Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bargain Buy! Owl Cushion from Home Bargains

I was very happy to find these Owl Cushions in my local Home Bargains the other day.  I've always wanted one but to tell the truth the prices were just too high for a cushion and I have other things to pay for at the moment.

 I couldn't believe the price when I saw them that I picked two up instantly! They cost £3.99 each! 

 I didn't realise that they would be such a big hit with Annabelle and Callum, they even tucked the owls up for a sleep.

The Cushion owls sit on our bay windows in the living room and look fab!

 I am not sure if every Home Bargains are selling them but its worth a look if you love these cushions!

Happy Easter!!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Teaching Children right and wrong! My daughter the little thief :)

  Yesterday I took all 3 children to the local retail park and whilst I wasn't looking Annabelle put a book in the  bottom of the pram.  When I got to the car I noticed and as I am an honest person and want to teach my children that stealing is wrong I took it back and made Annabelle say sorry. Annabelle put her head down and it seemed she knew she wasn't to do that.   My friend thanked me for being honest and it actually made me feel good.  I am an honest individual and that's how I want my children to be.

 Like most children Annabelle has done this a couple more times, a couple of weeks ago I saw her slyly put 1 mini egg in her mouth obviously from the pic n mix, I actually pretended I didn't see as I don't think a checkout Lady or man wants a wet mini egg.  The funniest 'steal' my daughter did was when she was 1.  We had just walked out of clothes shop and all of a sudden Annabelle lifts up a HUGE pair of bright yellow thongs.  In the middle of the town.  I was in shock and quickly ran back to the shop.

Annabelle is only 3 and doesn't even know what stealing is and in their world everything is theirs.

I am hoping that she will get to the age where she understands you can't just take what you please.

Has this happened to you?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

I would love to be a 2013 Official Toy Reviewer for The Toadstool

 The Toadstool are on the search for Toy Reviewers for 2013 and I would LOVE Love Being a Mummy Blog to be apart of it.

  Annabelle, Callum and Joseph, like all children love a good toy to play with and like all parents I want the toy to be from a respectful company, that the toy is safe and lasts a long time.  Their favourite toys are currently  are dressing up costumes.  Callum doesn't care if hes wearing a girls shoe he is exploring and having fun and that is what play is all about.  Learning as they play.

It would be a fantastic opportunity for my little tots to be apart of.  Here are some of the lovely toys that you can find on the The Toadstool.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

We Love Sensory Play!!

Last week whilst Annabelle was at preschool I decided to book the local sensory room at one of the children centre's for an hour of relaxing! The last time I went Callum was about 6 months old.

I am glad I went. There was more equipment which made it so much better for toddlers.  Callum loved it and it was lovely to see him exploring and loving all the colours.  It was like I was experiencing something new.  Amazing Feeling.

Whilst Joseph decided to sleep Callum and I bonded which doesn't happen these days.  He is still a baby really!

We will defiantly be going back at least a few times a month!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bedtime stories with Barnie and Arnie on Nick Jr. Love!!!!

 Have you watched bedtime story on Nick Jr. at 7.15pm? I have to admit we do watch Nick Jr in the day but didn't realise they have a 'bedtime' section from 6pm.   
  We were sent a little goody bag from Nick Jr with a dvd of one of the bedtime stories called 'The Princess and the Pea'.  The children were very excited as they spotted the characters immediately   I have to admit the bag is fantastic and can't wait to show it off at nursery :)

 Here is Annabelle and Callum with their goody bag! 

 What did we all think of the dvd 'Bedtime story with Arnie and Barnie, The Princess and the Pea'

 My thoughts were that the setting was very calming due to the scene and the colours used.  Arnie and Barnie are two small characters that are dressed ready for bedtime including bedtime hats, they are very cute.  Warming little Characters!
  A well known Celebrity is reading the story, in this story its Konnie Huq who I watched in Blue Peter when a child.  Arnie and Barnie ask Konnie questions just as some children would.  
  I think its fantastic as it teaches Children (and parents) that as well as reading a story it is very important to talk about it and make sure the child understands what is happening.

 My Children loved it and I could tell that they listened as Annabelle wanted to draw a pea as well as using a barbie dress as a Arnie and Barnie bedtime hat! They had lots of fun! So did I!

