Sunday, 26 July 2015

Starting My Blogging Journey Again

Hello Everyone

Its been a while since I blogged consistently but I feel now is the right time to be sharing my life again.  My life has changed so much, one reason being is now I am a mum to 4 Children, under the age of 7, yes I'm a little mad!!

I feel that break did me a lot of good, when I used to blog, most of the time I sat down and had writers block, I felt I never had anything valuable to say, it was like I didn't find something other than my Children to be passionate about.

Looking back on memories of blogging as well as my posts if I was feeling down and negative I couldn't find anything to write about and I didn't want to come across sad and depressed.  If I did write about being stressed I always turned it into a positive post by looking on the bright side.

Now I have found some of my passions which is personal development, positive thinking and helping others with their life.  I found out about this when I started working online, I found so many valuable videos mainly and books that helped changed my mindset.

 Just over a year ago, I found out I was pregnant with my forth baby, so my work life got put on hold as looking after 3 young children was hard enough.  I tried to start blogging but due to one thing or another it didn't happen.

So from now on I will be blogging regularly, the posts will be about my life as a stay at home mum, my life about working from home, what its like to have 4 Children under the age of 7 years.  As well as reviews, help on getting organised and budgeting and lots more.

   See You Soon

                  Victoria x                                                                                                

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