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What did we think of the Peter Rabbit Organics Food and Drink Range?

  Do you remember Peter Rabbit?
  I remember being read the book as well as the other Beatrix potter stories, they are a classic.

  Peter Rabbit is Back!! He has a new clothing range at GAP and a TV series on CBeebies, there is now a Organic Food and drink range following the success of their juice drinks in 3 popular flavours.
Apple and Grape, Blackcurrant and Apple and Pear 150ml
  I was very excited to hear that a range of peter rabbit baby food  is hitting the supermarket and I have been lucky enough for Joseph to try for reviewing purposes.  I have read that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner buy this for their children, they must love Peter rabbit too!

I received
  • Apple and Grape Juice Drink 67p
  • Peach and Apricot Puree 79p
  • Organic Sauce Garden Vegetables £1.89
  • Organic Sauce Italian Vegetables £1.89

As you can see the famous rabbit is on every packaging so cute. The colours are bright and appealing as baby food as well as everything you want to know about the product on the packaging.

The sauce is Garden Vegetables which smells strongly of tomato and basil however also contains other vegetables that are carefully hidden which is a great way of introducing vegetables to children from 9 months old.  I added the sauce to cooked pasta but you can add it to rice and potato.  The sauce can be refrigerated for up to a week so that is about 4 meals for my children as they don't like too much sauce.  This is fantastic value. The children really loved it and they usual don't want pasta when its got sauce on, yes fussy children! I think its because the sauce is light and they still see the pasta.   Whats great its extremely healthy.  The other Sauce, Italian Vegetables was also fantastic, all 3 sauces are adapted from Italian recipes.

                                                            IS HEALTHY!! 

 These BPA free pouches contain only fruit with a but of Lemon juice to preserve.  The fruit puree is ideal for a babies first tastes when weaning and when your in or out and about you just need to squeeze a little on a spoon so its not wasted. Joseph had not tried fruit before this and he enjoyed it and was moving it around his tongue feeling the texture. There were moments when he pulled a funny face when it got a bit tangy for him, but still opened his mouth for more.  The puree's also come in Apple and are 100% healthy, 

The pear and grape juice was loved by all 3 children but especially Joseph.  It is suitable from 6 months but being a third time mum and the fact that he has reflux wind still It may help and he is almost 6 months.  The handy straw id great for on the go with older babies and children.  The drinks contain no added sugar, salt or artificial ingredients and are carefully balanced mix if fruit juice and water.  It has added vitamin C and is 100% organic.

 The Peter Rabbit Range is great value even for a bargain hunter like myself, even the pasta sauce for £1.89 as it can be refrigerated for a week which means the sauce can be used not wasted.  I will defiantly be stocking up on this product its even inspired me to find the book to read my children.  Whats great they are Salt free, sugar free, nothing artificial, organic certified and 100% healthy!!

 The Peter Rabbit Organic range can be found in all major supermarkets.

 Please take a look at the Peter Rabbit Organics website as well as facebook and twitter.

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