Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Callum and his wind!

Since Callum was born he has suffered with trapped wind and lots of it!!!

  I breastfed him at first which was new to me really as I could only manage a week and a half with Annabelle.  Once I fed him, it would take about an hour and a half to settle him, he would cry and want to scrunch up.  This was very difficult as I couldn't spend much time with Annabelle and it was very tiring for me.  His little tummy was rock hard all the time and he couldn't straighten his legs!  I tried a bottle with some of my milk and   he seemed a lot better so I decided to benefit Callum Bottle feeding it was!!

   As Annabelle was on Hipp Organic, this is the brand I went for but Callum wanted to have a feed every 2 hours and took ages to get all his wind up!  I tried hungry baby milk, he was no different so back to stage 1.  I  switched to Cow and gate comfort, no different and settled for cow and gate stage 1.  By this time Callum was a bit more active and in the day was better, evening came, he was like a different Child.  he would drink his milk and I would be winding him for 2 hours, He would give a burp approx every 10 mins!!  This went on for a few more months.  I had tried every winding position possible but nothing worked.

  I then took him the doctors and asked if they would test him for colic, he was that bad it must be, I also saw a different doctor who claimed 'Colic' isnt real and that colief doesn't work!! He told me to just leave him, now thats easier said than done with a child in pain and a 2 year old thats asleep in the same room!! What else could a mum do??  The tests came back that his didn't have colic.

  So my new tactic was to give him his last bottle earlier as his bottle was 7 and it was 9 when he was settled and asleep!!  So 5 was his bottle,  little supper at 630 and bed at 7, now this worked for about a week until he became more hungry in the night! So back to last feed at 7.

 Callum's wind is still not better and he can't sleep until his wind and hiccups( which he gets a lot) have gone then hes much happier! Callum is very clingy and won't go off to sleep without my comfort.

 The only positive recently is that the born free bottles really suit him and seem to bring the wind and hiccups up fast!

  I just hope he grows out of it soon as it was 9 oclock again tonight!!


  1. Hiii, how old is calum? When neo was born he had horrendous colic, trapped wind, hiccups, wouldn't sleep on his back, constantly cried and was generally a nightmare bless him. I tried everything from colief to infacol to baby gaviscon. And then finally I found two things that were like miracle fixes. First was a herbal remedy called colic calm, you can only get this online line an it looks weird cos its completely black, but was amazing at settling him. Then my other find was a cranial osteopath. Google it cos its hard to explain, but it was one of the best things I ever did. After the first session he slept for hours as was just so comfortable and relaxed, by second session he was a different baby. I couldn't recommend it highly enough. It's like gentle physio/ massage for babies. Neo had severe constipation too and everything was fixed in 1 session. Best of luck, sorry to have rambled there, its just I remember like it was yday how hard it was and the docs were useless and gave me no answers.
    Let us know how goes.
    Rach :)

  2. Thank you so much Rach!!!

    Callum is 6 months and still got the problems!! I have never heard of the colic remedy! Did Neo have Colic? or just similar problems?
    I have heard of the cranial Osteopath, I have been considering googling. That is brilliant, I am defiantly going to take him to one!! How many sessions did you have?
    Its lovely that you've taken your time to help :) Thank You so much and yes the docs have been useless xx

  3. Yes docs are uselss! He had colic and a few other issues also. he used to scream come night time and like calum it used to take me hours (literally) to wind him. He just never seemed comfy either.
    It only took us 2 sessions at the osteopath and even after 1st session he was 90% better.
    Also the link for the colic calm which defo did help is:

    Beware it does look weird cos of the colour, and it does stain, but calms them practically instantly.
    I'm so happy i can help, i felt so alone when Neo was collicky and nobody could help so i just started googling and finding out as much as i could.
    Wishing you and calum lots of love and luck!

  4. Brilliant!! Thank You Hun!! Will keep you updated xx


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