Sunday, 12 May 2013

Iron Man 3 Sonic Blasting Toy Review- What did he do today?

The children got sent an Iron Man Sonic Blasting Toy from Markettiers 4DC to review.  I have to admit I am not into superhero films like Iron Man 3 so I never really look twice at toys like this, this is partly because Callum is only 2 years old so we have not got the that stage yet.

Another reason why I am not keen on these toys is that it shoots missiles, a little dangerous with a 5 month old, 2 year old and a 4 year old.  I can just imagine it now! I know the missiles do not come out really fast and travel far but I am a mum that would rather hold these toys off until an understanding of others safety is known.  However the toy can be used in other ways.  Callum has named him ROBOT and we decided to use Iron man creating role play!  Annabelle even joined in the fun and she first said she didn't want to play with this toy.

Here is what ROBOT got up too......

The Iron Man is very tall at 15 inches and much stronger than I thought it would be so that was great news for my 2 year old. The Iron man is safe for my son to play with without the missiles.  The legs are hiding in the packaging so if you buy this that's where they are!
 I really like this product even if its not played in the way its intended for. The rotating missile blaster is great for school children in my opinion. The toys lights up in the chest and eyes and includes battle sound effects.

Iron Man 3 Sonic Blasting Iron Man with the 5 of 10 missiles

Image from IronMan3

Disclaimer- I was sent an Iron Man 3 Sonic Blasting Iron Man for reviewing purposes and all opinions are my own

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