Thursday, 7 March 2013

Just a slice of what it's really like to be a Stay at Home Mum to 3 Children under 4!

 Driving to my other halfs work a little late as usual he turned to me and said...

' Can you write a routine today?'

'What for?'

'As we need to be more organised in the morning'

' Why do I need to write a routine for myself I get myself and 3 children ready as quick as I possibly can'

'I think we can still be more organised'

'Why are you going to actually help??'

'Err Yes just write the routine and we will go through it after work'

'I think we should write it together tonight'

'No you do it today when your at home'

So this is what happened and I should maybe not watch jeremy kyle (as I have time) and write the routine plan instead.

  I do not think my other half will ever understand that if I sit down all day we won't be able to eat off plates.
 As I am the ONLY one that actually washes up as apparently I like it.   I usually am washing up night and day time dishes as soon as I get the chance.
 Once I am stranded in the kitchen I have 2 toddlers follow me as Kitchen equals food.
  If I am in the kitchen they decide that they want a drink.  Then they rush of into the living room where they is obviously going to make a mess on the cream carpet.  So I have to run after them and bring them back into the kitchen.
  As I am the only one that wipes the surfaces I am usually looking for a clean cloth as somebody leaves a soaking wet cloth on the side.  This may be if one- the other half needs a cup.
  Once the washing up is done I brush the kitchen as somehow it is a magnet for unwanted food.  Then the washing and drying needs sorting as If I didn't do it we wouldn't have clean clothes.
 Joseph then wakes up and screams the house down for a bottle.  So hopefully a cooled bottle is on the side or I am trying to make up a bottle with 1 screaming baby and 2 toddlers asking for things.
 I am sorry for being totally selfish but I make myself a cup of tea as I would like to sit down and enjoy a rest.
Then I am winding Joseph, Changing his bum, making sure he has had his anti reflux medicine.  Making sure that my daughter does or doesn't need the toilet.  Making sure my son isn't messing in the sink in the downstairs Loo.  Making sure My daughter isn't pulling the petals from the indoor plant.  Stopping arguments between my daughter and son.  Trying to build them a tent trying to teach my son it isnt a trampoline and you have to go under not over.
 Tidying up the carpets as I don't want to end up with broken ankles.
 Oh its lunchtime.. In the Kitchen.... toddlers follow... 'I want Icecream  I want biscuits' 'No its dinnertime' 'Were having Jacket Potatoes and Beans' 'Noooooo ( crying 3 year old) Still trying to cook dinner....
Sat at the table, son has had enough so without warning chucks his on the floor and the rest seems to be on his hands face and clothes.  So I have to get him off without getting myself dirty find clothes.  Find him something to play with.

 The list goes on and this is a day to day Norm with 3 Children.  Just as I finish writing my 3 year old says
'Mummy i'm hungry'
'Come on'
'Come on Mummy'

 Oh I must get that Routine list done.......


  1. LOL! Aww Victoria, if I were you I would print this off and give it to your OH in place of his requested "ROUTINE LIST"!
    Bloody men! I think you should suggest that you have a whole day out while HE looks after the children and writes YOU a suggested routine list...he'll soon understand! ;)


  2. Haha yes good idea!!
    I know what planet are they actually from? lol!!

  3. Omg! Men don't have a clue do they?! My hubby will come home and say to me "the dishwashers not been emptied then" and I'll say "no not yet" and he'll say "well what have you been doing all day?" erm....looking after your son!! lol xxx

    Beauty by Emma - Beauty, Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  4. No they really don't! I don't know why they think its our job! Before I had children it was 50/50! I would love a spotless house but I haven't the time! :)xxx

  5. I'm trying v hard to build a routine to hold off the chaos - kind of getting there in baby steps.

    I would love for you to link up at the Friday Baby Shower - the linky party for all things touching on pregnancy and babies under 1. We've got an extra link up this week for everyone's old breastfeeding posts.

    Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  6. I love this post. I have two toddlers, now 22 months and 34 months old, plus a 10 year old. Routines are so necessary if you have children close together, otherwise nothing would ever get done! (found you via Mums make lists baby shower linky)


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