Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Do you budget your finances??

As Phil was made redundant at the end of March it has been a very worrying time for us financially.

 How were we going to pay rent and the bills once the redundency had gone?

 What benefits were we entilted too?

When would we receive help?

  As well as this worry Phil was trying his hardest to find a job, we were even going to relocate away from our family just to be financially stable.  Luckly Phil got a job that was in a perfect location and all those questions won't need to be thought about now.  Although I do feel for the families that have to worry.

 There are so many things that we have to think about as a grown up, especially as a parent, budgetting, insurances, pensions.  These are all the things I have put to the back of my mind.  Partly because I have very little time to sit down and think and secondly it is important to sit down with Phil and discuss everything.

 Here is a 3 minute video about our situation

Please watch the Financial Clinic I was talking about. Here is the information linked with it belowhttp://www.studiotalk.tv/show/live-financial-advice-clinic

'Trying to manage household finances is a minefield. Once you've paid rent or mortgage, utility bills, done a food shop, paid for travel, not to mention saved a bit for your social life, it's not hard to see how it is very easy to spend and live beyond your means.

However, by taking some time to take stock of your finances and create a budget, you can ensure that neither you nor your family overspends and can still put in place a financial safety net. After all, businesses look at their quarterly spending so there are no reasons why you shouldn't do the same.

Having to make cutbacks and personal sacrifices can seem like the only option, but with a bit of clever planning you can be prepared for all eventualities.

Independent Financial Adviser, Peter Chadborn will be joined by Roger Edwards, from protection insurance company Bright Grey, who will be able to offer clear information on making sure you and your family are protected for the future -- whatever the economic situation. They will cover various scenarios around maintaining your family's lifestyle and surviving financially if you or your other half lost their income, life or were critically ill.

Log onto our live webTV show to hear from our experts Roger and Peter.




  1. We try our best to budget because even though it's just the two of us, we need to save up if we are ever to afford a family. I'm totally with you on making a budget then not sticking to it - we normally only manage a couple of weeks at most then slip back into our old ways. Xx

    1. I know we were the same before Children! Money is just not easy when you are scrapping to get by each month! Its hard as we want to save for a deposit on a house, how can you when your paying more than you would pay a morgage in rent!
      We will have to do a budget plan! So much to plan! xx


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