Monday, 28 January 2013

Going to start entering competitions again

The reason for this post is that I have been meaning to start back comping again but my blog facebook and twitter just got in the way.
 I have won some great prizes and think its time to see what I could win again.

Top 5 things I would love to win

  1. some money- this would be great! 
  2. a holiday- we haven't been abroad since '08' so this would be amazing
  3. Clothes- Much needed after being pregnant
  4. straightners-mine are getting old
  5. stuff to make my house pretty
:Lets see how we do in february and I will post back :)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Britmums Live 2013- Please Sponsor Me

  I have now been blogging for a year and a half and think its time I attended Britmums live.

  Love Being a Mummy has become a major part of my life since I started it.  I have been able to make friends online, write down my problems and the children's milestones, review amazing products to recommend online and to family and friends.   I have also something for me as a stay at home mum.   I have grown it confidence personally and I believe my writing style has improved also.

 I have read and watched great things from the amazing event and believe it will help me as a blogger and you as a brand.  I would love to attend this fabulous event in London on  Fri. 21 June (evening) and Sat. 22 June 2013 9 – 6 pm in Central London venue.  I would love to work with a brand that is compatible to my blog that I would love to promote.  In return for sponsoring me for Britmums Live 2013 I promise to

  • To have the brands badge on my homepage for at least a year with the link to your website
  • A post Introducing you as my Britmums Live Sponsor
  • Your Brand mentioned in all my posts and tweets about Britmums Live
  • To use/or wear your product if applicable
  • To review any of your products to help promote
  • To host any Competitions for you
  • I would hand out business cards for you
 What do I need in return?

  •   The cost of the conference ticket £80 
  •  I am also looking for sponsorship towards travel via train and overnight stay 

 If you would like to work with me and my 3 children Please email me

Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Mothers Instinct is so important

  So since Joseph was showing signs of being unsettled which got worse I realised his symptoms was silent reflux.  After speaking to one doctor who turned to me and said that it is not reflux I was fuming and was going to fight until someone took us seriously.  After another trip to out of hours and then another trip to the doctors, getting told that his case was not serious enough and we had to wait until the referral I was so cross.  I think the doctor knew I wasn't going to give up and rang the hospital to ask for the dosage.  I did feel that the doctors were more concerned about there budgets than my son.  In fact the first doctor did mention budgets to me a patient!
  So after taking the ranitadine which is reduces the amount of acid produced by your stomach he has turned into a different baby! He would hardly ever smile and when he did he would cry about 5 seconds later.  He would cry unless he was having his milk.  I felt helpless.  Now he sits there happily watching everyone, smiles a lot and cries very little.  He is a happy baby.  I think he looks healthier too, his skin was so dry and now its clear.
  I am so glad I never gave up.  It shows that the mother knows their baby best even when they don't have the qualifications that a doctor does.

Here is Joseph with Reflux

Here is Joseph now on the Ranitadine 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little man

  Callum was 2 years old today!  Those last 2 years have flown by and that beautiful little baby has turned into a caring, funny, beautiful little boy that I am so proud of.

  I cannot believe how much he has changed from this photo!  I can tell he is going to keep us amused even more not he has started talking.

 Today both Annabelle and I sang Happy Birthday very softly as he was half asleep, as you do! He was not impressed and nearly grabbed the cover to go back bed until I mentioned presents!! This was 8am too!!

 He opened his main present from us, a chuggington remote control toy and next minute Annabelle says 'wow Callum a tool kit' she had opened his other present, though he didn't care!  Not this year anyhow!

 My Dad and Step mum had bought him a big boys bed and wanted to set it up as a surprise.  Somehow I didn't think this one through... Callum's Birthday night, shattered in a bad mood as so tired, first night in a big bed = bad Idea!!!  Luckily after about an hour of tantrums and screams daddy saved the day as mummy was talking to Annabelle who didn't understand what was wrong with her brother.  How could he not like this bed

Will you stick to your New Year Resolution this year?

  This year I haven't made a resolution but I have said what I hope to do in 2013 here.  I prefer to have a weekly goal than a yearly one! For instance if I feel like its time to tone up I will start a fitness class however I am very lucky to not struggle with my weight! I mean having 3 under 4 years is a work out in itself.

