Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Yourpartybags.co.uk Review

As soon as your baby turns 4 you know the parties have well and truly started.  You cant get away with a fun day out as they want their friends to celebrate with them.  

What does this mean for mainly  mums, lots of planning and organising! 

One of the very important items for a party is the party bags. I remember being a child and I loved handing my friends one as a thank you for coming my party.

I was asked by yourpartybags.co.uk to review 2 examples of their party bags that they sell 
Outside of the bags( personalised if wanted)

This is a photo of the ... range, this is the cheapest.
£1.25, small packet of sweets, a balloon, a fan(other options), a  pull back bee

Annabelle loved her paper fan

This is a photo of the more expensive range at
£2.35 Small packer of sweets, whistle sweet,wand, whistle, bracelet,  crown,  pencil and colouring book

Very excited to find a whistle

Whats great is that you get to choose the items you like and the bags get sent to your house in time, easy peasy.  I think a product like this depends on the individual, have they got time to organise? Do they live near a town? Money?  In my situation with my other half being made redundant I have to watch the pennies carefully, paying for presents is expensive as it is.  In my opinion I would rather do what I did which was by princess bags or something boyish for a boy.  Buy chocolate and sweets.    I have to add that if parents prefer bags with toys in and if you do I think its great value as this would cost more if you bought them yourself.

Take a look at yourpartybags.co.uk , lots to look at.

I was sent the Party Bags to review and all opinions are my own

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