Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Enchanted Party Shop Review!!

  The Enchanted Party Shop is a family business run by Sheena Coote's ( also the composer from the Mixed Blessing CD) and her husband David Coote.

  The Enchanted Party Shop is a Unique Boutique for quality, extra special Children's Gifts and Partyware for Birthdays, Christenings and Seasonal Celebrations. With a range of party gifts,party clothes and hats, fabric party bags and wooden toys , material bunting, sweeties, chocolates, gift wrap and cards.

  The Brilliant thing about their fantastic range of fillers is that Sheena and David recognised that Green products not only help the Planet they are also more useful as they can be used again and again.  I don't know about you but I think the typical party bag gifts are useless!  

  When you go onto the website you can browse through the category's and choose the Items you want.  On some of the products there is an option to choose the colour of the product different to the one in the picture.  You can also add the quantity you require and add it to your basket!!  Here are the delivery     details!

  Annabelle received a ready made bag with lots of beautiful Goodies in :)  I was thrilled and Just as excited as Annabelle, I had never seen such a fantastic Party bag!!

 We received the most gorgeous tasting lollipop ever!! Reminded me of the ones at fair when I was a little girl.  Also a wooden piggy paperclip, a wooden ladybird yoyo, a wooden watch and a beautiful little box with lots of gorgeous beads and elastic to make your very own necklace.  It was fantastic, I'm sure they will be in Annabelle's toybox in a years time unlike the usual plastic toy!  Well except the lollipop! :)

  This Gift I received would cost approx £7 a bag! It does seem a lot to pay however the quality is remarkable!! Please note, Ready Made Bags will be available soon!!

  Even though these are 'Party Bags'  I think they make Fab Birthday and Christmas Presents or Stocking Fillers!!!  Instead of going round all the shops to most properly buy a present that someone else has bought for the same child!!  Here at The Enchanted Party Shop gives it provides the Child with a Unique Present which they will love and I'm sure be most interested in!!!
This is their special offer at the moment ...Free Gift With Each Order, Either an Egg cup or Money Box!
Here is the website, hope you love it as much as me :)


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