Friday, 14 September 2012

Why have I choose to Hypnothbirth?

 What is Hypnothbirthing?
'Hypnobirthing  helps expectant Mums and Dads to be more relaxed and feel more in control of labour and the birthing process,  hypnobirthing teaches methods that encourage a natural birth. Most importantly, it takes away the fear and anxiety felt by Mums as they go into labour and puts Mums back in control of the birthing process.  During Hypnobirthing you are taught self hypnosis, breathing techniques and relaxation methods to help you have a more relaxed birth. Some people describe it as a heightened state of awareness, which allows you to remain in control whilst blocking out pain'
  I came across hypnothbirthing whilst googling about how to prevent anxiety in pregnancy.  A few weeks ago I started to panic as I felt the feeling of panic and anxiety and I was so scared as I did/do not want in again.    Hypnotherapy is supposed to help your mind and body as I am not bad enough to go on tablets I needed relief and quick.

 I found that you can buy self help books and cd's as the courses are too expensive for me.  But it was all a bit confusing.  Luckily I joined the Hypnotherapy group on BabyCentre and notice one of the group admins has published a cd and work book as well as that you can join a private group all for £26 so this is what I decided!

 I found a free 12 minute MP3 that you can download to help you relax so prior to my decision I tried it out and the next day felt normal again.  I feel that the reason it has worked as hypnotherapy talks to your sub conscious which is where my anxiety lies.   I have also started listening to other MP3s that I have ordered and they are brilliant!  I feel if only I knew this before, as for me in settles my anxiety and if it helps me labour its a bonus!!
 So I will be using the workbook and CD and practicing what benefits me, over the next 10 weeks and beyond!  I will keep updating you and Please let me know if you are interested in hypnothbirthing or you have hypnothbirthed or just need to relax anxiety!!

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