Friday, 27 January 2012

Creative Play thanks to Cravendale and Britmums!!

 Annabelle loves creative play like playing with playdough, sticking and playing with dry foods such as pasta!  I jumped at the chance to join in with a britmums competition in association with Cravendale Milk.

 We were kindly send some stickers of kermit alongside some coupons for some milk which was amazing as every mum knows how much we spend on milk!!

 I decided to let Annabelle fill the empty bottle with dry pasta first, children love to make noise don't they.  As I got the stickers out of the cupboard I noticed that some certain little fingers has already been trying to do some sticking as only one kermit was ok, well missing part of a hand!! Awww poor Kermit !!
kermit has been found :)
Annabelle filling the empty bottle with dry pasta

Annabelle Concentrating whilst sticking on Kermit, I let Annabelle stick where she wanted too, however she did ask for mummy's help!
Introducing Shaky Shaky Kermit!!!

Here is the Judge Callum obviously he is very impressed!!!

Thank You Brit Mums and Cravendale Milk for the opportunity to win a fantastic prize, every parents dream !!! Free Milk :)


  1. And love the addition of the dry pasta, very creative.

  2. Thank You! Annabelle loves playing with pasta. I was a nursery nurse so have gained ideas from there I would never have thought of.


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