Monday, 29 August 2011

If I had a Child Free Day and Night I would love too ......

How ever much I love my children I would LOVE a day to do what I want to do!!!  Child Free of course ;)

 The reason I have chosen to right this post is that having 2 children really, no really takes up your time! Annabelle was a very contented baby who was very happy doing her own thing, exploring whereas Callum (shock to the system) is a mummys boy and will crawl off then come back for cuddles or what he thinks more food, he is a very hungry baby!!  Right now I'm having a couple of hours of 'me time' BLISS but what would I love to do if I had the whole day and evening!!!

 Well I would .........

       Have a Spa Day with my friends!!  Not forgetting the massage, got to have one of them!!!

 I would then Shop till I drop in a city!!!! Yes I need as many shops as possible!!!  I would defiantly have to have won the lottery as window shopping would not be an option!!!!!

 I would then have Tea and Cakes in the Ritz London!!! MMM!!  Ok so now the city is London!!!

 Seen as we are in London, Think I would go to the Theatre to See Legally Blonde the Musical, with Icecream of course!!!!!!

 Oh and not forgetting meeting Kate For Dinner somewhere posh!!! I love her style, if only I had the money one day hey!!!

 Not forgetting having a Dance!!!!

Well that would be what I would do!!!!  I am actually going London for my Birthday, wonder if I shall meet Kate haha!!!!

I am tagging 3 fantastic Mummy's to do this same!!! Please link back to here!!!

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