Sunday, 30 September 2012

I Turned 27 yesterday!!

 Well yesterday was my 27th Birthday!! I do not feel 27!!  I remember my dad saying to me years ago ' as soon as you are 18, you will feel 18 every birthday but with a bit more life experience!  So true!
  I went to Chester with my mum and Grandma for the day! My Grandma is fab, I mean she dresses nicer than me!! But saying that her favourite shop is Hobbs!! She found it hilarious when I said ' what a lovely jumper' looked at price and walked away! She said I am worse than my Grandad for bargains.  I don't think she realises what little money we have.  I did say that if I took the children on my own to a playbarn once a week and bought 1 drink each that is £10 a week, £40 a month! Think she understood why I was so frugal.
 We went to Bella Italia for lunch, we go their for lunch every time but the Pizzas were not up to scratch but luckly got 30% off the Bill!
 With some of my Birthday money I bought...

As i am 32 weeks pregnant I bought a size 12! Fits lovely and I can wear after!! It cost £22.40 from BHS!! Yes after going in all shops BHS had what I wanted!

I bought this in Purple! £28 from BHS but if you like it i have noticed bhs have a 25% off offer! Starting today!

 Also this gorgeous Headband from New Look for £2.99

 I had a great 27th Birthday!!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Dream is to be Organised!!!

  I am a organised person at heart but being a mum of 2 young children and a bump, my spare time is usually when Callum is asleep and that is 2 hours max, being heavily pregnant I make myself rest as its not healthy to constantly tidy after everyone! But this is what happens if I do not run around like a mad thing for 1 day!!!

Playroom- This is just chaos!! The children usually find something to do to make more mess! 

Under the stairs Storage- My original Idea to organise their toys failed!!

Kitchen- This is usually the tidiest room due to the fact that I feel i am always washing up!!

  I came across the  'My Organized Chaos' e course and it sounds perfect!!  I would love for the house to be organised so that I don't have to stress and panic most of the time.  I would LOVE to have me time without feeling guilty that I should be doing housework!  I love the sound of how Jo founder of ' My Organised Chaos' put systems in place for the whole family to work together therefore more time for quality family time-  I NEED THIS!!

 With a baby due at the end of November I would love to win a free course as I know how hard it was last time with a toddler and housework to do.   I know with some support and organisation myself,  my partner and my children will be happier!  

My Organized Chaos e-course

Pregnancy Week 31

 Well I can't believe I am on my last day of week 31 weeks pregnant, with my THIRD child.  Never did I think that at the age of 26 ( 27 on Saturday eek ) I would have a 3 year old, a 1 year old and due in 8 weeks  with another baby!! My plan ( originally) was too have my first at about 26/27 !! Well that didn't go to plan did it, but I am happy about it!!

 When I see school friends or old work friends most people say ' are you mad? ' and the most common question from the people that knew me at work, ' was it planned? ' but I'm sure there are lots of mums with little ones close in age!! All three of my babies were planned although it took me ( and Phil of course) 6 months to conceive Annabelle but both Callum and Baby no3 it happened immediately, it may have been the fact that the Pill didn't agree with me and  I went on a break and we said ' If it happens it happens!' to me we were casually trying!

 Being 31 weeks pregnant with 2 small children is tiring, I mean its harder to move and if I do too much I get achy and have more braxton hicks.  But I have to carry on!!  My advice to someone expecting their first is enjoy your maternity leave, treat it like a holiday! I loved maternity with Annabelle bump, i had 6 weeks off as she was born on her due date, I used to go sleep about 11 and sleep until 930! I looked after my brother who was then 22/24 months old every Tuesday, I used to take him into the town and go shopping, looking at baby things!  I was also writing assignments for a part time teaching degree but I suppose it stopped me shopping!!  I really do miss maternity leave but that's just the way it is!!

 My Bump is measuring 29 weeks at 31 weeks but I am going up but 2 cm behind! I carry smaller but my bump has grown there is no doubt about it!!  My baby is getting stronger and feel like I can grab a foot at times, today he had a kicking fit, I can't remember the other two doing that!

