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The Small Business Weekly Showcase- KJD Fairytale Creations

  Meet your Fairy Godmother.... I have asked her some questions for you!

 As you are a new business, what inspired you to start?  

  I have always been into editing since I took a photography course back in 2006, since then its just been a hobby. I never started displaying any of my pictures until about a year and a half / 2 years ago,  and I have always used my little girls or my niece and nephew as models :) Once i started uploading them to Facebook I was getting a lot of friends and family asking for edits and I was happy to do them. I also asked around if anyone wanted any doing so I could practice new styles (my heads always full of new ideas) at the time i was doing them for free as like I said its always just been a hobby. When I was pregnant with my youngest I used to decorate and sell bibs to make some extra cash, people thought they were great and I was encouraged to set up as a business, so i thought id go for it. Its taken me this last year to finally set it all up but i wanted to make sure my edits and products were good enough and to make sure I had done my research, so now I have a business that sells almost a little bit of everything, and I enjoy doing it. Plus I don't have to worry about childcare for my youngest who will be 2 in July. 

What different themes can I choose from and where can I find pictures of them for ideas?

  My edits are the main part of the business for now and they range from fairytale/fantasy and black and white/sepia and colour splash to children's character themes, Disney princess/fireman sam/Thomas the tank/peppa pig and lots more! I also do baby edits that are inspired a bit by The photographer Anne Geddes who I love! As well as party/christening and wedding invites You can find examples of my work on My Facebook page KJD fairytale Creations, there are also examples in the albums of different fairytale/fantasy backgrounds you can choose from. Also if you have any ideas of your own I will always try my best to work the picture around your imagination that way its more special. 

How many children or adults can be in one photograph?

  The number of children people really depends on the size and quality of the picture most edits I have done are up to 4 children or people but it is possible to do more, my edit prices include any writing you would like going on it which is optional and the price for one person, but it is £2.50 per extra person ti go on the same edit, this is due to the work it takes cropping masking and layering all the photos together and making sure they look right. 
What are the prices?

Prices are as follows

Fairytale/fantasy edits start from £15 per edit

Black and white/sepia/colour splash start from £10 per edit 

Character Edits start from £10 per edit

Baby Edits start from £15 per edit

Christmas edits start from £15 per edit

Birthday/wedding/christening invites prices start at £13.99 per edit 

Children's initial/name canvases prices start at £20 each

Baby bibs are £6.99 each

Dummy clips are £5.99 each

Any added information?

  More products will be added in the future and I would advise anybody wanting to buy an edit or product to email me first for a quote before buying, postage costs apply on products but finished edits are emailed back to you. ( this enables you to print as many as you like and whatever size you would like) 

 Please could we see the before and after images?


  A special offer from KJD Fairytale creations to my lovely readers 

 Buy one get one free on edits (cheapest edit being free) just quote blog241 when ordering. also for ONE reader they can win 1 edit and a 10x8 print absolutely Free. 


 Please visit KJD Fairytale Creations website HERE , facebook page HERE and twitter page HERE and tell your friends!!!!


KJD Fairytale Creations asked me to review an edit of my daughter but what did I think? Find out HERE 

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