Tuesday, 2 August 2011

10 Things you didn't know about me !!

I was tagged by Mummy Bird to reveal 10 things about me that you didn’t know before this post.

1.  I have 1 sister and 2 younger brother, my sister Charlotte is 23, Benjamin is 11 and Harrison is 4, therefore Annabelle has a uncle 2 years older than her!!

2. My Dad and Step Mum moved to France when i was 4 months pregnant with Annabelle, when they saw her and fell in Love the house went up for sale! Luckly they sold 2 years later (takes ages in France) and he lives on the close next to the close that he used to live!! (not technically about me but him moving played a big part in my life)

3.  I went to University in Northampton when i was 18 to study Primary Education, It wasn't for me so became a nursery nurse as a stepping stone!!

4.  I am somehow related to the famous footballer Sir Stanley Matthews through my lovely Nana

5.  My Grandad has his own 2 seater Aeroplane that I used to help fly

6.  I learned to Drive at 16 in my Grandads old Jeep thing,down a farm!

7.  I worked at New Look Part Time

8.  I love to cross stitch but don't have the time

9.  Me and My partner Met in a nightclub, he pulled my friend and I pulled his!!! lol! I was 18 and he was 19

10.  I can't cook well only chocolate Biscuits!

I am going to Tag Toddling into madness and A Working Mum

10 things you didn’t know about me was started by  Me and My Kiddywinks


  1. wow loved some of your things I didn't know, my hubby liked the fact you helped fly your grandads plane, my hubby is looking into flying lessons in a 2 man plane. :-) x

  2. Thank You! This was a fab idea! My Grandad learned to fly about 35, he is 75 now, hes teaching my 11 year old brother, well as much as you can teach an 11 year old! It is great, I actually didn't realise how lucky I was, go for a fly, then learn to drive every sun for over a year!! Well if your hubby wants some advice i'm sure my Grandad would help, I call him the human encyclopedia!! :)

  3. Ah thats really lovely thankyou, your grandad sounds amazing. I love the older generation. You are very lucky to have grown up doing these things, I can not believe he is teaching your brother. Thats Wicked x

  4. Very True thanks hun! Hes 75 and also has a motorbike lol! He doesn't look like it very much a gentleman! Yes they have so many stories to tell!! Yes my brother has a lack of motivation even though he has the ability! He loves it! x


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