 Im still waiting for the day I can relax but it will proberly be Saturday, my mums invited me shopping with her and my grandma to Chester!  Its my birthday, I would love to spend it with my children and Phil but on the other hand I do need a break and what better way than retail therapy, well in my case window retail therapy!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

What do you REALLY need when pregnant?

 I thought I would write this post to help first time mums to be out!!

You will need ;

  • Maternity Clothes/ larger size non maternity clothes 
I find that that leggings are a must, I loved them when i'm not pregnant but they are so comfy and stylish!  Though finding long tops is sightly hard!

  • Product to rub into your bump
 I have used a few different makes over the 3 pregnancies but I have to admit the first pregnancy I went mad and my other half was very concerned that I would get stretch marks.  I did not get one.  Second pregnancy, I only used product in the last trimester when I felt itchy and same with this pregnancy, I am  one of the lucky ones!

  • Pillow for your bump at night
 You can buy pillows especially for bump and beyond but I just put a normal pillow under my bump and it does the trick!

  • Bump Band
If you are still working, I found that a bump band was brilliant! As I couldn't zip my trousers properly but I was too small for maternity clothes, a bump band just sat nicely over my bump and I felt like it was protected.

  • Eat Healthy 

  • Folic Acid for the first few months

  • Pregnancy Books/Magazines
 I loved and love reading about pregnancy, other mums to be stories! Its a club, a very special one!

  • A supportive Partner/Family 

 I do notice a difference in my first pregnancy to this pregnancy.  I was wrapped in cotton wool and it was lovely :)

  • Relax
 Take regular Baths/showers/walks, do what you need to do to relax! I really recommend relaxation cds/mp3 especially if you are an anxious person

  •  I nearly forgot! You need a good bra that fits you well! I choose a maternity bra with the wire as I still wanted that shape!

 These are my recommendations! I hope they help!!! 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

This weeks... Annabelle's funny phrases and Callum's new words

Looking for something in the kitchen 'Where is it Mummy?  It's a mystery!'

At nursery they had a tent out which she took to and decided it was here.... 'I want the Princess Tent at home'

'Don't you want to play with the girls at nursery'

'No I want to play with Callum, Callum is a prince not a monster anymore'


There was a police car outside callum said ' nee nor nee nor'

Horses- Clip clops

Coping Annabelle saying Raa this has not becoming a morning tantic to get me up!! The who says Raa better game!!

Coping Mummy saying Flower

Friday, 21 September 2012

Pregnancy Week 30

 I had a great week 30!  Although I found out I am anaemic the other day so I have been put on iron tablets! I thought I was tired but just due to looking after 2 children.  Hopefully I will feel even more awake soon! The doctor said it is very normal in pregnancy so luckily I haven't panicked!

  As Annabelle had her 2 visits at Nursery this week I have had a weight lifted off my shoulders, I was able to just take Callum out and boy did I notice the difference!  A usual trip to Aldi consists of a runaway Annabelle, a climbing out of trolley Callum and a stressed Mummy! This time I felt in Control!!  Must make the most of it before I take 2 shopping again!!

  I don't really look at my bump in the mirror as we don't have a full length mirror and I don't have time to stand and admire it however the other day Phil had left the mirror against the wall and I spotted my bump! I seriously was in shock, I looked huge compared to what I thought I was! Though i'm sure its a small bump to some!

 I have been thinking about what I need for this little lad and decided to buy a second hand travel system.  I have a double pushchair but as I will just have Callum over the next couple of months I would rather take a single out!  When the Baby is born I can use the carseat and also use the carseat on the chassis when I walk into the Nursery! I am not going to hold a heavy carseat, hold callum and keep eye on Annabelle, I can just imagine the chaos now!

  Here is the Pushchair  I have bought from Ebay! Colllecting tomorrow :)

  Bebe Confort Streety !! I will take a photo of mine with a review when it arrives in its new home :)

  I am also buying a set of newborn clothes and hats from a local mum!  Exciting Times!!!

