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4 little 1 Sleepytime by Jo Tantum Review

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View Jo's 3 St...jpg in slide showI was sent these 3 amazing products called 4 little 1 Sleepytime by Jo Tantum, all three products were amazing, I was very impressed!! Thes can be purchased in waitrose nationwide and 4 little 1 website HERE

View 4little1_...jpg in slide show4little1 Sleepytime Organic Massage Oil - Price £7.99
This massage oil is amazing, not only for being Organic and Natural but it is very soothing and relaxing for the baby, toddler oh and me!!!  As you press the top of the spray, only a few squirts are needed and you have the perfect amount to work with each part of the body i.e legs, tummy!!  As soon as you start appling you can smell the lovely scent of 'bedtime' which is lavender, roman camomile and other essential oils.  As you apply you feel it soaking through into your baby's skin and it feels so lovely afterwards!!  Just wonderful!
  A massage using this massage Oil is one Of Jo Tantums's seven secrets of sleep which creates a workable and effective bedtime routine.
View 4little1_...jpg in slide show4little1 Sleepytime Room Aroma - Price £7.99
  I had never used room aroma before I was sent this product for review so I really didn't know what to expect but from the first 'bedtime' I am hooked!!
  It is a small pot of oil, full of the perfect essensial oils suitable for even your newborn!  One of the Oils is Lavender which I would say is the 'main' scent, Lavender is a very calming product and really does work, it even calms a stressed mummy!
 It is so simple to use but very effective!  Just put a few drop is a bowl of water and the lovely room aroma works immediately!
  Sleep expert Jo Tantum says 'your baby will come to recognise the fragrance as part of his bedtime routine and you'll feel pretty relaxed too' Jo Tantum is right!! :)
View 4little1_...jpg in slide show4little1 Sleepytime Hair & Body Wash - Price £6.99
  This hair and body wash is perfect for your baby's delicate skin, full of essestial oils such as Organic lavender and roman camomile, it is free from parabens, sulphates abd petrochemicals which are just not needed near our precious baby's skin or mine for that matter!
  This not spill bottle has around 300 pumps and you only need a couple of pumps to wash your baby/child so will last a long time.
  The smell is just gorgeous and perfect for the bath and bed bedtime routine as its very relaxing and fits perfectly with Jo Tantum's Seven secrets of bedtime.  Also the product was fab for me as I have sensitive skin  when shaving and I was able to use a couple of pumps and I had a very smooth shave, no little cuts on my under arm so I will be buying this product for me too :)

 Jo Tantum's Seven Secrets of Bedtime are
 1. Follow a bedtime ritual consistently every night. Babies and toddlers relish routine and ritual they like to know what's coming next, they like certainty

2.Treat every hour between 7pm & 7am as night time which means dark and quiet with no talking and no games or activities. Baby will soon understand the difference between night-time and daytime

3.Try not to let your baby fall asleep in your arms or while feeding - always lay your baby down awake.

4.Use 'Spaced Soothing' to calm baby and reassure him that you are there for him without having to pick him up. 'Spaced Soothing' techniques are explained fully in the 'Baby Secrets' book.

5.Don't rush to your baby at every sound - many of the noises a baby makes are his attempts to fall asleep.

6.Give your baby a late-night feed or 'dream feed' at the same time every night even if you have to wake him to do so. Continue until he is ready to sleep through the night.

7.Set a base time for his middle of the night feed and never feed before it: stretch that time gradually until your baby sleeps through the night

Here is Jo Tantum's Official Wesite HERE

This is the Link for 4 little 1 website HERE

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