Friday, 30 August 2013

Ready for school

.......... Bar the PE shorts that is

 So Annabelle starts her educational journey on Tuesday and I become a school mum.  I have to say I am not nervous, worried or upset.  Yes I will miss her but she needs that stimulation that I can't give her with having 2 others around!  She misses Preschool so much and the reason is because she loves the environment.  She gets to learn which is so exciting, she gets to play with other children and she gets to come into her own.

 We have bought her school uniform which looks adorable! She has been using some as play clothes! This is how much she longs to be there!

 The only thing I am worried about is getting there on time! My organisation this days is rubbish!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life is Short so LIVE IT!!

I always knew that this life is short but I always put to the back of my mind that we don’t know when this journey ends.
My thoughts go out this week to an amazing girl and her family.
Sarah gained her wings the other day.
Her sister is one of my oldest friends and we are still good friends now.
She got the horrible C
It spread
She was only 28 when she discovered it and she lived until 31
She was the most positive person I have ever met
When you hear that ‘ she was strong enough to live her journey’ I believe this to be right.  She was.  She didn’t let it spoil her fun and the time she had left.
I remember her posting on facebook saying that everyone needs to get real,  They have their health so stop moaning and get on with enjoying life whilst you can.
How true.
You cannot always fix health
But you can always fix everything else whether its friendship, lack of money, where you live, relationships.
Live life while you can
Change your life while you can
You are the only one who can
If you have you’re health you have no excuse
You should have no one feeling sorry for you
Do it!!!  Take action on YOUR life!!
Not happy with something?? Change it…. Now ….. not tomorrow, next week, next year …. NOW!!!!  If you don’t you have only yourself to blame.
Thank you Sarah for the gift of Positivity.  You have changed my perception on life.  Made me come out of hiding.
Life is a gift.
Sarah’s last wish was to get married she did it because she desired it!
Take a leaf out of sarah’s book.
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