Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wild Sheep Baby Teething Necklace Review

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I was very excited to review the Dark honey Wild Sheep Baby Teething Necklace as I was so intrigued as I had been hearing so much about Amber Necklaces and how they really help with teething!
 I did think how can a Necklace help with teething??? A friend mentioned to me that her baby used to cry when the necklace was taken off, so I assumed that her baby felt less teething pain with the amber necklace!!  I just had to find out more!!

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   Wild Sheep kindly send me one of their amber necklaces, this came in a lovely little bag with a information leaflet which informs you of caring for the Necklace, how to clean them, about activating the neckalace(warmth of the skin), the healing powers of amber and about the amber necklace as a baby teething remedy so lots of information each parent wants to be informed of!
  On the front 'Wild Sheep' states the necklace is made from 100% Baltic Amber, also with the following interesting facts

  • A traditional European remedy for baby teething
  • A natural analgestic, amber will help calm your baby
  • Help infants stay calm and more relaxed during teething
  • Anti inflammatory and therapeutic properties
 First impressions of the Amber Necklace were it looks fab, very strong and interesting, the clasps screw on and very tight so annabelle wouldn't be able to get it of him if she tried!!  I did find there is a little nac in getting  the necklace on, bit embarrasing but my mum helped, but I find this a good thing as very child safe! (mummy safe also) !!
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 Callum looks a cool little dude with it on and was a happy chappy!!  He didn't mess with it once and fit his little neck perfectly, I choose 29cm for him he is 6 months, I would say he would easily fit that until he is 8/9 months!!
  I love the face this necklace is benefiting my son!!

 Here is 'Wild Sheep' Website -  They also have other products, special offers and Giveaways :)

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