Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bargains- Aldi's Super 6

I've become a keen Aldi shopper recently as budgeting is our only option.  I love buying Aldi'd Super 6 which is 6 fruit and Vegetables that change every fortnight.
Ive decided to let my readers know as I am sure you may be interested in saving some money!

9th May- 22nd May

 CeleryCelery 49p

 CucumberCucumber 49p

Lemons Lemons 3 pack 49p

Spring Onions Spring Onions 49p

Tomatoes Tomatoes 49p

Garlic Garlic 49p

Maybe you could make Lemon Meringue Bakes that I made for mothers Day HERE is the post

Please note Aldi have not asked me to write this

              Victoria x


  1. I love Aldi and Lidl, it's amazing how much cheaper they are than the 'big' supermarkets Xx

  2. I know! Why Pay more :) xx


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