ladieswear for all occasions!


Ladies Expert Design Tunic with Hidden Support

 I love this, elegant but simple! I am not one for too much going on with my clothes.  This is actually on sale at the moment for £17 which is great value, it also has hidden support so if you bend over you are not showing the world everything.  Mums you know what I mean!!


Ladies 2-in-1 Effect Sweater-Style Dress with Scarf 

 also love this!  It reminds me of the clothes that I saw on the high street last winter but were they here this winter, no! So happy I have seen this. My mum would love this also! It is £39 !!

Taillissime Striped Cotton & Denim Tunic

This is also my style! I just love the whole outfit! I would get good use out of this tunic! This also has an offer of 40% off so it now costs £27!!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

The White Company Review

Have heard of 'The White Company'? If not you will have to carry on reading to find out!


  The White Company began in 1993 to create a UK house Store that specialised in supplying stylish designer quality items for the home that are affordable.

 I was one of the lucky ones to be able to review for this company!!  I havn't been to 'The White Company' store or bought anything online so it was a new experience for me.

 I was sent a box of goodies which was beautifully packed, I have to admit due to having my son around that time I wasn't on the ball at taking the picture!  It consisted of a Fluffy Penguin which has quickly been adopted by Callum.  A beautiful scented Candle which has almost gone which is a good sign isn't it? A Christmas decoration and finally some Hand & Nail cream.  All of which can be ideal presents for Birthdays, Mothers Day and other special occasions.

 My favourite item was the Candle, it is the Orange Grove Signature candle  part of their candle collection which was a combination of mandarin, bergamot and orange flower, it smelt absolutely gorgeous.  I have always loved Candles but never found one that was just what I wanted, Not sickly smell, actually had a scent when burning and lasted a while so you could get your moneys worth.  I have to admit I have found that candle.  The smell was relaxing and calming, just what you need after a hectic day as well as not being too strong with a newborn baby in the room.  I could smell the lovely scent all downstairs as it was burning which gave it that homely feel.  I have got half the candle left and its been on quite a few hours when put on.  The details from the website state ' this candle was hand filled in the UK using high quality refined mineral wax to achieve the best possible burning performance  long clean and even'.  It also states that the candle is 140g and has 28 hours of burning time.  This candle cost £20 which in my opinion is a bit pricey for our family at the moment but would defiantly consider it for a special gift.

Orange Grove Signature Candle The White Company

This is the fluffy Penguin I, I mean my children were sent and yes it is as fluffy and cute as he looks in real life!!  I have been sent the small penguin but there is  a large penguin also.  He is made from exquisitely soft plush and the most important thing he is machine washable!!  He would be an ideal gift for a new baby to sit on display in their room until the baby is old enough to play! He costs

  This is an ideal gift for a mummy like me for £12! It is white Lavender hand and nail cream and comes in this very attractive pump bottle which looks great in my bedroom on the side.  It is luxurious cream which soaks lovely into your hand and smells divine. The smell reminds me of when you have a manicure at a beauticians, so a great item for home use.

                                   I was also sent this glass beaded star decoration which can be used all year.  I love anything attractive and sparkly so it is situation on show in my kitchen.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Stopped Breastfeeding Today! If only it was easy!