 I will defiantly be snuggling on the sofa with the children at 6 pm and watching 'Bedtime' on Nick Jr.

 p.s. We were sent the Goody bag for review and all opinions are my own !

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This Friday at 1230pm- Live Interview for Nick Nr all about Bedtime Stories....

Show date: Friday 22nd March

Show time: 12:30pm

Where?? Here on this post!!!

Nick Jr are having a Live Interactive WebTv Interview with Helena Dowling, Becky Overton and Holly Driscoll will be chatting all about the importance of children's bedtime stories as well as tips for us parents and also you can ask any questions to the ladies and hopefully they will be able to answer them!

So here are the ladies on the show...

Becky Overton- British Children's writter whose stories are featured on a bedtime story with Arnie and Barnie over on Nick Nr and read by well known celebrities such as kimberly Wyatt.

Helena Dowling- Nick Jr Presenter

Holly Driscoll- Blogger at dolly and daydreams 

Many parents can find bedtime stressful, but that needn’t be the case. Reading bedtime stories can really help your children relax and fall asleep more easily, and create an emotional bond between parent and child. Not only does a bedtime story help create a sense of occasion but it can also give children something to really look forward to before they turn out the light.

While some of us might lack confidence in our ability to read to our children, some of us are unsure of what tone or volume to use, or even what stories are suitable for bedtime reading - fear not, help is at hand.

So if you are worried about how you can read your children bedtime stories, don’t know exactly what the benefits of reading with your little ones are or want to share your tips and advice to other parents, then log onto our live show.

Why not submit a question below in the box???

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mums need more treats that Mothers Day don't you agree?

 Mums.... We need more time out to relax don't you think? I remember Phil(the dad) saying 'What do you want for Mother's Day?' I said 'Some peace and Quiet' I have to say I got lots of lovely goodies but no time out!  What a shocker!!

  Thinking back though the first and only holiday Phil and I had abroad was in 2008! We went to turkey and it was amazing other than the scary Turkish Men :) We had the sun and sea and most of all time!! Didn't know it then and I was desperate to have a baby! 

 I am sure that we will go abroad as a family in the future but Phil and I do need some 'us time' to be just a couple.  Not have to have the same convesation onthe way out ' where's the nappies? Is the milk ready?  You get the children ready?' It would be wonderful to head down to London City and wear a gorgeous dress and have time to smile at each other!

Where would we go??

 Situated on Sloane Street, in one of the best shopping areas in central London, this contemporary hotel is perfectly positioned for visiting many of the British capital's greatest shops and attractions. These include Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Harrods and Harvey Nichols, as well as Hyde Park, the Royal Albert Hall and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

 I was also asked if I wanted a little treat which is also available at all the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels.  The L'Occitane hand creams were so fancy in beautiful packaging which I think reflects the look of the hotels! All 3 smelt gorgeous and my hands were treated for once!

 Spring Blossom Hand Collection by L’Occitane

Monday, 18 March 2013

I had a panic attack last night :(

 I have always suffered from anxiety but at certain times of my life has been worse. After children particularly.
 Last night Joseph woke with a cough so I went downstairs to get the medicine and decided to make a cup of tea for my sore throat.  I started panicking about my eyes going funny as they have in the middle of night  but only happened when I thought about it. All of a sudden I felt weird, I was very lightheaded.  Rushed upstairs with the medicine.  The feeling intensified and I opened the window for fresh air and it didn't help so a collapsed on the floor.  I was panicking as I didn't know what was happening.  My other half was saying come sit on the bed but I was scared.  I was shouting to get me to the hospital as I thought I was going to pass out.  He then got me to do deep breaths then my heart was beating so fast I could hear it! I then calmed a bit then started shaking!
 I knew after it was a panic attack,  I have been doing too much and stressing about housework and also the fact my other half is being made redundant soon.  He was trying to find a job in London but living in Cheshire its so far we wouldn't see him all week.  I just accepted consciously but I guess my sub conscious was worrying.
 So my plan is too firstly relax when at home today and not run around like a headless chicken.  Relax and enjoy cuddles with my children.  Get a chart ready to help me to remember my tablets for anxiety. My other half said he will look for  jobs in Manchester so thats a weight lifted off my shoulders.

 I am grateful Phil was there to calm me down and that my mum was there on the phone at 6am.