  I came across U.K's's survey which I thought was interesting.  There is a lot of people like myself who don't make a resolution.  Here are the stats...

According to a recent survey of 1,500 UK customers, much of the UK has opted against setting a New Year Resolution - 41% of the survey of both men and women said that they simple hadn’t put any personal goals in place for 2013.
And it would seem that those with good intentions (59%) are without the resolve to stick things out: 20% said they have already broken their resolution while 655 believe that they will throw in the towel after a month.
The resolutions that were set break down as follows:
-35% want to lose weight
- 20% want to get fit
- 15% want to give up smoking
-10% want to go on an adventure
- 10% want to get more in touch with technology
- 5% want to meet a new partner

 I know what I do need to do this year though, treat myself more often with a gift experience such a a spa day.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Reflux Update- A little bit of Hope

 Sunday night was horrible as always as I was getting mentally and physically drained.  All night I kept crying even when he eventually went to sleep.  My other half kept telling me it was going to get better but I just felt helpless as it seemed I could not comfort my own little boy which made me feel down and upset.  I know it is all down to the reflux.  The next doctors appointment to try to get some pain relief for my boy was looming,  It was all I could think about, what was he going to say, please don't say I can't help you, your son is fine.  
  I asked my other half to come for support which is was happy about as he has had enough too.  Off we went with the 3 children again.  The doctor asked the usual 'so what seems to be the problem then'  I said My little boy HAS reflux as I was not being fobbed off again.  He said the same, I can't prescribe anything other that gaviscon which I know is untrue as my friend in the next door doctors( we have 3 on the same floor in the building)  is.  He asked to take a look at him and got asked 'Is he bringing his milk up? I said no but he has got reflux as its not just went you bring it up' He said ' I know' in a nice doctor way unlike the stupid doctor from the other day.  He then asked how I was doing in myself to which I said 'not good' which is true.  I mentioned i'm prone to anxiety and he said 'we need to help you too'.
  I'm very grateful that the doctor rang the hospital and they told him to prescribe what I asked for ranitadine however still feel that should have been done on friday.  The milk I started him on on saturday is emfamil ar which i've heard and read may be a great combination.  

 So Joseph has had a bottle and ranitadine at 7 oclock, had to be rocked to sleep as he was fighting it at 830 and it is nearly 1am (yes my body clock is all out) and hes still asleep.  I'm guessing he will want a bottle soon.  I really hope its taking effect.  This is not a usual!  

Friday, 18 January 2013

Why did my doctor have to be so rude? My poor little boy :(

  I decided to take Joseph to the doctors this morning due to the fact the baby gaviscon was not helping his reflux and he still was obviously in pain.  I had been told by 3 doctors with callum who suffered similar symptoms that its just a phase.  I would like them to know that at nearly 2 he still has wind.  So today was determined not to walk away with nothing.
  In the thick snow with 3 children I took them to the doctors, not ideal but as it was a friday I didn't want to go to the out of hours.  As soon as I mentioned reflux she said ' is he being sick and putting on weight?' 'No' then he is fine.  I was shocked.  I started to read out a list I had brought in as when at the doctors my brain goes to mush, every one she rolled her eyes!! One thing is frequent hiccups that are very high pitched and last 20 mins +, her reply was '(laughs in a horrible doctor way) I can't do anything for hiccups'  I was angry by this point.  My reply was ' I know but I am trying to tell you all his symptoms.  She dismissed everything.  Just said he is healthy.  I cannot prescribe anything, I mentioned milk and another medicine, she asked the name in a abrupt way.  As I couldn't remember due to the fact I was gob smacked she then said ' I cannot hand out medicines we have a budget'.( gobsmacked by this comment).
  During the whole time Joseph was crying.  I said he is obviously in pain.  She then said there is nothing she can do.  I immediatly asked for a referral to the hospital as I need answers.  She was so dismissive, I said 'you are trying to tell me there is nothing wrong with my son, can you not hear him?' She did do the referral however I could tell she didn't want too.  She didn't look at Joseph, ask to look at him, feel his tummy.  What kind of care was this?  Did she think I would drag 3 children out in the freezing weather?  I was there for a dam good reason.  I mentioned that I am so close to feeling anxious again which is true.  Quite frankly she made me worse.  I had to hold back the tears to the car in which I phoned the other half who wrote a email of complaint.

