Thursday, 18 August 2011

A little bit of Inspiration thanks to my perfect Grandma!!

 My Grandma is just perfect!!!  Her name is Anne, and Annabelle was named after her with a little twist :)   I was the first Grandchild and my Grandma looked after me quite a bit especially when my sister was born, apparently I would do anything for my grandma, i am sure it is true as i still would!!  We always had a very close bond and I could talk to her about anything, I would say in recent years we have drifted due to me started work and 'having my own life' as they say and my grandparents honestly have a busier social life to me, my partner and my mum put together!!! They deserve it though as they worked very hard to get where they are now!!

  When Grandma and Grandad had my mum and my aunty and uncle they hardly had any money( like us now) my Grandad worked hard and my Grandma did, they both had there own roles which worked well for them!! Grandad went to work, fixed the cars, the diy, the man things and my grandma was a housewife and looked after the children and my grandad of course!!!

  I look to my Grandma and admire her for how she coped, having 3 young children by 27, looking after them on her own and doing the cooking and the housework!!  It is hard, my house is a mess most of the time, well lets say i tidy and an hour later it is a mess!!   Cooking, well im not the most confident cook at all, my partner Phil is never enthusiastic about my meals, Yet he eats anything my grandma would cook him as she is an amazing cook, but as she keeps telling me it is due to practice!!  My Grandad does tell me that she did have a few disasters in the early days!!

   So I have decided that I am going to pluck up the confidence and cook at least one meal a week I have never made and I will blog about it and hopefully if its a success I will share my recipe with photos!!  If anyone wants to join me that would be brilliant!!!!


  1. what a lovely idea, we could al learn something from the older generations, I'm not a brilliant cook either and tend to stick to what I know.. I shoudl try and join you in your quest, one meal a week, can't be that hard can it? :)

  2. Brilliant Sarah!! :) Id love you to join in and hopefully other mummys will too!!!
    I will promise :) to blog about my one meal by next thursday!! I will put a linky up on here!! What do you think?? xx

  3. I love my grandmother, too! I'm so blessed to be named after her! I'm a new follower from the Monday Mingle! Love your site!

  4. Thank You Mary!! Aww I hope Annabelle feels like you too!! Proud to be named after her Great Grandma, funny thing is my grandparents are so active they seem 20 years younger than they are!! :) x Popping over to see your blog now xx

  5. I loved my Grandma to bits,but sadly she has passed away now,she always use to make me millionaire shortbread for me and my kids,i now try to make this as often as i can and hopefully i will make it for my grandchildren :)

  6. Thats lovely Claire! There is something about Grandma's cooking that tastes nicer than anyone can make! xx

  7. that sounds great, I will get out my cook book, or ring my Gran! and join you :D


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