 I feel for anyone that suffers from anxiety, pnd or panic!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Recipe- Lemon Meringue Bakes

 Now I have made these a few times and they are delicious! I have to mention that they taste like lemon meringue but these bakes do not have the actual meringue on top.  They are so yummy!  I actually was impressed with my baking skills, I mean the recipe that I made them as a mothers day gift.

 Here was my mum's gift and she loved it!

So do you want to know the recipe???

This is what you need...

  • 150g Plain Flour
  • 90g of Unsalted Butter ( chilled and diced )
  • 50g Icing Sugar
For the Topping you will need

  • 2 eggs
  • 175g Caster Sugar
  • Finely grated rind and Juice of 1 Large Lemon
  • 15ml Plain Flour
  • 2.5 ml Bicarbonate of soda
  • Icing Sugar for Dusting
Preheat Oven at 180 degrees
Line the base of cake tin and lightly greased tin

  1. Add the Flour, Butter and Icing Sugar and make into a dough
  2. Press the dough down into the cake tray-NOTE- Put this in the oven for approx 12-15minutes until golden
  3. Break the eggs into a bowl and and whisk until fluffy
  4. Add the caster sugar very slowly and whisk
  5. Grate and use a lemon juicer 
  6. Add the flour and Bicarbonate of soda
  7. Add the lemon rind and juice and whisk until mixed 
  8. Pour over the cooked pastry and cook for 25 minutes until set and golden
Try and let it cool a bit then dust with icing sugar then ENJOY!!!

This Recipe is from The Cookie and Biscuit Bible by Catherine Atkinson- Its called Luscious Lemon Bars but I Changed the name as they taste like Lemon Meringue

Do you have any Lemon Recipes?? Please Share!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hate the cost of your energy bills? Here's some Old Fashioned Tips ...

  We have a 4 bed house and I know we have the heating on a little too much.  Party because the last house was F-R-R-E-E-E-E-Z-Z-I-N-N-G and we like the fact you press on and walla!! However if I sit down and think about it we could be cutting our cost by doing some simple things.  I have been sent 20 Tips by Everest Windows which they have called 'Cold Wives Tales' and we should be doing some of them.  

This infographic is provided by 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Just a slice of what it's really like to be a Stay at Home Mum to 3 Children under 4!

 Driving to my other halfs work a little late as usual he turned to me and said...

' Can you write a routine today?'

'What for?'

'As we need to be more organised in the morning'

' Why do I need to write a routine for myself I get myself and 3 children ready as quick as I possibly can'

'I think we can still be more organised'

'Why are you going to actually help??'

'Err Yes just write the routine and we will go through it after work'

'I think we should write it together tonight'

'No you do it today when your at home'

So this is what happened and I should maybe not watch jeremy kyle (as I have time) and write the routine plan instead.

  I do not think my other half will ever understand that if I sit down all day we won't be able to eat off plates.
 As I am the ONLY one that actually washes up as apparently I like it.   I usually am washing up night and day time dishes as soon as I get the chance.
 Once I am stranded in the kitchen I have 2 toddlers follow me as Kitchen equals food.
  If I am in the kitchen they decide that they want a drink.  Then they rush of into the living room where they is obviously going to make a mess on the cream carpet.  So I have to run after them and bring them back into the kitchen.
  As I am the only one that wipes the surfaces I am usually looking for a clean cloth as somebody leaves a soaking wet cloth on the side.  This may be if one- the other half needs a cup.
  Once the washing up is done I brush the kitchen as somehow it is a magnet for unwanted food.  Then the washing and drying needs sorting as If I didn't do it we wouldn't have clean clothes.
 Joseph then wakes up and screams the house down for a bottle.  So hopefully a cooled bottle is on the side or I am trying to make up a bottle with 1 screaming baby and 2 toddlers asking for things.
 I am sorry for being totally selfish but I make myself a cup of tea as I would like to sit down and enjoy a rest.
Then I am winding Joseph, Changing his bum, making sure he has had his anti reflux medicine.  Making sure that my daughter does or doesn't need the toilet.  Making sure my son isn't messing in the sink in the downstairs Loo.  Making sure My daughter isn't pulling the petals from the indoor plant.  Stopping arguments between my daughter and son.  Trying to build them a tent trying to teach my son it isnt a trampoline and you have to go under not over.
 Tidying up the carpets as I don't want to end up with broken ankles.
 Oh its lunchtime.. In the Kitchen.... toddlers follow... 'I want Icecream  I want biscuits' 'No its dinnertime' 'Were having Jacket Potatoes and Beans' 'Noooooo ( crying 3 year old) Still trying to cook dinner....
Sat at the table, son has had enough so without warning chucks his on the floor and the rest seems to be on his hands face and clothes.  So I have to get him off without getting myself dirty find clothes.  Find him something to play with.