  We did go to the out of hours this evening and spoke to a doctor that did listen but said only my gp can prescribe more than gaviscon.  That stupid doctor said he could have nothing.  Joseph got looked at and listened to each symptom and agreed it was reflux.  It helped that his son had it.  He said keep pushing which is good to hear from a doctor.

 I would like the first doctor to think... If you had terrible acid heartburn how would you feel if you were told to suffer and get on with it?  Stop being a robot (reflux is only vomiting milk and not putting on weight) learn the facts and do your job!!

Little Joseph's been suffering with silent reflux

 First Joseph has tongue tie, now he has reflux.

Since Joseph was fully formula fed he has been very unsettled especially in the evenings.  He has been acting just like his big brother was when he was a baby.  However 2 doctors dismissed Callum's wind problems as he was putting on weight!

 Joseph's Symptoms

  • Not settling from 7pm until 2 am.  Just little cat naps in this time. Moaning like he is pain.
  • Arching back after feed along with crying.
  • Acting like he is starving as soon as he has opening one eye from his sleep.  Constantly hungry if awake.
  • Hiccups after most feeds- Very high pitched hiccups which last 20 mins.  In this time he is wriggling around in discomfort.
  • A lot of wind
  • Grunting/ sneezing
  • Only settles in the car seat in the day.
  • hear bubbles 
  • Not able to put him down after feed as he crys
  • hearing noise in gullet/stomach
  • not a happy baby 90% of the time
 The list does go on but as i am shattered I will stop there!

  We have been to 3 doctors and have only got gaviscon... Thanks for nothing!! Can you tell i've hardly slept? 

  We are also trying sma lactose free as a few of my friends have recommended it.   I hope this settles soon as i'm getting to the end of my tether!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Please Check for Tongue Tie as soon as you have your baby

 I found out when Joseph was 4 days old he had tongue tie.  Out of all the professionals I had to diagnose my own son.
  How did it come about? Like breastfeeding  my other two I had problems such as it really hurting and becoming sore and cracked.  However this time when Joseph was crying I noticed that he tongue wasn't really moving due to the piece of skin that is attached.  I googled tongue tie and his tongue was exactly the same.  Both my other children had same but I wasn't google friendly then!

What is tongue-tie? From NHS

Tongue-tie is a birth defect that affects 3-10% of newborn babies.
Normally, the tongue is loosely attached to the base of the mouth with a piece of skin called the frenulum. In babies with tongue-tie, this piece of skin is unusually short, holding the tongue down and restricting its movement.
Tongue-tie doesn't always cause problems. Sometimes, the skin anchoring the tongue may be so thin that it soon breaks, for example if a spoon is accidentally pushed under the tongue.
However, in some cases tongue-tie is severe and the tongue is almost fused to the base of the mouth. This prevents the baby from feeding properly and also causes problems for the mother (see below).

Problems tongue-tie can cause?  Also from NHS


Babies with severe tongue-tie will not be able to open their mouth wide enough to latch onto their mother's breast.
They cannot get any milk, so they end up sliding off the breast and chomping on the nipple with their gums. The mother's nipples soon become sore and the baby fails to gain much weight.
To breastfeed successfully, the baby needs to latch onto both breast tissue and nipple, and the baby's tongue covers the lower gum so the nipple is protected from damage.

   My Story
 Due to the pain I stopped feeding for 24 hours as I had been given a referral for the tongue tie to be snipped.  I had to use nipple shields which cut my milk supply and personally I hated wearing them and breastfeeding became not an enjoyable experience!  Due to the low milk I had to combine feed to satisfy Josephs hunger. It turned out Joseph had 100% tongue tie that would have restricted him with feeding from breast, bottle, spoon and even speech.   After the tongue tie was cut I tried my hardest to up my supply without the shields for 2 weeks but it made no difference.  I was so tired, upset, angry that the tongue tie had caused such problems to my son, me and my family.  It was too late for me.  Some mums persevere, I would of with baby no1 but Joseph is baby no3 and my other two are under 4 years so feeding for about an hour ever 3 hours or less was too much for me.  
  If I have another baby one day I will check the tongue asap and get it cut there and then if they have a tongue tie.  I would love to breastfeed at least one of my children.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The White Company Challenge

  Every Mummy deserves a luxury bedroom don't you think?  I've been looking for inspiration over at The White Company and have got some amazing ideas... need to pinterest now!!

