Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cadwaladers Icecream Cafe Trafford Centre Manchester Review


  I was VERY excited to find out that Cadwaladers at the Trafford Centre next door legoland asked the mummy bloggers to review their cafe.  The reason I was so excited is that I love icecream and I especially love Cadwaladers icecream!!

  Since I remember my Grandparents have had a holiday home in North Wales so we always without a doubt visited Portmadog, I cannot leave without an icecream.  I have a favourite since I was young, Mint Choc Chip with dips!!!

  However on the review Annabelle could have an icecream and myself a coffee.  Annabelle loved the icecream which was in a little child size cornet, she would be crazy not too!!  The coffee was good strong proper tasting coffee.  I am a big child and have to say I kept staring at the children's icecreams thinking I can't wait for my icecream.  When we were in wales though my mum and grandma had a coffee every time so they must be nice :)
Annabelle Loves Strawberry Icecream

Annabelle loves it that much she asks for a bit of Callums!!

 The cafe in Manchester was a fantastic size and had lots of places to sit as well as toilets with a baby change facility.  They had a massive counter, partly for the icecreams near the door as some people don't want to sit inside.  There is a big outside seating area outside with a huge fountain to look at aswell as some huge teddies singing and dancing a small walk away!  They have different drinks on offer as well as cakes and savoury foods.  The staff were all polite and happy which is a great thing I hate miserable staff!  They were even quick on the mark when my daughter knocked a glass on the floor, it was cleaned immediately.
The Bears near Cadwaladers

Annabelle having a boogie!!

Here is what Cadwaladers have wrote on their website

'Freshly brewed coffee served by our trained baristas, bespoke sweet and savoury food items and delicious smoothies, silky milkshakes which we all love so much, oh and not forgetting the award-winning  ice cream and sundaes which we are so famous for, perfectly blended with our unique shop design, creating the magic formula that is Cadwaladers'

 I have to say I love Cadwaladers still!!

 1 request to Cadwaladers though - Please bring back the Green crunchy Sugar dips! I miss them!!

Cadwaladers Website 
Cadwaladers Facebook
Cadwaladers Twitter

Here is the address and opening times
Address: 6D Barton Square, Trafford Centre, Manchester M17 8PL
Tel: 01617 480487
Open: Mon-Fri: 10:00am - 6:00pm
          Sat: 09:30am - 7:00pm
          Sun: 11:00am - 5:00pm

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