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LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester Review

As I am part of the Blogs Up North bloggers network I was able to get my family free tickets to Lego land at the Trafford centre in Manchester.  We have been before about a year ago but Annabelle and Callum were too young to enjoy it.

So this was a new experience for us all!!

 I have to say we were greeted very politely and had a family photograph taken that can be purchased which never happened a year ago and I think its great.

Here is our family Photo

 Everyone who comes to Lego land has to take the tour of the factory led by a Lego professor.  This is great as it teaches the children how Lego is made however the most annoying thing about the tour is that my 2 and 3 year old could not see a thing due to older children and yes their parents.  As I was reviewing I actually looked at the customers and it was like the adults turned into children and forgot their common sense. It would be great if the member of staff could point out the fact that make sure the children can see as at the end of the day it is for them.  My poor children wouldn't have seen a thing if I didn't ask the parents in front to let my children see.  I still had to hold my daughter above their children though!

 I ask the Lego Professor if I could take a photo of what she was showing everyone

 There is a choice to go in a room where there is activities in a section of Lego land before you go in the main room.  Phil took Annabelle as Callum and Joseph were too young and no pushchairs can go in.  We were waiting over 30 minutes for Phil and Annabelle to queue up.

  The first port of call was the toilets and I have to say the nappy area and toilets are as clean as your would expect a public toilet to be.   As parents the cleanliness is very important!

  Lego land was very busy and there was hardly anywhere for the adults to sit.  My son didn't want to go in the Lego pit for longer than 2 minutes as it was a seating area for the adults he didn't know so he wasn't happy to play in there which was a shame.

  There are lots for primary age children to do, soft play area, Lego trucks, fair ride plus an area to build Lego cars and an area observed by a member of staff.  For the toddlers there is the Lego pit, an area of girly Lego and karaoke.  There was a very small soft play area but it was a bit boring to tell you the truth. My children were too young to ride the trucks but I could tell would be fantastic for children imagination and coordination skills.

  You can buy drinks and lunch there but again there wasn't enough seats and a lot of people were eating standing up. The staff also rushed of there feet and there still was a huge queue.

 Other things to see are 3D cinema which lasts approximately 10 minutes.  I went in first with the pushchair and Annabelle and luckily there was front seats as there was no other areas for the prams.  Phil was last in the queue as he had to take Callum for a walk as you are waiting a long time in the queue and its too long for a 2 year old.  Phil got told there were no seats left.  He asked if he could come and tell me and they said that was ok.  Turns out there were approximately 4 seats left! So it would have been great if the staff actually checked.

  There are amazing Lego displays to look at but as we have little ones this wasn't an option with toddlers.
This is where Joseph was all the time!

  It would be great if there were more for the little ones and I wouldn't want to pay £36 at the cheapest which is booked online. This is for just 2 adults and a child 3+ as 2 years and under are free.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester Website

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