  Before I became a mum I used to see mums latch their baby on like it was a piece if cake.  I used to wonder why some mums didn't like it and choose formula.
  When I had Annabelle she did latch on but I know now that the soft little sucks was not the way it actually feels a few days later.  With all three I have found breastfeeding hard due to the toe curling pain I have experienced.  Luckly with my second Callum I got him latched better and was manageable and fed him 6 weeks which was longer than 1.5 days with Annabelle.  With both Annabelle and Joseph I suffered badly with soreness, cracked and bleeding nipples and had mastitus with Annabelle .  I had help this time but I felt so alone as once the breastfeeding councilor had left it all went wrong again.
   When Joseph was about 5 days old I had had enough , my other half was busy with my other two, I was stuck upstairs feeding almost constantly   The reason that I fed upstairs was due to being too scared to move or be knocked due to the pain.  I hadn't spent time with my children in nearly a week and this was not fair on anyone.  I did noticed that he could hardly move his tongue due to a piece of skin, I googled and came across tongue tie.  Joseph's tongue was the same.  I sent the councillor a message explaining that I had stopped and I thought that Joseph had tongue tie.  She said she could get him referred asap to have it cut and would come for a chat the following day.  I decided to start up again as it would help him even if he went onto bottles later plus I did really want to breastfeed.  I went out and bought a pump and  breast shields to get me through.
 The next 10 days were hard but I couldn't have done it without the shields as my nipples had time to heal.  Day 1 my son happily took to the breast and was happy so I was happy., day 8 I was in tears as it was painful after 20 minutes on each breast.  I then had to top up with formula which wasn't what I had hoped for.
 Once the tie was cut it was lovely, prob due to the fact Joseph was having a sleepy feed, I thought Yes we have cracked it!  I was wrong, he nursed for most of night and following morning so I was so tender.  Again I had just had enough.  I was tender, it was taking him ages to feed then had to be topped with formula anyway.  Plus I could not do anything, the house was looking a state, I was so unhappy.  I decided to stop as I was just not having any support from my other half.
  Again the guilt and longing to breastfeed set in a few days later after being totally formula fed.  I tried one last time and it was much better, not painful but not comfortable at the same time.  However he was feeding 40 mins then I had to top him up with formula.  I hoped that my supply would up but after a week it didn't.  My son was happy to nurse and that is why I kept going.  But 40 minutes then topping up was too long.  How would I cope when my other half is back at work.
 Today after 4 weeks I have decided to stop.  I am sad as I wanted to do it for at least 6 months and my son seemed happy to feed more so than the bottle.  However I have to think about everything, timing, my health( anxiety based) and especially Annabelle and Callum.  I have moments where I would love to put him on the breast but I have tried 3 times and need to call it a day.  I formula fed my other two and enjoyed it but I didn't and will not enjoy the price!!  I just hope that when my milk has stopped leaking the guilt will go.
 I tried my best and that's all I can do!

Dear Annabelle, Callum & Joseph

   I can't believe at 27 I am a mum to 3 amazing Children.  Before I became a mum life was about me, what career I was going to do, having fun with daddy and my friends.  Now that  life has not gone but has got to fit in with being a mum and I would not change it for the world.

 I could never imagine what being a parent was like but now I am one it is the most magical feeling in the world.  I look at each of you and I am so proud of the little people you are, your personalities and how clever you are.  Even when each of you were (and are) a newborn and sleep, eat, cry I was and am proud.

 I look forward to waking up to spend time with you, laugh and play with you though I have to admit I look forward to bedtime too.  I remember Mamma saying the same thing to me and I understand why.  Being a mum is so rewarding but tiring at the same time.  When you are asleep I get the moment to look at you and think I made you, aren't I clever!

 All three of you are and will be the best thing I will ever accomplish and I want to say I Love You xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Water Birth Story

  Well I was 5 days overdue and that morning had decided that I was going to have a lazy day and didn't want to go into labour. So I got the duvet and snuggled on the sofa with my Callum and Annabelle. When Callum was in bed I ran a bath and added radox without the clary sage just incase it set me off. I also had a bad stomach and needed the loo!
In the bath I though bump was a bit still then I could see my stomach tightening and seemed regular but choose to ignore.
Got out of the bath at 230 and I got a crampy feeling and then another, started to time and they were every 5-7 minutes apart. It was all in my back and so I was leaning over in which my daughter thought I was playing horsey and tried to climb on my back! Poor thing as she got the wrong reaction, Rang mum and my other half and they came asap as I was panicking as my Callum had woken up.
By 430 my contractions were 3 minutes apart and I rang labour ward. I went in and was 3cms. Pretty gutted as was 6cm with my Annabelle when I got to hospital. I must have had a better pain threshold then. She asked me to use a birthball in the waiting area and see how I get on. About 1 hour after that the contractions were more intense and the midwife said lets go to the labour room. The gas and air were waiting and I grabbed it so fast! So used the ball and gas and air, my other half massaged my back when I got a contraction. The pool was ready and I got in about 8! I had felt the pressure feeling all the way through the labour but it was getting more intense but the gas and air was helpful. Then about 9 I started to push and the midwife asked me not to use gas and air. Joseph William was born after 12 minutes of pushing and luckily only had graze. The midwife pushed Joseph under me and I caught him, it was amazing!

