Friday, 30 December 2011

Do you ever stick to your New Years Resolutions? Need Help??...

  Let's face it, sticking to New Years Resolutions is a nightmare even if you haven't got children but when you have its even harder.  In a recent channel 4 poll, 95% of Brits make a new year's resolution, most popular 'getting fit' and 'saving money' are abandoned after the first month, sound familiar? :)  The survey found that if other people have got the same resolution it would help them stick to it which leverages the power of social media and peer support.
  New Year revolution is a 31 day challenge that feautures fun and provacative daily missions from Channel 4's new TV presenters.  You can choose from 3 New Years Revolutions which are

  • Get Fit
  • Save Money
  • Try Something New
  Then every day for 31 days of January a specific mission is set by the TV presenter.  You will be able to follow the presenters missions and see their achievement on the wall of achievement.  There is a potential of stardom as some users will be featured on the wall if they are the first to complete a revolution or upload great content.  The challenge is fully integrated into twitter and Facebook which allows your social networks to see what your up to and offer encouragement.

 My New Years Resolution is ..... Save Money therefore I will be following Mrs MoneyPenny.  I have joined up and sent my pledge on twitter @VictoriaJayne23!! If you join send me a tweet :) 

Thursday, 29 December 2011

We had a fabulous Christmas

  We had a great Christmas, Annabelle is 2 years 8 months and  for the first time understood Santa!! We started our 1st family traditions on Christmas Eve which were putting the sacks out and goodies out for Santa, Phil my partner was in charge of that and went over the top with too much alcohol (which went back into the bottle) Santa managed a beer though!!

  When we got up in the morning it was magical, Annabelle was so excited and when she saw the presents couldn't stop jumping on the spot!!  We actually recorded it so we have it to treasure!!

  For the First time I cooked Christmas Dinner!! As my parents are divorced I can't have both over so for the first time since I was 6 (divorced) I saw my Dad and Step mum on Christmas day!  So therefore I was cooking for 4 adults and 2 children!  we hardly ever eat Sunday dinner so I was very nervous! Phil made the pigs in blanket and I dealt with everything else! It went really well and everyone including myself was impressed well except Annabelle who has turned into a fussy eater again!

  We relaxed and watched Happy Feet in the afternoon!!

  It was my favourite Christmas Day as an adult!!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Need to look and feel good... Davina at Next knows the answer!!

   PRE CHILDREN  Before I got pregnant with Annabelle my no1 hobby was going to the gym.  I loved working out and once I got into a routine there was no stopping me.  I went to Banantynes 4-5 times a week and took the classes that I loved, my favourite was intermediate Step.  I loved Swimming too, partly because I could touch the bottom of the swimming pool, I am not the most confident swimmer.  I used to relax there as I had no responsibilies, oh how things change in 4 years!!!!

 POST CHILDREN-  When both the children came along I joined the gym about 3 months after they were born.  I had all the intention in the world as I thought ' Me Time Yes Please'   Well I may aswell had given Duncan Banantyne £600 both times!!!  I was too tired to go at 8o Clock at night.  By that time i wanted to cosy in front of the t.v with a cup of tea and a biscuit! 

NOW- I have recently moved house, we are in a little routine and i'm thinking 'I need to exercise'!! This time I will not be going the gym, 1) its too far now and 2) I have learned my lessons.  I have asked Santa for a Workout DVD so me and Annabelle can exercise whilst Callum is having a nap!!  I am also going to start zumba or pilates with the girls in the village, maybe go for a run down the canal!! But I need to look good in what i'm wearing! Don't you think!!  

  'Davina at Next' is a new range of work out and post workout clothing that are coming out Spring 2012 and the range is gorgeous!! We all know Davina has been fantastic at encouraging us mummy's to shape up in a healthy way which is brilliant!!

I will show you what I own now and what I would buy instead, there is no contest as you will see!!

Here we have a photo of me in my only workout clothes!! 

I would feel fantastic in the following outfits!! 

       I love that they are casual yet sporty! Davina said  'My approach was to concentrate on what I would wear, thinking very carefully about the details that matter to me, like a  place for my mp3 player or reflective strips on the bottoms- essential when your jogging in the early morning or at dusk.  And I've ensured the workout tops are extremely solid and secure so your boobs won't be bobbling around while you work out' Clever Lady!

