Saturday, 25 May 2013

My favourite tune to sing along to while driving is ...

Carcraft are running a poll to find out whathe nations favourite tune is to sing along to while driving and I wanted to add mine!!

For the last 2 months my wonderful organised other half Phil has not yet got our car radio/cd player working since it was reset.  So I have mainly had Annabelle singing or Annabelle and Callum arguing.  As I NEED music whilst driving on days I remember I have my phone fully charged and use a radio app.  Brilliant invention!!!
So today as I was driving the children to Nursery a song came on the app radio and it is more than just a song.  Songs are memories.
So what song came on? Here is a clue!!

The song was released in 2000
It was #1 hit in several countries
Its probably the first song you think of when you say Jon Bon Jovi

The reason I love it other than the fact you can really sing along to it and feel happy is that it reminds me of my late teenage years when going to the local nightclub was fun! I remember dancing to it with my friends.  I used to think ' I love my life' I had a great family, I worked, I started dating Phil and I had lovely friends.

 The song came on today and as I sang 'It's my Life' I thought 'I love my life' I have 3 beautiful Children, a great family, what more do I need??

 Well a radio in the car would be nice !!

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