We got skin to skin for quite a while after and he fed from me very soon with him rooting. I was so lucky to get another waterbirth it such a lovely new unit, blow up pool, lights that change colour, warm room. We went home at about 1am as its a midwife led unit but I was happy to as we live a 2 minute drive away from the hospital.
So even though I didn't want to go into labour my body/baby did! Maybe it was the pinapples or clary sage I had rubbed into my feet day before, who knowsSmile

Update on how Late Pregnancy was for baby no3

  When I got to about 38 weeks my pregnancy got so much harder.  I think this was because I had to look after 2 children who are 3 and 1 years old and as we have 1 car so I was doing the nursery run as well as dropping my other half at work and collecting him at 6pm!  Seriously the only thing that got me through was my radox bath at 730pm each night!

This is my last bump photo! It was 8 days before I had him!!  

 I luckily was sleeping well at night as the day was so tiring! If the children were arguing I had to jump up and once I fell over before I got to them due to shooting pains in my groin which was either sciatica or engaging pains! A few days before I had him we went to do a few jobs like go to the bank.  We then went to b & q and when I got out of the car I had what pregnant mums to be called 'daggers' and I couldn't stand up or walk I was crying in pain!  We went straight home and I got into the bath for relief! Needless to say I am not missing that! 
 My due date was the 22nd and as my daughter was born on her due date so I was getting very impatient! I tried bathing in clary sage oil but to be honest the smell was vile! My friend said try Pinapples so off I went to Tesco.  I actually enjoyed eating Pinapples and Cream!  That night I massaged my feet with the clary sage oil and baby oil! However the following morning I was so tired and didn't want to labour!  I did not know that this was my last day of being pregnant!!

Introducing our new addition to the family!!!

  Hello!!  I have found it hard to have time to drink a cup of tea never mind write on my blog, I think I forgot how much time a newborn takes up!! When I started this blog Callum was about 5 months old so I guess he was in a routine so a bit easier to blog.   Every time i'm about to log into blogger i'm needed! Luckly my other half has let me have some 'me time' and looking after Annabelle and Callum whilst my newborn is sleeping!!

Little Man just now :)

 So this is my gorgeous little newborn  JOSEPH WILLIAM  :)

 He was born on the 27th November 2012 so he is nearly a month old!!! 

 Luckily my other half has been off on paternity for 2 weeks, then worked for 3 days then off again on 2 weeks holiday so he isn't back until January! Though to be honest I am more organised when he is at work :)

 Annabelle and Callum on a whole are happy with their baby brother!! Annabelle can't stop kissing him and callum strokes his head now and then.  I am not going to lie having 3 under 4 is a challenge!!

 So I will write seperate posts about the last 4 weeks!! So firstly I think I will post about late pregnancy and the Birth!!!!

Review- Halos N Horns Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo and Conditioner

I am a HUGE fan of the Halos N Horns Range and was very happy to review the Shampoo and Conditioner.

   Both of my children hate having their hair washed by either myself or their dad.  It is something I do not look forward to especially whilst pregnant!  So when the Product arrived I got Annabelle my 3 year old really interested.
  At bathtime I let Annabelle pour some into her hands and rub the green product into her hands which she found very funny!  It smells lovely and i'm sure this helped Annabelle as she was happy to rub it into her hair.  It really smells good enough to eat! Luckily my two children didn't attempt this :)
  It is kind to eyes which helped when I had to wash the shampoo and conditioner out.  I still have to have a towel on standby though.
  After it was all washed out Annabelle was very happy and said her hair was now princess hair!

