Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pregnancy Week 29

  I think when you already have children pregnancy is very different!  I am 30 weeks tomorrow and I just don't feel it! I just have to get on with things and don't get time to put my feet up and 'be pregnant'
  I have been very tired due to Annabelle starting Nursery School which ended up making me panicky and anxious.  I luckily changed her from the nursery closest  to my previous job which was a private nursery!  But it's not been plain sailing! Annabelle thinks the nursery down the road is hers and unfortunately doesn't understand that taking her out is for her own good.  I have felt what its like to feel awful for just doing the right thing!  The School have also been funny saying ' There maybe complications as she has already started and they may have applied for funding' Annabelle has done 1 visit not even 2 hours long!! My chosen setting have been supportive and told me not to worry!
  My little baby boy in my tummy is very active, especially at night, little monkey! I end up in giggles as he can't stop wriggling!
  I have only got 10 weeks to go until my due date and I can't believe it!   I have bought a Moses Basket and stand and a sterilizer for when it is needed, that is all and both were from local mummies! I luckily have clothes although I would like to buy a coming home outfit so I can keep and say this was his! The major things I need to purchase is a carseat and a carrycot for my double baby jogger city mini, but would love to buy a item to make breastfeeding discreet in public this will become a must as I found it very daunting both times and actually put me off !
  I am looking forward to relaxing a bit more! Hopefully when I know my little girl is happy!


  1. I miss being able to just enjoy my pregnancy but finding it goes so fast when you are chasing a toddler around!
    My best tip for feeding discreetly is a cheap primark vest under all your normal tops. I pulled vest down (never had any issues with stretching) and other top up and found I never had anything on display. I always had a muslin over me as well as felt nervous but was so used to it after a while!


  2. Hi Bex! Thank You, that is a fantastic tip!!! In the beginning its hard to get used to the latching stage and felt I was always on show! I will defiantly get myself to primark! Yes it does go so fast! Thank you for commenting :)

  3. Definitely the vest option and now its cooler a comfy cardi can act as a bit of a 'side screen'!

    I know this isn't your first but I found practicing at mummy and baby groups, esp breastfeeding support before I fed in public gave me more confidence.

    A peer supporter advised me to get someone opposite me to take a photo of me feeding. I was really surprised how little was on show! Hope some of this is helpful. I got to the point of not really caring who say what in the end : )

  4. Hi Cherry! Thank You for your comment! When I had my daughter 3 years ago there were no groups that I knew of and with my son they got in touch but never ended up going!
    But i've decided to go asap and they are at the local children centres now!
    I hope I get liked that too this time! I need confidence in myself :)


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