Now for footwear- Check these out 

I was always so embarrassed wearing these

Here is 'Davina at Next' Range of Footwear

  Using Next's F.I.T technology Davina has developed a line of stylish everyday shoes that offer comfort, performance and muscle activation.  These gorgeous ballerina shoes reduce stress on the bearing joints  therefore better than normal shoes and trainers.  Here are some of my favourites... 


  I would LOVE to get my hands on 'Davina at Next' sooner.  I would love to have more confidence and when you look good you feel good! Don't you think?  I will defiantly show you on my Channel when I do!!!

 I love the fact that 'Davina at Next' can be used for a variety of occasions.  I like to take my children for a walk around the village but its hard to know what to wear at this time of year.  I love the idea of the shoes and  the reason they were made, I would like to find out how different my feet felt after wearing them and there effects.  Finally I would Love to look like this...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good Luck Charlie, The Road Trip Movie (aka it's Christmas) TODAY DISNEY CHANNEL 6PM


  I've always been a big fan of family movies, nothing better than all the family watching a film instead of adults only.  I am looking forward to that day with Annabelle and Callum.

  Thought you would be interested in knowing that there is a new Disney film on the DISNEY CHANNEL TODAY called Good Luck charlie, The road Trip Movie ( aka it's Christmas ) .  It is a comedy starring a teen sensation Bridgit Mendler who stared in the original Disney movie, Lemonade mouth.  It is said to be twice as funny and entertaining.  There are quite a few characters that is adults will recognise also.

 The Duncan family go on a holiday to the Parm Springs just before Christmas which turns into a disaster.  Teddy and Amy get separated at the airport and has to find his way back to his family before Christmas and you can just imagine that that wasn't an easy task but very funny for the audience.

Here is the YouTube Link for the Preview- Looks Great!!  It is on the Disney channel  609 at 6pm!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Natalilly Cushions Review- One word Beautiful

  I am so excited to share with you Natalilly Cushions, the most beautiful cushions I have ever seen.

 Natalie designed two large cushions for myself that are personalised with my children's names Annabelle and Callum.  They are made from 'only the best' material, for example material she has used for other cushions is Cath Kidston.  They were sewn in with a zip so it's washable as we mummy's know this is a must.  The pillow filling is soft/medium (I would say) very thick and comfortable.  The letters are brilliantly bold and with the nicest designs, I can tell you the quality is just remarkable.

  I have been given the larger pillow/s for review and I think they would make fantastic nursing pillows, I had a triangle shape pillow which was pointless in my eye and was too big to be left around and dare I say not as nice to look at but this is far better, practical and beautiful, what more could a mummy or daddy want.

 She designs different sizes and shapes, all one color or mixed, personalised or not.  I have been told that she has designed a pillow to put in the gap of the child's bed next to the wall, as the child kept falling down.
Annabelle thought it was so comfy she decided to have a nap

 I love both my pillows, its lovely having your children's name on home items.  Annabelle loves her pillow, she recognised her name plus its a great way of teaching her the letters in her name, she took an interested straight away.  Natalie told me she also designs bunting which can have the child's name or letters of the alphabet on, fantastic it will look gorgeous in both their rooms.
Annabelle loved looking and discussing the letters

The prices are £25 plus p+p for smaller pillows and £30 plus p+p for larger pillows with longer names.   Please get in touch with Natalie if you would like a price for a pillow, bunding or any other enquiries.  You won't be disappointed.

You can add Natalie as a friend on Facebook under Natalilly Cushions

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Annabelle is a mini me!! I have proof!!!

This is me aged approx 1 year

  This is Annabelle approx 1 year! 

This Picture has pride of place in my Grandparents Room!! Its Me again!!

This is Annabelle with the same hairstyle as the above picture, excuse the month full of food :)

  My family find it very strange looking at Annabelle as they see me 20+ years ago!! It is amazing xx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Would like to get Super Duper Organised!!

 You may have noticed a couple of months ago I hardly posted.  I got to the point that I couldn't cope with everything, maybe due to my slight anxiety, i'm not sure.  I was looking after 2 children who needed and still need a lot of my attention, housework, trying to organise money as one wage coming in is hard.  I went to London with my friend, who doesn't blog or go on social networking sites convinced me that i was getting too obsessive so I took a step back.

