Monday, 28 April 2014

Life Changes , it starts with a decision

Hey Everyone!

It may seem like I've disappeared from blogging however that's far from the truth.

Back in July I decided I wanted to blog not as a hobby but as a business however I had no idea where to start and to be honest I didn't know it was possible.  So I turned to google.

I came across Network Marketing Online which includes Blogging.  I wanted my independence and I longed for my own business so I just got outside my comfort zone and went for it.

I found a great company which I have been part of for 8 months now and I get inspired more and more daily.

Now myself and my other half Phil work from home on our business and its so far from what it was before.

Our Journey from August to now has been hard at times which is down to my other half losing his job out of the blue and not been able to find another one in his field of work, then one day we made the decision that Phil would go self employed and work with me.

We see the light now and things are getting better and better each day.

This is because we decided. We made the Decision.

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