 The list goes on and this is a day to day Norm with 3 Children.  Just as I finish writing my 3 year old says
'Mummy i'm hungry'
'Come on'
'Come on Mummy'

 Oh I must get that Routine list done.......

My week that was- Link Up


 Annabelle was back at Preschool which she loves and to be very honest I do too! Its very hard to get jobs done in the town when you have a 3 year old that would like to touch everything in each shop.  I stayed at home with the boys as Callum had just got better from his bug however he still was very clingy so getting housework done was hard.  So we enjoyed cuddles :)


 It was my grandmas birthday and we had planned to go over in the afternoon with her present and card.  About 30 minutes before we were about to set of I found callum in a ball on the carpet and as he looked up I knew straight away he had conjunctivitis   I wiped his eye and waited and 15 minutes later it was back.  So I had to phone my grandmas and let them down but they were happy not to see us as they understand its contagious.  So I put their coats on and took them to my local sainsburys chemist and luckily they did the scheme and he was given the eyedrops after a consultation.  When we got home he happily let me put 1 drop in his eye but he went mad and kicked and screamed so it was a battle to get the drops in.  I am happy we got it so fast.


 Another day at preschool for Annabelle and I had to carry Callum in as I couldn't leave them in the car.  I honestly don't know what I would do if he was poorly and annabelle was fine.  After a relaxing day at home we met our scary crazy neighbour who was driving her car whilst her 2 year old was on a scooter and thought it was a wise decision to give me the worst look like i had said the meanest thing.  In fact I was more concerned about her daughter than she was.  I later found out that she had then caused a scene with other mums and abandoned her car.  I have noticed that she has disappeared again.  Thankfully! Joseph loved tummy time for the first time and can support his neck so well. We were still having an eye drops battle :(


As Callum was still unwell Phil took the car so we were stuck in but at the end of the day we wouldn't leave the house anyway.  It was lovely to have the children bathed and in their pjs for 630.  This never happens as we collect Phil from work at 615!  I also had make a gammon dinner which went down very well with Annabelle, Callum not so much!!


 Another preschool day and another day at home!  I do find that even though I am at home I still do not have 5 minutes peace.  When Annabelle is at home we are regulary trying to combat her poo problems and it is very stressful.  I have to watch her if she goes quiet and drop anything I am doing to dash her to the toilet when she is withholding.  I did manage to make a yummy sausage cassarole.  Callum was suffering with a bad cold poor little man hes not had the best fortnight so he had a duvet day :)


 It was a sunny morning here in Cheshire and I took some lovely photos of my little man as I noticed he has started to teeth as he constantly was knawing on his hands.  Luckily Callum is better as it was my friends daughters 2nd Birthday Party and it was a place called Chillfactor.  It is mainly a indoor ski slope but has a section of snow play.  Callum looks hilarious in his padded coat and apron.  They had a great time and so did Phil and I.  We were very tired after though.


 Another party day for us on sunday as it was my brothers 6th Birthday Party so we had an afternoon at the playbarn! It was also Phils( My other half) 28th Birthday but due to the upcoming redundancy we are keeping to a strict budget so unfortunatly wasn't the best birthday! Once money is better I can spoil him even though it will be the money he earned! Oh well!!

 How was your week? If you want to join in click HERE onto Real Housewife of Suffolk County's Blog!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Budget Meal- Poached Egg A La Grandma!!

 When I had Annabelle as a baby I used to go my grandmas on a wednesday and once she made me this and it has become my all time favourite lunch time meal.  It is easy to make which is ideal for people like myself.  You wouldn't think that the ingredients together would go but it is so tasty!  My children both love this recipe too!

