Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Small Business Weekly Showcase Week 3 - Jade langton-evans photography

Week 3 of the Showcase is here!!

 Meet Jade from Jade langton-evans photography , I think she is an amazing photographer, her Photographs are gorgeous! I am not the only one who thinks so as she has clients that travel from all over the world to use her services!

1. When did you first become a Photographer and how did Jade langton-evans photography begin?

  I became officially Jade Langton Evans Photography just under two years ago. Having a love of photography and art from a very young age I knew early one I would be doing something very creative. It started simply by taking photographs at events of friends and family and very quickly became a career I was very serious and passionate about. I have a big love for capturing beauty, love and emotion in people and capturing it brings me so much joy.

2. What photography do you specialise in? and why?

  I specialise in alternative weddings. Which means working with really quirky couples who want to do things differently and are really passionate about having beautiful images that are personal. I focus largely on maternity, newborn and families and capturing the love and bond and moments of childhood in a personalised and natural way. It's what I'm best at and really pushes my creativity creating something different and unique and personal for each client I work with.

3. What happens on the photoshoot?

Click here to see Jade amazing video it will make you want to book one!!

Jade Langton-Evans

4. What examples of themes do you get asked by customers to help create?

 Choosing themes usually reflects the clients personalities and hobbies and loves for life, and brings me to show ways to represent this in shoots. We have had some amazing themes such as magic tricks, pancakes and hot chocolate, bubbles baths in the forest, and sometimes they are very simple focusing solely on love and just being together in a special place.

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  1. Wow, what amazing photos! I am now following Jade on twitter to keep up to date with her talent!

    Following your blog now too on bloglovin - glad to have found you!


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