 My 30 week Bump

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Annabelle's Visits at her New Nursery

Annabelle has now had two, two hour visits at her new Nursery which is where I worked previously to having Annabelle.  After my mummy instincts last week I made the right decision and moved her.  I am travelling by Car and not by foot, and it is a Private Nursery and not linked to the catchment school but I really don't care.  I know the staff and they are brilliant at their job and actually seem to be happy working there.  They have taken to Annabelle's funny little nature and Annabelle is happy to be in their company!  I had discussed that Annabelle suffers from constipation and they really empathise with myself and Annabelle.  I feel they are going to help Annabelle not make her worse.

 The first Morning was a bit difficult as Annabelle believed it was my Nursery not hers but as soon as we got there she was content.  She said to her keyworker 'I want to play Princesses' and her Keyworker said ' Well we have got something for you, come with me' Annabelle found a Princess Castle Tent and was so excited!  We left and Annabelle didn't really notice, this made me happy!  When I collected her she was in the tent! Typical.  They had to bring the tent into the other room so they could see her.  Now I wouldn't have thought the other setting would have done this.  She had a great first visit!

  The Second Visit which was today went just as well.  The tent was waiting for her and Annabelle told her keyworker off for having a boys blanket inside! Haha!  We left soon after.  Callum wanted to stay too but we had chance to go food shopping and I was able to go home to clean the kitchen from breakfast.  Annabelle had a great time, she had played with the Barbies as well as the Tent!  She had eaten more of her hot dinner today which was a shock as she doesn't like mine!

 Roll on Next week!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A constipated Child means a tired Mummy

  Annabelle my 3 year old has always suffered with her poo since she was about 18 months! She used to poo lying down on her tummy with her bottom in the air and this is the way she learnt to get the huge poo's out! I'm sorry if its too much information but just hope it helps other mums and dads know it happens to other children.
  As she started approaching 3 and half which was quite recently we decided to start potty training.  We bought her a Minnie mouse seat and step but bless her she still is too small to get on the toilet even with a step.  She took to wee's straight away but I knew the poo's was going to be difficult!   She started to go in her pants the same way she pooed in her nappy but as the weeks went by she became very constipated that she wasn't going for days.

   I then took her the doctors and she prescribed Movical, it didn't work for us even when I upped the dosage.  She held it in for 6 days and I felt it didn't do what it was supposed too so decided to try Fig syrup.  After 3 days of taking the dosage for her age she started to poo but Annabelle's problem is that she holds it in!  So I have been changing her bum a lot.  However I would rather it come out that stay in.
  Tonight myself and her daddy sat an hour encouraging her to go on the toilet but I feel she has a fear on pushing.  She tried her best and managed what she could but I still had to change her pull up twice after.
  It is draining, i'm hoping that the fig syrup has helped but she needs to get in a regular routine.  I don't know when it will be but i'm hoping it will be soon, it is mentally and physically tiring.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Why have I choose to Hypnothbirth?

 What is Hypnothbirthing?
'Hypnobirthing  helps expectant Mums and Dads to be more relaxed and feel more in control of labour and the birthing process,  hypnobirthing teaches methods that encourage a natural birth. Most importantly, it takes away the fear and anxiety felt by Mums as they go into labour and puts Mums back in control of the birthing process.  During Hypnobirthing you are taught self hypnosis, breathing techniques and relaxation methods to help you have a more relaxed birth. Some people describe it as a heightened state of awareness, which allows you to remain in control whilst blocking out pain'
  I came across hypnothbirthing whilst googling about how to prevent anxiety in pregnancy.  A few weeks ago I started to panic as I felt the feeling of panic and anxiety and I was so scared as I did/do not want in again.    Hypnotherapy is supposed to help your mind and body as I am not bad enough to go on tablets I needed relief and quick.

 I found that you can buy self help books and cd's as the courses are too expensive for me.  But it was all a bit confusing.  Luckily I joined the Hypnotherapy group on BabyCentre and notice one of the group admins has published a cd and work book as well as that you can join a private group all for £26 so this is what I decided!