 Poached Egg A La Grandma

 You will need

  • Eggs( how many you want each)
  • Vinegar
  • Bread(fresh bread is the best)
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms( I didn't have any in but I usually add mushrooms)
Cheese Sauce
  • Plain flour
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Cheese
Please note I cheat with cheese sauce and prefer a thick sauce so I add a big Desert spoonful of Plain flour and Butter and keep adding the milk until its at my prefered consistency.  Then I add my preffered amount of cheese.  If this is your first time making cheese sauce google the measurements.

How to make?

Step 1
  • Make the cheese sauce-Please note I cheat with cheese sauce and prefer a thick sauce so I add a big Desert spoonful of Plain flour and Butter and keep adding the milk until its at my preferred consistency.  Then I add my preferred amount of cheese.  If this is your first time making cheese sauce google the measurements.

Step 2
  • Fry the onions and mushrooms for approx 5 minutes until soft
Step 3
  • Boil a pan of water- Pour about 2 inches of water in.  Add a few drops of vinegar and stir
Step 4
  • Crack open the eggs into a cup one by one and slowly pour into the pan.  The vinegar helps the eggs stay together. Cook until the white is hard.
Step 5
  • Toast the bread
Step 6
  • Add them together....

And Enjoy!!!

Do let me know if you've made my recipe! What do you think?

                                                           Victoria xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

My advice for helping a child who suffers constipation and soiling

As I have told you my little girl has had a huge trouble doing her poo's.  It has been going on since June and a couple of months ago I decided that the problem was getting worse.  I did a lot of research as the doctor was beyond useless.  Annabelle is so much better and has gone from soiling 10+ times a day to telling me she needs a poo.  We have done this on our own.  We are not there yet but she has come leaps and bounds and I am so very proud of her.

This is how we turned a corner......

How did we combat Constipation?

  • I researched why she was soiling.  It is because of a blockage and as the big poo is stuck the runny poo seeps round the blockage and they have no control over this.  
  • I then had to find out how to get rid of the blockage... we used movicol.
  • I then had to research how movicol works and the effects after the blockage as I needed to know what was normal.  
  •   I got told by a lady in the continence office at the doctors via phone that as she is 3 and a small 3 year old in size I gave her 1 sachet with approx 60mls of juice and gave it her in the morning. We then had to stick to 1 sachet at the same time and wait for it to soften the poo. When the blockage was there we could feel it in her tummy and so we gave her a good long tummy massage.  We could feel lots of popping/wind in her tummy and she was able to release some gas which thinking about it she never did.  We waited 4 long days and she couldn't hold it any longer.  I have to let you know it was large and very painful for her.  We talked about a present she will get once it is out and it really helped her.
  • You have to know that once the blockage is out a LOT of rubbish poo will follow and we kept a nappy on as it was so sludgy.  This happened for a couple of days as there was a lot of backlog.  
  • Keep taking the sachet/s even though there will probably be lots of accidents and if like Annabelle she was probably so impacted. We have been naive before and thought the movicol was making her worse but just stick to it and eventually she/he will stop soiling.
  • Next look into food and drinks.  The usual lots of fibre and water/juice.  Lots of fruits like raisins   We had to stop giving her bananas and bread other that a bit of wholemeal.  The whole household stopped with her and we love wholemeal now.  Do search for more.
  • We then realised she wasn't constipated exactly.  She was withholding causing the blockages.   I then had to research how to help with this problem.
  •  I found out about a charity called ERIC which has lots of information and has a fantastic facebook page with links to downloads as well as a helpline.
How we helped combat Soiling?
  • First I reseached Soiling and found it is very common and usual is behavioural which explained why my daughter who development was fine was withholding.  It started when moving from nappy to potty.  I should have sorted her slight constipation issue first.
  • We then used a Reward Chart HERE
  • Lots of talking about poo and pooland- I found a story on youtube
  • lots of praise and encouragement
  • having a potty nearby
  • Do not let your child sit on potty or toilet for too long.  If possible let them play at home pantless as if like my daughter will not want to poo on the floor and tells me but if she had pants on would be happy to poo in there.
  • Realise that you need to find the right dose of movicol for his or her system. Also not you will have sloppy poo's for a while.
  • I found out about a charity called ERIC which has lots of information and has a fantastic facebook page with links to downloads aswell as a helpline.
  • Also ask at your local doctors for a referral.  Even if you need guidance for when to stop movicol.
 I really hope I have helped and please comment or send me an email if you found it helpful as I would love to know I have helped another parent and child x

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