  I believe you can jazz up your furniture with some amazing accessories and there you have it! One amazing room that you are proud of!

 Looking at The White Company amazing range I have fallen in love with this idea that I WILL do eventually!!   I absolutely Love the Ercol Rocking Chair in white which is £745 .  I can just imagine feeding my little boy his milk whilst soothing him by the rocking movements.  I'm sure one day i will read a book so it would be a great chair to relax on.
    The reason I adore it is its so shabby chic and I think white is a great colour to theme as you can add any colour to it  Looking at the festive season I would add ...

Kelmscott Cushion Covers- was £40 now £28
I love the cushions the diamante's give it that festive finish which can be used throughout the year which would also look gorgeous on The White Company's Bed Linen here
Unscented Pillar Candle £12
 I think these candles are so elegant and romantic  just what a bedroom needs for that amazing touch.  I would have to buy a white cupboard to place these on.
Hugo Bear was £35 now £24.50
 I believe every bedroom should have a bear to look after it.  I love the Hugo Bear he looks like he's brilliant at cuddles.
Gift Wrap £3.50 

    Here is a very creative way of giving a room a theme.  This gorgeous gift wrap has been used to make pretend presents.  I just love the idea and they bring a room to life.

  I have really enjoyed entering the competition over on Fresh design Blog who have teamed up with the wonderful The White Company  for a blogger win up to £200 worth of bed linen.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

E.A.S.Y Feeding routine from The Baby whisperer

 Joseph is 6 weeks old now and to tell you the truth I have found it challenging even though he is my 3rd baby.  He was showing signs of a hungry baby until I read that it could be something else like wind not hunger.  He would sleep, and wake up screaming, I thought it was for milk so I was filling him up.  He would want milk too often unless we were out and he was in the pram or carseat, luckly he has sleep 6 hours in the night.
  Today I decided that as I wasn't allowed to eat, drink or rest in the day it was time for change.  A tired, hungry and  thirsty mummy isn't a good thing however Joseph doesn't realise.  I came across 'The Baby Whisperer' and I know this method has mixed reviews but I defiantly feel it can be adapted for each mum and baby.
  When Joseph woke up crying I decided to try winding him and what happened he burped and went back off to sleep.  I then started this method and so far so good.
  Today I actually got his bottle ready, tidied the kitchen, done a few loads of washing, tidied the living room and playroom, got tea ready and bathed the children.  As well as dealing with bum after bum however that is another story.

This is the routine
3-hour E.A.S.Y. (under 4 months old)
E:  7:00 wake up and feed
A:  7:30 or 7:45 (depending on how long feed takes)
S:  8:30 (1.5 hour nap)
Y:  Your choice
E:  10:00
A:  10:30 or 10:45
S:  11:30 (1.5 hour nap)
Y:  Your choice
E:  1:00 
A:  1:30 or 1:45
S:  2:30 (1.5 hour nap)
Y:  Your choice
E:  4:00 feed
S:  5:00 or 6:00 or somewhere in between:  catnap (approximately 40 minutes) to get Baby through the next feed and bath
E:  7:00 (cluster feed at 7:00 and 9:00 if going through a growth spurt)
A:  bath
S:  7:30 bedtime
Y:  The evening is yours!
E:  10:00 or 11:00 dream feed

 He is currently fast asleep after his 10 oclock feed!  However his feeds are not the same tonight as above.  He had a bottle at 8 and 10 so technically not had a dream feed.  I am going to try him about 12.

 Have you tried this Method? What are your thoughts?