  I think this is a great product.  I like that the Shampoo and Conditioner is together which helps with the ease of it.  It has great effects, Annabelle and Callum's hair was lovely and soft!  I think the price is very reasonable at approx £2.69.  It will in fact last me months as I do not wash my children's hair as much as my own as it doesn't need it!

 I defiantly recommend this product!!!

HERE is the Halos N Horns Website

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Review- Halos N Horns Fruity Toothpaste

We were very lucky to be able to review Halos N Horns Toothpaste. It is suitable for 6 years and under and has everything that should be in a toothpaste except SLS (Soduim Lauryl sulphate)

 My 3 year old Annabelle hates the taste of toothpaste and it was becoming difficult too get her to want to clean her teeth.  She was very happy with her new toothpaste.  She loves the taste as its Strawberries and Banana and even asked for more to be added to her brush.  She also likes that she can put it on the toothbrush herself when mummy says of course :) She pointed to the little fruit characters and was telling me what fruit they were.  I think Annabelle's favourite thing was that the colour is Pink, her favourite colour.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bump Pictures from 16 weeks to 35 Weeks Pregnant!!

I thought I would put together all of my Bump Pictures on one post so you can see the growth easier! I have small 'neat' bumps even though right now I feel huge :)

13th June 2012- 16 Weeks Pregnant
 At 16 Weeks I barely even looked pregnant but I was so tired due to a few days after this Photo we moved house!!
9th July 2012- 20 weeks Pregnant
  By 20 weeks I had a noticeable bump ..
4th September- 28 Weeks Pregnant
18th September 2012- 30 Weeks Pregnant
 At 30 Weeks I seem to have popped out :)
6th October 2012- 33 Weeks Pregnant
 By 33 Weeks I was very proud of the shape of my Bump!!

11th October 2012- 34 Weeks Pregnant

20th October 2012- 35 Weeks Pregnant

This Photo above looks like a smaller bump but It was taken the same week as the Photo Below :)
23th October- 35 Weeks Pregnant
I can't wait for Bump to turn into Baby xxx

Friday, 26 October 2012

Little Doctors and Nurses Needed for a FREE Family Fun in Manchester!!

 Do you live in or around Manchester?  At the Imperial North Museum they have lots going on around half term for your Children!!
 All based on the events of the wartime, I can't wait for my children to be a little older to take them to events such as this.  It is such an important part of history that our ancestors went through!
  Here is the information...

                             Little Doctorsand Nurses Required For Free Family Fun
IWM North, Half Term 27 October 2012 – 4 November
Free Entry – Donations welcome

Ever wondered what it would be like to work as a doctor or nurse during wartime? Can you guess how many of today’s medicines were invented on the battlefield?

This October half term, at IWM North (part of Imperial War Museums), little – and big – visitors can learn all about life on the front line through a series of FREE family-friendly activities. From hearing the tales of stretcher bearers during the Second World War to seeing real human X-rays up close, there is something to entertain, captivate and engage all ages.

Younger visitors will be inspired by the work of doctors, nurses and medical teams as they get the chance to dress up, play and create their own souvenirs to take home. Visitors can learn to name parts of the human body and skeleton and learn more by seeing intriguing wartime X-rays.

Meet cuddly character Bumpty Bear and learn how friendship and first aid keep this clumsy character smiling or enjoy a family-friendly performance based on the story of a stretcher bearer or First World War nurse.

Part of Manchester Science Festival, IWM North will also be hosting live science demonstrations on 29 October, exploring themes including perception and human biology for all ages. 

Families inspired by tales of medical wonder can explore the Main Exhibition Space to discover the inspiring story of Private Charlie Hankins and his remarkable Second World War tricycle. Hankins was injured during the Second World War but used the unusual device to travel the length of Britain to raise money for charity after the war.  The story of Private G H Hobdey, is also guaranteed to captivate visitors - see his artificial leg on display, alongside a false eye worn by another injured serviceman of the Second World War.

