Friday, 10 May 2013

Our Mexican party video including Discovery Foods review and chicken fajitas recipe especially for Children

  Britmums have teamed up with Discovery Foods to give parent bloggers the chance to review some products.  I was kindly sent a goodie bag from discovery foods which contained what you needed to make fajitas.  Mexico celebrated their Cinco de Mayo which is annually celebrated on May 5, the anniversary of a victory in 1862 in the fight for independence from French forces. It is a festival of Mexican pride and heritage in the United States. so we thought we would join in the fun.

I recorded it as I wanted you to see how you can make discovering foods fun, children love learning and its great that they can explore foods and cultures from around the world.
Hope you enjoy...

In case you do not want to watch the video here is my chicken fajitas recipe and review of the Garlic and Herb Soured Cream

 To recap my recipe, I love giving my children as much healthy food as possible especially vegetables.   I love most vegetables however their dad doesn't, personally I believe its due to not trying them as a child or only having them for a Sunday dinner.

Victoria's Cinco De Mayo Chicken Fajitas especially for Children


  • Packet of Discovery Foods Fajitas Kit containing 8 wraps, Packet of Fajitas spice mix and a sachet of Salsa in Medium
  • Packet of Chicken, cut into strips
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Grated Carrot
  • Handful of mushrooms chopped up
  • 1 Onion sliced
  • 1 Tomato cut up
  • Discovery Foods Garlic and Herb Soured Cream

What you need to do

Add the chicken strips to the hot oil in the pan, cook until starting to change colour

Add a sprinkle of the Packet mix onto the chicken and quickly stir,add more oil if necessarily 

Straight after add Onions and cook for a couple of minutes

Add the mushrooms and grated Carrot, give it a good stir

Add the chopped Tomatoes 

Cook the wraps for 45 seconds in the microwave

add the mixture to the wraps, add the garlic and herb soured cream and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

What you could add?  you could add different vegetables like peppers and add grated Cheese

What do you think? Any other ideas?

Review of the NEW garlic and herb soured cream
I love the discovery foods soured cream with fajitas,  I wont eat the meal without however Phil my other half and the children are not keen. I was interested to review the garlic and herb flavour as it would maybe great for the whole family to enjoy. 
I love the packaging and the fact you can pop it in the fridge for another meal, I hate wasting food as it means I waste money.
The cream texture is still quite smooth but you can see the herbs.
I honestly loved the taste,  its sweetly soured if that makes sense.  My children used the cream as a dip for their carrot sticks and the fajitas.  I poured a lot on as I loved it.  My other half is yet to try it but he loves garlic and i have a feeling that this would be the cream for him.  5/5 for me!

Discovery Foods Facebook page HERE
Discovery Foods Website HERE
Discovery Foods Great Ideas For Children page HERE

Disclosure- I was sent the products from Discovery Foods for reviewing purposes, all opinions are my own.

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