Friday, 4 January 2013

Dealing with Soiling/Encopresis

  My 3 year old has always found having a number 2 hard work, when she was in a nappy her routine was about every 3-4 days.  She would sit in a position with her bottom in the air and would find this action obviously painful.  Being a first time mum as well as working in a nursery prior who had never come across bad constipation I just comforted her when it was painful but let her get on with the task when she was not in pain.
  In June she was 3 years 2 months and we thought the time of toilet training was right as she was becoming to want to wee on the toilet, so we said bye bye to the nappies.  She immediately became wee toilet trained with only a few half accidents which was great but I noticed that she was opening her bowels in the exact way she would with a nappy.  She would squat where ever she was a the time and push a huge movement out.  I did think at the time this was a common thing and my bright 3 year old would crack this in no time.  Oh how wrong was I.
 It is now January 6 months later and we are much worse.  After I explained she couldn't poo in her pants she started to hold it in and would eventually poo in a nappy when at home but it began to change consistency.  After this I noticed watery bowel movement that she seems to not notice it happening.  Luckly I have a friend whose son suffered for a few years and she explained that this is not the main faece and suggested to go the doctors and get Movicol.
  This I did but the doctor couldn't tell me how to use it and how much.  Pretty useless really.  I then put her on only for her to become worse.  I was changing a nappy way more that 10 times a day as it was just pouring out and I didn't want her becoming sore.  I know it sounds horrible.  I stopped as I felt this was nit helping.
  As we got no better I thought lets try lactolose and it did help and she was going every 2 evenings with a lot of support and encouraging.  We thought we had cracked it.  We again were wrong.  We were back to square one.
  I did try movicol but I didn't understand how her poo could be so loose so again I stopped.  It would get to a point that I could see her poo but it would be there for days so she is obviously backed up.  Constantly wiping the overflow to the point I could be forever wiping.
  We are now at the point where she will feel a movement and run and hide sit down and clench every muscle in her body until the urge has passed, this will happen continually.  If I get her it is too late, I sit her on the toilet and she refuses to even push a little bit.

  I then called the department who specialise and she gave me some tips so we are working through them as well as finding some information out on the internet.

 All I can say if you are a parent in my position is that you are not alone and is very common.  I am sure you would agree with me when I say that there should be more help and support out there.  Encopresis is very stressful for both the child and the parent and it much harder that people would think.  I never imagined crying over my daughter refusing to go to the toilet.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Theraline- The Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow Review

   I was asked to review the Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow which was very exciting as I had never used a pregnancy pillow before, I just used a normal pillow and placed it under my bump.
 As you can see from the photograph it is a great modern design and would suit many mums/mums to be.

  As I was in late pregnancy my bump was getting heavy and I was becoming incredibly achy so the first night I placed it long ways and lay with one leg leaning over it.  I can tell you it was such a relief to my back I could feel the difference and I was much more comfortable, I slept very well and my back wasn't aching!  I found I could easily change position and place the pillow in the shape i wanted it due to the micro beads inside, very clever!  I used this for the reminder of my pregnancy and is a must buy.

 Theraline States that the pillow...

  • X-long surface bends the way you like 
  • Innovative flexible and stable filling
  • Feels like sand yet light as a feather
  • Comfortable support in any position
  • Pregnancy and baby feeding pillow combined

 All of the above is True!

 As you can see from the following pictures it was a big hit with Callum!

 It can also be used as a breastfeeding pillow however as I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding so was unable to try it out!  I can see how it would benefit a nursing mum as the beads can be pushed together to get the thickness to the height you would like your baby.

 This pillow retails at £44.95  . I think its great as can be used in pregnancy, for feeding or just cuddling up with extra comfort.  Here are the other designs!

 Please Note- I was kindly sent this fantastic pillow in return for a review but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! Did my hopes come true from last year?

Happy New Year Everyone!!

 I thought I would take a quick look at my post a year ago.  It made me laugh as I hoped we would stay in the cottage we moved into and guess what we didn't!! We are happy with this house, at the moment hehe! Well its a new build so to be honest my ideal house, lots of space, rooms for all children, 1 bath, 2 showers, 3 toilets, a playroom, lovely living room with big bay windows and a lovely electric fire! Only thing is schools as we are in a great area but its right by the not so great area and those parents think different if you know what i mean, I need to put my school choices down soon, ahhh!!

  What I didn't expect is I would have another baby :) I can safely say this will not happen again,  3 is enough, I have a newborn and 2 poorly children with that awful cold and my son is refusing to sleep.  I will have to read this to remind me that I have forgotten what its like to have any 'me' time and enjoy a hot cup of tea!

  Things I would like to do this year are to spend more time with family, make more time for phil and I couple time and me time!  I would like to become a bit more craft around the house and create some pieces to be proud of.  Mostly be happy little(or big) family!
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