Pocket money purchases from the IWM North shop should keep injury prone kids out of trouble for hours on end. Look Who’s Behind You Spy Glasses should help them spot danger all around, while little doctors will surely need a doctor’s notepad.

The programme, which includes performances, creative sessions, storytelling and much more, is inspired by a new exhibition for adults, Saving Lives: Frontline Medicine in a Century of Conflict. Saving Lives, running until 1 September 2013. It is IWM’s first to look at war and medicine, told through words and objects of people who have faced extraordinary situations.  

Graham Boxer, Director of IWM North, says:  ‘There are some amazing stories of human resilience and medical marvel for families to discover throughout IWM North.  Through our family activities, we have created a programme that brings these themes to life for the youngest of visitors in an engaging and inspiring way.’
For more information, visit
– Ends –


Visitors of all ages can get involved through workshops, children’s tours and activities.

Unless otherwise stated activities are free, drop-in sessions (places may be limited on the day). Activities are suitable for ages 5+ unless otherwise stated. An adult must accompany children under 12 at all times.

What A Performance
Saturday 27 and Wednesday 31 October
11.15am, 12.15pm, 1.15pm, 2.15pm
Main Exhibition Space
See one of our specially commissioned family friendly performances dramatising stories of wartime adventure. Themed to the subject of frontline medicine these performances include the story of a stretcher bearer in the Second World War (13 and 27) and a First World War nurse (31 October). Part of Manchester Science Festival.

Open Studio: Doctors and Nurses
Saturday 27 October
1-4pm, Learning Studio
Recommended age: 5+
Be inspired by the work of doctors, nurses and medical teams and make your own themed souvenir to take home and keep using a range of colourful resources. Get involved with dressing up, soft play and creative fun.  Part of Manchester Science Festival.

Open Studio: Bumpty Bear
Saturday 27, Sunday 28 and Monday 29 October,
1-4pm, Learning Studio
Recommended age: 5+
Meet cuddly character Bumpty Bear and hear about his adventures around The Quays.  Learn how friendship and first aid keep this clumsy character smiling and then make your own bear souvenir to take home and keep. This session is part of Manchester Science Festival.

Open Studio: Busy Bodies
Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 October,
1-4pm, Learning Studio
Recommended age: 5+
Be inspired by the work of wartime doctors and nurses and learn to name parts of the human body and skeleton in this creative session. See true to life human x-rays and decorate your own cut out body shape to take home and keep. This session is part of Manchester Science Festival.

Science Busking
Monday 29 October,
11.15am, 12.15pm, 1.15pm, 2.15pm
Main Exhibition Space
Live science demonstrations exploring themes including perception and human biology. This event is part of Manchester Science Festival.

Bumpty Bear
Daily from Saturday 27 October, 11.30am
Meet underneath the Harrier Jump Jet
Recommended age: 5 and under
Take part in this new family friendly storytelling session about Bumpty Bear and his adventures around The Quays.  Learn how friendship and first aid keep this clumsy character smiling. These sessions are part of Manchester Science Festival.

Story Time
Weekends throughout the month and daily from 29 October, 10.30am
Meet underneath the Harrier Jump Jet
Meet a host of charming characters and discover tales of adventure in these interactive story sessions. These sessions use a range of family friendly resources ranging from puppets, sounds and smells to archive pictures and replica objects.

TimeStack Handling Sessions
Sundays to Friday at 12.30pm and 3.30pm
Saturdays at 12.30pm ONLY
Main Exhibition Space
Recommended age: 5+
A great opportunity to get hands-on with objects from IWM’s collection in these themed 20-minute object-handling sessions. Join a member of staff for an opportunity to discover the stories behind the artefacts.

Action Stations: The Interactive Timeline
Visit the interactive family Action Stations around the gallery with activities such as exploring the smells and creatures of the First World War trench or revealing the power of the poster during wartime.

Your History - Explore Imperial War Museum online.
Ground level.
Personal stories and intriguing facts, family quizzes and tips for tracing people’s wartime history are all available at the online access area.

Visit our wartime colouring in station in the IWM North café or play the camouflaged table football.