 I found a free 12 minute MP3 that you can download to help you relax so prior to my decision I tried it out and the next day felt normal again.  I feel that the reason it has worked as hypnotherapy talks to your sub conscious which is where my anxiety lies.   I have also started listening to other MP3s that I have ordered and they are brilliant!  I feel if only I knew this before, as for me in settles my anxiety and if it helps me labour its a bonus!!
 So I will be using the workbook and CD and practicing what benefits me, over the next 10 weeks and beyond!  I will keep updating you and Please let me know if you are interested in hypnothbirthing or you have hypnothbirthed or just need to relax anxiety!!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

This weeks... Annabelle's funny phrases and Callum's new words

After Annabelle's first afternoon at preschool she became very cheeky!  I said 'Annabelle can you please come inside and have a wee' Annabelle replied 'NO, NEVER' I was gobsmacked

When I cuddled her the other night I said 'I love you Annabelle' and she replied 'I love you mummy'

  When daddy put Annabelle's towel on, she ran to mummy and said 'I'm a Mermaid' as the towel is one you put over head with a mermaid body!

 As she is confused about preschools she said her new nursery is mummy's nursery not Annabelle's nursery school

Callum now lets mummy know when he has pooed by patting his nappy and saying poo! As soon as I get up to get nappy stuff he runs away saying 'Noooo Nap Nap'

When Annabelle was having her poo accident cleaned on nappy mat, Callum insisted it was very important to sit on her head! Luckily Annabelle saw the funny side!!

Callum copied mummy when I said 'Night Night Elmo' 

When Callum sees a train he says 'choo choo' 


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pregnancy Week 29

  I think when you already have children pregnancy is very different!  I am 30 weeks tomorrow and I just don't feel it! I just have to get on with things and don't get time to put my feet up and 'be pregnant'
  I have been very tired due to Annabelle starting Nursery School which ended up making me panicky and anxious.  I luckily changed her from the nursery closest  to my previous job which was a private nursery!  But it's not been plain sailing! Annabelle thinks the nursery down the road is hers and unfortunately doesn't understand that taking her out is for her own good.  I have felt what its like to feel awful for just doing the right thing!  The School have also been funny saying ' There maybe complications as she has already started and they may have applied for funding' Annabelle has done 1 visit not even 2 hours long!! My chosen setting have been supportive and told me not to worry!
  My little baby boy in my tummy is very active, especially at night, little monkey! I end up in giggles as he can't stop wriggling!
  I have only got 10 weeks to go until my due date and I can't believe it!   I have bought a Moses Basket and stand and a sterilizer for when it is needed, that is all and both were from local mummies! I luckily have clothes although I would like to buy a coming home outfit so I can keep and say this was his! The major things I need to purchase is a carseat and a carrycot for my double baby jogger city mini, but would love to buy a item to make breastfeeding discreet in public this will become a must as I found it very daunting both times and actually put me off !
  I am looking forward to relaxing a bit more! Hopefully when I know my little girl is happy!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Choosing Childcare... Decisions Decisions

  My daughter Annabelle had her first visit at Nursery for her free 15 hours yesterday!  I choose a nursery a 5 minute walk which is connected to the local school.  The school has fantastic comments from parents and Ofted so I assumed the Nursery would be the same!
  Unfortunately I wasn't impressed on Annabelle's first visit yesterday and my gut feeling was so strong that I was very upset yesterday!  As I was a nursery nurse I know what should be good practice, what shouldn't, who is fake and who isn't!
   I was just not happy so this morning I decided to get in touch with my friend who works at my old work, a 15 minute drive and off we went for a little visit! Annabelle joined in group time, did a little painting and played with some of the toys! The staff who  I worked with were very understanding of Annabelle's needs and I felt comfortable leaving her in their care!
  She would be doing 3 5hour days which is fantastic as it fits in with Callum's nap time as I was going to struggle with taking Annabelle 1230-3.30 every day!
  She has her first visits next week so crossing my fingers!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pregnancy week 28!

