Thursday, 26 December 2013

Homemade Lightbulb Christmas Snowman Decoration

I decided to take part in a crafty competition from LightBulbs-Direct.  They are offering  the chance to redecorate old and plain light bulbs into exciting new Christmas ‘light bulble’ baubles, with the added bonus of being able to win a £100 John Lewis gift card prize! 

So I decided to enter!

The entries can be decorated using any original or festive crafting materials, and can be hung from the tree, arranged in an artful display, or displayed however you wish!

 Annabelle ( 4 years) wanted to create a Christmas Snowman for the Tree so we used a old bulb and a bauble from the Christmas Tree and we wrapped them up in Christmas Wrapping Paper.  Annabelle had a great time and I am not going to lie so did I! So then we Sellotape them together to make the head and body.  Now every Snowman Needs a Scarf! So two ribbons did the trick.  Annabelle added the eyes and then both Annabelle and Callum finger painted the body with glitter glue! 
Annabelle Having a Great Time with the Glitter Glue

Very Happy with her Snowman

Callum Loves his Creation

'Now I am Home' Said the Snowman :)

It was a very easy enjoyable activity.  The best thing was the children's faces, happy with their accomplishment ! 

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