For further press information please contact:
Rebecca Barnes            (0845 0941 007  *
Christine Quansah      (0845 0941 007  *

Notes to Editors

IWM North
The multi award winning IWM North is designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind to represent a globe shattered by conflict. The iconic building, innovative and dynamic exhibitions, use of digital media through hourly Big Picture Shows and public events explore how war shapes lives and inspire and encourage debate.

Open daily from 10am - 5pm with free admission at The Quays, Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester M17 1TZ (close to MediaCityUK Metrolink and Junction 9 of the M60) T: 0161 836 4000

Visiting IWM North with your family

We offer a great day out for all the family all year round with FREE ENTRY to IWM North, all our exhibitions and a wide variety of family friendly activities. We have free floor plans, trails, and regular tours to help you navigate our fascinating building.

We also have regular events aimed specifically at families including TimeStack Handling Sessions where you can get hands-on with the objects, and HotSpot craft activities, helping you to explore IWM North in more detail.

Within the Main Exhibition Space we have nine Action Station interactives and on the ground floor, our online area Your History offers more information about the collections, including games and personal stories.

We have free, self-operated lockers for your bags, lifts to all floors, accessible ground floor toilets and baby changing facilities. The WaterShard Café offers children’s portions and lunch bags, and colouring sheets are always available. A newly refurbished indoor picnic area is also available at weekends and in the school holidays for visitors to bring their own refreshments. The IWM North Shop offers a range of pocket money purchases including souvenirs and stationery items.

IWM (Imperial War Museums) tells the story of people who have lived, fought and died in conflicts involving Britain and the Commonwealth since the First World War.

Our unique collections, made up of the everyday and the exceptional, reveal stories of people, places, ideas and events. Using these, we tell vivid personal stories and create powerful physical experiences across our five museums that reflect the realities of war as both a destructive and creative force. We challenge people to look at conflict from different perspectives, enriching their understanding of the causes, course and consequences of war and its impact on people’s lives.

IWM’s five branches are IWM London, IWM’s flagship branch with six floors of exhibitions and displays; IWM North, housed in an iconic award-winning building designed by Daniel Libeskind; IWM Duxford, a world renowned aviation museum and Britain's best preserved wartime airfield; Churchill War Rooms, housed in Churchill’s secret headquarters below Whitehall; and the Second World War cruiser HMS Belfast.

First World War Centenary
2014 - 2018 marks the centenary of the First World War, a landmark anniversary for Britain and the world. IWM will mark the centenary by leading a vibrant, four year programme of cultural activities across the country, including the opening of brand new First World War galleries at IWM London in 2014. For more information visit

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Recipe- Vanilla Sponge and Pink Custard

  As I am starting my 'New Routine' and Grocery Challenge I started thinking about what meals to cook and decided it was time to start baking some puddings!  My grandma has pudding without fail and I would love this to be our tradition too!

 I came across Pink Custard and I though 'Annabelle would love that' and went shopping! So here I am today baking it!  I choose to add it to Vanilla Sponge.

 The Ingredients for the Sponge ...

4oz Butter
4oz Caster Sugar
2 eggs
4 tbs of milk
4oz Self Raising Flour
Few drops of Vanilla Extract

 What to do...
1. Cream the Butter and Sugar together
2. Add the milk and eggs and mix together
3. Add the Flour, I then used a food processor to give it the smooth texture
4. Stir in the vanilla extract
5. Place in a tray bake
6 Cook in oven- The temperature I choose was 150 degrees but I wanted it to cook slower.  It has been cooking for approx 45 minutes but if your oven is like mine I prefer to keep checking the sponge.

Here is the results...

 The Ingredients for the Pink Custard...

  • 1 Pint of Milk
  • 1 Packet of Raspberry Blancmange Mix ( or flavour of your choice )
  • 2-3 tbs of Sugar to taste

What to do...

1. In a heat proof bowl add the blancmange mix and sugar and a bit of the milk and mix to form a paste
2. Warm the remaining milk
3. Pour a bit of the milk to the paste and stir
4. Now add the paste to the Warmed milk and bring to the boil, always stir
5. Simmer, you may need to add some more milk if it is too thick

Here is the Results...