 I am 29 weeks today! It has flown by, properly as I have a 3year old and a 20 month old to contend with! My first pregnancy dragged as I worked and to be honest I felt bigger and more fragile.  This time I actually forget i'm pregnant at times until little man kicks and he reminds me! Fighting for my attention already!!
 This is my third baby but I've not got a big bump, luckily I know I carry smaller babies and have a small bump.  The first pregnancy I was gutted as I wanted the whole world to know i was pregnant! This time I am thankful that I still am comfortable when asleep and some of my non maternity clothes fit me!

Here was my bump the other day

We have decided on a name but will keep it secret until he is born, I mean he could come out a girl if scan was wrong!  Stupidly a few months ago Annabelle heard me say I think he should be called Jack but decided against in the end.  Poor girl is certain he is Jack!

 As i'm prone to anxiety and pregnancy seems to be the time it starts again I have been trying to control it! Luckily came across hypnobirthing.  I found a free mp3 in relaxation and it has helped so much! I will write a seperate post/s as its so interesting.

This weeks... Annabelle's funny phrases and Callum's new words


After asking to sit on my Grandad's sit on mower ....'Princesses sit on horses not tractors Grandad'

Annabelle refuses number twos ... ' Poo says NOOOOOO!

'Princess Annabelle is hungry one more time'

Annabelle had a home visit from Preschool and they asked mummy and daddys names and she was right! She said 'Pictoria' (Victoria) and 'Phil, Daddy's called Phil isn't he mummy' 

 When we were on a weekend holiday we were sat in a resturant, Annabelle says 'There is music on the walls'  What she saw was musical notes in a frame!


Ninnie= Minnie and Mickey Mouse

'Get Down'  Callum is actually telling himself to get down from somewhere

When we drive into my mums close he shouts 'Mamma'

Callum copied me when I said 'No More'

Callum started telling Annabelle off by saying 'nononono' and shaking his first finger at her!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My pregnancy cravings, not food either!!

  When women talk about pregnancy craving I assumed it was food related! Not in my case!  I have an addicted to smells.  My addicted is growing and I am adding more products to my list!  Here they are so far...

  1. It started with Cif Bathroom spray.  I bought it as it was £1 in the £ shop and thought ' I have 1 bath, 2 showers, and 3 sinks and 3 toilets in my house, get cleaning woman!!'  I started spraying and rinsing and was addicted.  I even have started spraying the floor.  Do you wake up in the night for a wee and think ' I would love to spray Cif in here' ?? 
  2. Next addiction was my Ambi Pur 3volution plug in! I only have one in the hall as I wanted a nice smell when I walked through the door! I have in on all the time and love love the smell! I think its the Japan essence range! Its from savers so best get there quick as its nearly gone!!
  3. When I went to Manchester shopping we stopped for lunch in a chinese and when I went the loo I thought ' I really fancy going swimming' I did think strange why I want to go swimming until my friend mentioned its the bleach smell!  So what anti bac did I buy domestos!! So my kitchen is always lovely and clean.  I do get comments saying they love the smell too but guess they dnt want to go swimming every time they smell it!
  4. Persil washing powder, how amazing! I love opening the cleaning cupboard as get a good wiff! I also love smelling my clothes once been washed!!
  5. I love having a bubble bath every night with my aldi radox! I love smelling the bubbles!
  6. Latest ( at the moment) Dove soap! who wouldn't like the smell?
So there is my 'smell' addiction list! What pregnancy does to you!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

An Update ...

Hi, its been quite a while since i've posted! I won't go into everything to bore you.  Heres a little update.

I am expecting baby number 3, another boy! He is due in November so only 11 weeks left until my due date.  We are all very excited!!  I have changed the name of my blog to suit my growing family.

Annabelle is 3 and is starting her Nursery School next week.  It will be every afternoon for 3 hours.  She is ready and can't wait to start.

Callum is 20 months old now, i can't believe it! He is starting to act like a toddler now, his language is starting, the words he says that i understand are 'get down'  'minnie' and  'no' .  He loves transport toys and loves joining in with his big sister.

 We have just moved to a 4 bed house so we have plenty of room for our growing family.  10 minute walk to the nursery, close to my parents and Phils work.

 I have decided that I am ready to get back into blogging so here I am :)

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