  I then started receiving emails from PR's commenting on my blog and how they liked it, it gave me a boost and I realised how much I missed it, interacting with other bloggers, companies and PR's. I have had the chance to meet Elmo and the lovely people at next as well as meet fantastic bloggers in person.  I'm not stopping, my blogging journey has just begun.

  I do need to get organised, whats great is that we live in a new house in a lovely area.  I have more space and Annabelle's room is also a playroom if I need to be upstairs.  Both Myself and my partner do not follow a routine, so we haven't got up at a certain time etc.  Phil is not organised however this weekend, I don't know what has happened to him.  He has done loads of jobs around the house and helped with the children more.

 My plan is to keep the house tidy as we go along. I do make myself rest when Callum has a nap or I won't sit down all day!!

 Do you have a routine?? Love any advice as my organisation has gone since I left work!

 Victoria x

Friday, 9 December 2011

Amazing Personalised Message From the one and only SANTA

 I had to share this as it is just magical for Children and dare I say adults too.  I saw it from a link on facebook and was shocked how Brilliant it was.

 It is a personalised message which includes your child's name, age and photos that they recognise.  You have to enter some information about your child and pick your choice, it took me approximatly 10 minutes.

 Here is Annabelle's


So i'm sure you were as excited as I was to do your own so here is the link


Victoria x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Thank You so much to 'NEXT'

    A couple of weeks ago we were spoilt by NEXT!!  We were invited down to Next HQ in Leicestershire to meet all the lovely ladies that bring all the lovely clothes that we see and buy in Next!
  I was invited because I am on the NEXT bloggers network and I am a mummy as the event was a mummy bloggers event.  I can not tell you how well the lovely ladies organised it, we were asked in advance if we were driving or getting the train and that we would be reimbursed the money for fuel.  Also I was given £50 gift card to buy outfits for the children. How fantastic!!  We also Choose in advance our 3 course meal for myself and the children.

Well this is what happened...

 When we arrived we were greeted by Ellie and Vicki who showed us to the Mock shop where all the other mummy bloggers were. I was so impressed, there was tea, juice and cakes and more for everyone and lots of toys for both ages.  We were able to look around at the clothes and I can tell you they are beautiful.  Annabelle had her eye on some boots that had little bunny ears and the eyes and nose and I really feel that the price is affordable compared to the shoe shops.  The children had professional Photos taken which I love!!

 We were then guided to a lovely country pub/restaurant and i sat by 2 brilliant mummy blogger realsuburbanmummy  and Mummy Loves .  It was so lovely to get to know them.  The food was gorgeous, I would go back there and pay!  Jo Jingles was the entertainment and she was fantastic though I have to say Annabelle was Petrified of the dressed up Jo!! She Hid, although Laura( one of the lovely ladies at Next) took her over to say bye!!

 When we left the Children were given a Peppa Pig bag and a monkey bag with goodies inside and I was given the most gorgeous Scarf and Gloves and a gift Card!! My mum and I have the most gorgeous Slippers!!!

 Thank You for the wonderful day and opportunity we are still very grateful for all your hard work.

 I am not a big fan of next but a HUGE fan!! I hope to meet you again.

 Victoria, Annabelle and Callum x

We have moved House!!

 Last weekend we moved house!!!  We have moved back to a lovely little village we used to live when Annabelle was a baby, I am at 'home' again!!  We moved away from this area due to the fact that I was pregnant again and we had to go down to one car.  I realised that I can survive for one car for a while as long as we were happy.  The children have their friends close by and she will start pre-school  in September so will most likely go to primary school with the same Children.  We also have gone from a 2 bed to a 3 bed which makes a difference, both children sleep better which is brilliant!!
 We have got into the village community very quickly, going to the tots groups and I went quiz night the other night with some lovely mums!
  I do miss my mum and I know she misses me too.  We lived on the same close so leaving was like leaving home again.  She would pop over for coffee most afternoons and due to mum working and school pick ups the days are limited.  I live approx 25 mins away so not far but seems it.  My friend text me the other week and said 'we are going to the USA for 2 years' this made me feel a bit silly.  However I think its Brilliant that I have a strong bond with my mum and I hope that I have the same with my children when they are my age!!
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