Would you like to Bake Vanilla Sponge and Pink Custard????

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Do you want your Children to Drink Milk? Cravendale #Epic Straws is the Answer...

 My daughter who is 3 years old rarely drinks Milk other than on her cereal so when I saw that we could review the Cravendale #Epic Straws I jumped at the chance!

 First I let Annabelle Explore and she practiced her Maths skills by counting and sorting!  As she is only 3 mummy helped her and I got very into it! I did try and make some great creations but I think i need a bit of practice.  We made a few creations and Annabelle loved creating with mummy!
We took our creation into the kitchen however Annabelle decided she wanted to use 1 straw and hold her creation! She is a princess you know ;)
She drank a lot of milk as well as blowing bubbles but she enjoyed herself!
Maybe not the creative design but thanks to the #Epic Straws Annabelle and I were able to be Creative and Enjoy milk at the same time, now thats Magic!!

If you would like to find out more about Cravendale straws take a look HERE at their website

Through the Looking Glass at the Lowry Outlet Mall, Salford Quays 27th October- 4th November

For any of you that Live In and around Manchester I thought you would be interested in this fantastic family outing!

'Step THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS into our pop-up shop to discover bargains galore, ways to keep the kids entertained and chances to win some fabulous prizes this half term. The pop up shop is brimming with bargains from brand new and second hand books courtesy of Walker Books, Christmas cards and gifts to a chance to get your hands on some unique and bespoke art. There will also be free activities for children of all ages to enjoy as well as the chance to win £50 of audio books and family passes for Beatrix Potter's House'

'All proceeds from the shop will go towards helping the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) continue to provide its life-changing work. Every 15 minutes someone in the UK begins to lose their sight.  Right now the RNIB is only able to reach one in three people who need us most.  With your support, the story could be so different. '

'So why not visit us for 

  • A chance to win £50 worth of audio books
  • FREE activities to keep the kids amused
  • New and second books from £1
  • Christmas cards from 50p
  • Unique and bespoke art '

Find us on the first floor opposite the Vue Cinema

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How self hypnosis is helping my anxiety!

 I have mentioned in my blog that I used to suffer from anxiety and at the moment I am trying to keep calm and not get it again.  I think I naturally have anxiety but it is controlled.  I am unfortunatly one of those people that worry and panic!
 At around 28 weeks I started to feel borderline anxious and knew I couldnt go through it again, I did a quick google and came across Birth and Beyond hypnotherapy.  I listened to a free relaxing mp3 and the next morning I felt 'in control' so I signed up for the course!  Now I am not anxious about the birth, my anxieties are irrational.  I think what wasn't helping me at the time was I was anemic therefore i was tired and when I'm tired I get anxious!  
  The reason self hypnosis is helping me is that it re-educates your unconscious mind that the situations when you panic is not a dangerous one and helps to remove the effects of panic.  Hypnotherapy allows your mind to think positive thoughts and allay the negative thoughts that creep in and take over!
 I will be listening to my mp3's regulary to help me!

Pregnancy week 33

 Well 33 weeks pregnant has been and gone, this pregnancy is flying by!   I actually left work when pregnant with Annabelle at 33+6 weeks and I was ready for a rest then, on the same day with this baby I was thinking I have a lot more energy but could really do with 6 weeks off :) No Chance!
 I have had a lot more energy properly as I have been taking Iron tablets.  When im tired I get really anxious which worries me as it makes me think i will get anxiety.  I hope im not as could really do with not having it again! I'm not going to lie I have had a bit of anxiety since having Annabelle but its manageable.  I have been listening to hypnotherapy mp3s and they really help me think relaxed and think clearly!
 My bump is growing but still look small to other people, but I'm not worried.  Plus how would I run after my children if I had a big bump!

Things I have to do

  • Pack my hospital bags
  • Buy Nappies
  • Sort out babies room
  • Wash Moses basket
 Here is my Bump pick :)

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