Saturday, 3 January 2015

Getting anxiety over Labour

I had to write about this, I think its very common.  This will be my 4th labour and its playing over and over in my mind.

I've had 3 good labours, first labour was long but I was only in proper labour for 12 hours, second labour I was induced but it was quick, 4 hours from first contraction and my third labour was 6 hours. Both labours one and three were water births and with all three I only used gas and air.

From my experience being as relaxed as possible makes a less painful birth, I felt in my third labour I got so anxious about the labour I paicked and it was painful from the first contraction.  It didn't help they started 3 minutes apart, I thought he was going to be born at home.

If I think about what i'm worried about its just the non knowing how I will cope even though pain relief is there.   I can't stand the pressure feeling you get in labour, I didn't get it with my induced labour as my waters were broken, I'm wondering if breaking my waters will stop that feeling.

I have been doing some hypnobirthing audios and listening to relaxing music everyday, I've watched some people have amazing births so I am planning to use these audios/music in labour.

After my last labour we were allowed home less than 4 hours after I had given birth.  I remember it didn't help as was weird I had left the house at 5pm, returned at 1am with another little person.  I kept playing the labour over and over and made me feel anxious over it.  I don't know why it was a good birth.

I do know that once my little boy is in my arms it won't matter!

Friday, 2 January 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #4

Decided to do a Pregnancy Update!!

This pregnancy has been a breeze yet this year has been tough which means the pregnancy was pushed aside, feeling negative about other things in my life has taking the joy and excitement away.  Hence the no updates.  I am so sad I haven't updated as I know how amazing it is to look back at times that you have forgotten.  I decided to start blogging here again so hopefully this won't happen again.

So I have announced that this baby is a boy, my third boy! Crazy I always expected that I would have more girls than boys! We have only yesterday decided on a name, I will announce when he is here but I love very similar names and we have a middle name theme with our children, each child has a royal middle name, so you've guessed it he has one too :)

My symptoms at the moment, I can't fall asleep very easily.  I have to say the whole pregnancy I listen to Pregnancy relaxing music to get me to sleep but that doesn't even help! Just the joys of late pregnancy!  I have coccyx ache, only when I sit down on too long or sit on hard surfaces, I guess my pelvis is opening reading you labour.  I think I may be a little bit grumpy too :) But I have got 3 young children, a house and business to do.

Like my last pregnancy I am obsessed with certain smells, one is radox bubble bath. Last Pregnancy I loved the blue one with clary sage, this time I love the green one with Rosemary! Honestly smells amazing and it really relaxes me so I do have a bath every night.

He is quite a mover since about 25 weeks, Ive got a feeling he will be like Josephs weight at birth! So a 7lber. Joseph was 7lb 9oz 5 days late!

My bump is not that big really especially for my forth pregnancy is 5 years.  It took a while for the bump to get hard but its like i've stuffed a ball under my top!

I will update my bump photo asap

Due to my first child Annabelle being a small baby, she was 5lb 15oz at 40 weeks, due date baby the hospital give you growth scans, he is fine,  on the scale, around the middle of average point! He was sucking his fingers through the last 2 scans, Below is one of the photos from 36 weeks

I am nesting but its just because mess grates on me and I know when the baby is born I have to sit back and leave it to Phil, a challenge in itself.

I have had no labour signs, with both my non induced pregnancies my waters just don't break until the end so I just get contractions.  I hope they don't start every 3 minutes like last time, freaked me out!

I am really excited about meeting my little boy I just know he is going to bring a lot of happiness to my life, plus his Sister and Brothers are ready to meet him.

Changes I want to make in 2015 to make me a happier Me

I've decided to write down some goals that I have for this year! These are different kind of goals as goals should be thinking big, yet I am thinking how to be happier.

  • I want to smile and laugh more

  • I want to feel less anxious

  • I want to spend more quality time with Phil, this last year we have not spend hardly any quality time and its obvious.  I want that great relationship, feeling secure.

  • I want to spend more quality time with the Children, I especially want to spend some one on one time with Annabelle.  She is 5 now and as I had Callum before she was 2 I really haven't made the time to have mummy and daughter time.  Annabelle wants to start Ballet so I think that will be our time together bonding

  • I want to be and feel more organised with my daily routines, business, life in general

  • I want to have more me time. that may be getting up before the Children, that will be a challenge as Im so used to them waking me. 

  • Go to bed earlier, I have got in a routine of going to sleep too late

  • More days out as a family

  • Blog more, this last year I have pushed this blog to the side.  Now I feel sad I have not documented my Children's year more

  • I would love to make some more friends

  • I want to be able to buy things for my family without worrying if we have enough money

  • I want to save money

  • I want to have a hobby or join the gym

  • I want to see my family more, especially my grandparents

  • I want to really start my youtube channels

  • I want to make my house feel more homely, so more photos etc up
That is all I can think of right now at 8 pm! :)

I will be making sure 2015 I am a happier me

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Excited for 2015 as a Mummy of 4 (almost)

I am so excited for my journey in 2015, I really am!

2014 was not the best year I have had but thinking positively I have grown into a stronger person and learnt a lot about myself.

In 2 weeks time I am due to give birth to baby no4, a little boy.  I have a girl and 2 boys so my third boy! I am so excited to meet him and give him lots of kisses!

Annabelle is in Year 1, loves school, I want her to start ballet or gymnastics, I love watching my confident little girl grow and can't wait to do more mummy and daughter outings seen as we are outnumbered :)

Callum is in pre-school, he starts reception in September, which I can't believe! I am so going to make the most if the thursdays and fridays he is at home, he is such a mummy's boy!

Joseph my little cheeky chappy is 2 and is at home with mummy, from experience they grow up and start school ever so quickly, I am going to make sure I spend more quality time with him.

My business is going great, I love what I do and love sharing the products with others.  I especially love watching my team grow and get messages of how excited they are is just wonderful!

One of the things I want to do this year is share more of my life with this blog.  I am a positive person and when I feel negative I can't seem to write and share. I guess its because I am a big believer in spreading positivity! I love watching youtube vlogs from mums from the uk, australia and america and would love to do more videos!

I have wrote my goals for 2015 down, I will share them with you tomorrow!

Happy New Year

           Love Victoria xox
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